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Mike P., LRAM, ARCM, LGSM, LTCL, A.Mus.A, Dir. of Music, Australia
This great program has developed enormous power and flexibility over the years that it has been on the market. Version 4.20 is truly outstanding. Once again, MTU is doing what it claims to - giving the customer what they want - and a bit more.
The simplicity of using Microstudio is a most desirable attribute! I have discovered time and again with computer software, neither price, size or marketing hype has anything to do with whether brand x or y is the best for my needs. Unlike some programs that did not have sufficient R&D to ensure they are user friendly - one thing's for sure... if it´s MTU it willdo the job in the easiest possible way!
J. Washburn, MTU.Community Testimonials Forum
I've been a microstudio user for several years now, and when I upgraded my computer to a dvd burner I was crushed to discover that Microstudio no longer worked. I contacted MTU and was assured that version 3 was in the works and to please be patient. I had always been a fan of Microstudio, because the discs it produced were so great, so I waited. I admit that I almost gave up hope, but I'm glad now that I didn't. Microstudio 3 is definitely worth the wait. It not only works with my drive, but it is even easier to use!!!! I'm picky about my tracks, and only MTU does it right!
Tony. G, MTU.Community Testimonials Forum
In an age that customer service is a distant thing of the past, MTU is the kind of company I wish I worked for! I had decided to get a 1-4-1 burner to make my compilations but while cruising the web I saw MTU. I read about it, thought about it for a day and was completely sceptical it could do exactly what it said. I called, talked to their Salesman, or more to the point "raked him over the coals" about everything I'd read. I thought, what the heck, might as well try it. I told him I'd be calling him directly if everything didn't go just the way he said. I never had to. This has been the best software buying experience I've ever had. I not only tell my peers about it, I insist they get it and try for themselves. You have a lifetime customer.
KarakeLover, MTU Forum Post
I just purchased Microstudio 2.315 today for $50 and downloaded and installed it. I decided to try copying a disc as a first test without reading the manual. Kazowie... perfect copy!!!!.
So I got brave and picked 27 songs from 6 disks and put them on an 80min CDR. Kazowie... perfect results!!!!. I did not even read the manual yet so I am impressed. I followed the instructions to the letter that you folks sent with my download about the settings for the drive. I don´t know about customer service cause I haven´t used it. I do know that I really like this program and have found it easy to use so far!!! GREAT WORK GUYS !!!!!!
I purchased another program for $100 and was real frustrated trying to get it to work (never did). I can´t believe Microstudio really worked, after I spent 2 days with the other program!
Len Reed, Gold Hill OR
I own a restaurant and lounge between Medford and Rogue River Oregon. I sold it 18 months ago and had to re-posess it last August. I don't know how they did it, but half of the disks were scratched. Cleaning the disks didn't help much. I used Microstudio 2.315 and copied all my cd+g discs; about 150 of them. We lost only 2 songs out of the bunch. I do appreciate Microstudio and am looking forward to Hoster.
Nickie K, Boston MA
This is my first post in this type of open forum. ...Also I would like to say that this Microstudio program is by far the best of any type I have ever used. Thanks for making a great easy to use product.
T.L. Wisner, Lexington Kentucky
I just purchased both Microstudio and a Plextor 12x CD-R drive from MTU. I read that my JVC-SV-22 Karaoke player wouldn't read disks written at faster than 1x, but I tested a backup disk written at 12x and had no problems at all. The interface is excellent, and all of the features I wanted are readily accessible. It is nice to see software that is designed to be used by users.
Jerry Thomas, MCSE, CSC, CRI, Boise, ID
I am impressed with Microstudio 2.303. Even with a couple of items that are being looked into this program should rate as the best cd+g software currently on the market. How can I say this? Well I have Goldenhawk and Paddus as well and have used them both extensively. However, they fail to compare with the ease and reliability of Microstudio.
Since I am a computer tech I often am called upon to evaluate software and fix problems. It has been a long time since I have found a program that I loaded on my system yesterday and began to use the program with such success without having to read any documentation!
I am in no way associated with this company nor do I know any of the staff personally so my findings and feelings regarding this software are my own. Oh yea! If you do not own Keyrite you are missing out on one of the greatest additions to karaoke cd+g software. It is easy to use and it really works!!
Dean D., GEMTEK PC Recordings Systems, OR
I purchased the latest version and it has worked very well without a single flaw. Mike V. is the producer who runs our studio. He is very interested in some of the other software apps as well. I have received nothing but positive feedback from my crew, who haven't been this excited in a while! I'm sure that I'll need to purchase some additional software as well and look forward to doing business with you in the future. (registered BMI ASCAP)
Cid-Cat (professional karaoke host), Houston, TX
From the get-go, MTU has provided some of the best support, both on the phone and email, with VERY precise instructions that ANYONE should be able to understand. Hopefully, everyone can understand their difficulty in pleasing all potential customers. Kudos to MTU. In my experience, it's been smooth sailing through every version of Vogone, Microstudio and Karaoke Home Producer. It's plain to see that MTU has gone the extra steps to prove their software and made a great version available to the public.
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