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Worldwide, MTU products are in use daily producing Radio and TV spots, multitrack music mastering, audio CD and Karaoke CDG mastering and production, digital audio editing of sermons and speeches, multimedia audio, audio for Video and Film, phone messaging... every imaginable audio task. The only limit is your creativity. These and many more recognize MTU's pioneering efforts. Many have used other workstations and came to MTU for our reliability, and the new, innovative thinking and work style that Microsound gives them.

Sony Transcom (CDI audio for airlines)
Sony ADAC (state-of-the-art media duplication)
Speech Researchers (MIT Lincoln Labs, Stanford Research Inst., Carnegie Mellon)
US Government (Armed Forces Radio and TV, Air Force, Center for Disease Control) Media Morphics division of ODME (multi-million $ CD production equipment)
TV stations (KNSD, WFLA, WUNC, China Central TV) Radio Stations (WOR, WETA, WITC, WCHL, WDRC, Radio Danube Hungary, Cancun Mexico)
Rich LePage & Associates (any audio project)
Fred Story Productions (audio for video)
Nevessa Productions (pro recording studio)
Jim Smith (NPR past Tech. Supervisor in DC)
Bible Broadcasting Network (250+ radio st'ns) Audio Scriptures International (tapes and video)
Missionaries (Navigators, Sisters of Mary Order, Audio Scriptures International, Faith Comes By Hearing) Radio & TV Ministries(Words of Hope, Derick Prince, Tony Evans, Bob Mumford)
CD, Record Tape Production (ICCA, Algie Rountree, Terry Lessig Sound, Les Mizzell) Voice Overdubbing (MasterMedia Inc., Voice Over Inc., Jennaka Inc., Radioland Productions)
Churches (Calvary Church Grand Rapids, 1st Baptist Dallas, Providence Baptist Raleigh) Universities (NC State, Carolina, Appalachian State, U of AR, OK State, GA State)
Karaoke cdg Mastering (Stellar Records) Telephonetics Inc. (phone voice messaging)
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