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Microstudio Software Details


1. Duplicate Discs

The Duplicate Disc screen allows your PC/Windows computer with a karaoke CD or DVD burner to make backup copies of your discs. It will duplicate Karaoke CDG (single and multi-session), Audio CD, Video CD, CDROM, basically any CD format disc, and DVD single-sided single-layer discs. The disc format is automatically detected and used, warning if the wrong media (CDR -vs- DVD) is inserted for the disc being duplicated.

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  1. Select Karaoke CDG or Audio CD to choose the type of disc to back up. Audio CD allows duplicating other CD formats including: Audio (music) CD, Video CD (VCD), CDROM, more.
  2. Select Reading and Writing Drives from your installed cd burner drives. The Tools menu Default Drives command detects all installed CD/DVD drives, indicates if they will work with the CDG format, and allow hiding them if they won't. When different CD/DVD drives are selected, duplication happens any help.
  3. When the same drive is used for reading and writing, the disc automatically ejects after the disc image has been copied to the hard drive, and ejects again when the copied disc is finished. A beep sounds when the disc image is read in and when the copied disc is done.
  4. Start Duplicating Button begins duplication. The Test Your CD Before Writing button does everything the same except the writing laser diode is disabled so your CDR/DVDR media is not written.
  5. Number of Copies made appears in the dialog box that guides you through making more copies or terminating. Once a good disc image has been read to the hard drive, you can reuse it for multiple copies. If a copy operation fails while burning, the dialog box warns that the copy failed, and allows terminating or making another copy. The disc image file on the hard drive is removed after the you indicate copying is done.

2. Play karaoke cdg songs

The My Song List and Play List turns your PC/Windows computer into a karaoke, audio, and video full screen (or a resizeable window) player. You can play tracks direct from Karaoke or Audio discs, or import then to the hard drive then play, and even play KMA, BIN, CDG, MP3+G, ZIP, WMA+G, MP3, WMA, WAV format files in any combination. The created lists of files in each folder are saved and automatically updated to instantly appear in My Songs. NOTE: Video Hoster and Video Hoster Lite are designed to run Karaoke shows much better than Microstudio.

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3. Write Custom Assemblies Discs

The Write Disc screen allows you to take your favorite songs in KMA, BIN, CDG, MP3+G, ZIP, WMA+G, MP3, WMA and WAV format files, or BIN, MP3+G, WMA+G or WAV+G files produced with KHPro, and write a custom disc. You place each song in the list in the order you want them on your disc, changing as you desire.

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  1. Select the Karaoke CD or Audio CD button for the type of disc to write. Microstudio does not support writing custom DVD discs, but does allow duplicating single-sided, 1-layer DVD discs.
  2. Use ALL standard Karaoke and Audio file formats (KMA, BIN, CDG, MP3+G, ZIP, WMA+G, MP3, WMA and WAV) in any mixture to write to CDG or CD discs.
  3. Add 2-Second Pregap or leave it off between each track.
  4. Use Multiple Write Disc Projects to hold all your special assemblies, opening one at a time to write, add to, edit, save, save as (and rename), or delete.
  5. Disc Media: selects the disc media to use (80, 74, 21 or 18 minute) and its maximum recording length. Adding tracks reduces the Time Remaining on Disc: until it is zero. NOTE: 4 seconds are subtracted from the remaining length for each added song to insure all added songs will write to the selected disc media.
  6. Add Songs from the default or any folders on the hard drive. Songs can also be added directly from the Play List and Import Tracks screen.
  7. The Up, Down, and Delete buttons move a selected song in the list to determine the order written to the CD disc, or delete it from the list.
  8. Test CD Before Writing tests the CD-Recorder, hardware, cables and software without writing the disc.
  9. Write CD starts writing the list to the disc in the CD/DVD burner. When done, the disc tray opens and a beep sounds.
  10. Writing Drive selects from your installed CDR, DVDR and CD/DVDROM drives.
  11. Speed: allows changing the drive writing speed if ever needed.
[Karaoke CDG duplication and playing page]

4. Import Tracks as BIN or WAV Files

The Import Tracks screen allows importing multiple tracks at a time from a disc to the hard drive, and adding them to a Write Disc list. They automatically appear in the My Songs list to allow playing.

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  1. New software error correction that provides the cleanest lyric files available from any product available (we tested all competitors). With Microstudio, many DVD drives can now import Plextor quality, without the random graphic errors so obvious in the lyrics of other products. Only the worst discs will show any random graphic errors at all, and then usually only at the end of the highest numbered tracks on a CDG disc.
  2. Imports damaged discs as individual tracks if the track data is readable. Many users report their new copied discs appear with less random dots on the Karaoke display than their original discs.
  3. Karaoke .bin and Audio .wav buttons select the file format to store to the hard drive.
  4. The Default Folder is set in the Tools menu and used by all screens to store and locate the imported track files on the hard drive. List files are created and automatically updated (only for changes made within Microstudio) for both Karaoke and Audio songs, saved in each folder for instant response. The default folder can be changed in each dialog. When the other MTU software programs are run from Microstudio's commands, the default folder is passed to them so all files are easily found for processing.
  5. Reading Drive only presents the CDR-DVD drives you have tested and approved for use.
  6. Read Disc reads the CD Table of Contents (TOC), appearing in the Window below. If the Tools menu Enable FreeDB Lookup command is enabled it identifies the disc automatically. The returned data fills in the track Title and Artist fields if the disc is found.
  7. Auto Name allows auto-naming each file with the Track number appended at the end (when disabled you can enter unique song names)
  8. Select All button selects all tracks to import, or clicking again removes the selection from all tracks. Clicking individual tracks selects or deselects them.
  9. Import Selected Tracks starts importing only the selected tracks to the hard drive, showing the status for each track.

The Add Songs to Write List button adds the imported BIN or WAV files to the Write Disc List (they are automatically available to the Play List)

5. Run MTU Karaoke Programs

If you have installed the Karaoke Suite programs, Microstudio´s default folder is passed to them to instantly find imported tracks to process, and write the finished songs back to the same folder to use in Microstudio's screens. Understanding Windows folders is not required.

  1. KHPro runs Karaoke Home Producer to create a new cdg song with the lyrics highlighting in sync to the music.
  2. Keyrite runs Keyrite to change the key of a karaoke cdg song (with the lyrics embedded) or from a music CD for your voice.
  3. Vogone allows eliminating or reducing the vocal from a .WAV track (not a karaoke cdg track).
  4. Songverter converts Audio and Karaoke files from/to popular formats.

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