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Video Hoster® - The Best Karaoke Software!  Order Video Hoster software now

Karaoke is an incredible way to have fun and encourage others. Respectfully hosted Karaoke shows lift the human spirit. Before 1999, thousands of professional singers and Karaoke Hosts worldwide encouraged MTU to create the perfect Karaoke Player Software to enable them to do the best shows in town. After 43 years of pioneering audio technology, we took their challenge! We developed Video Hoster, shipping since 2002. If you respect yourself and your Singers then MTU's Video Hoster is your ideal answer.

As A Karaoke Show Host, Hoster with take your shows digital and excel to a whole new level. Add audio and video songs for breaks, and spice up your shows with the most unique Show Display available!

As A Professional Singer you can pre-create Playlists with sequences of songs to perform, then videos and music playing during your break, then more sequence of songs and breaks... for any show length for your contract.

As a professional singer for over 20 years, I cannot get over how Hoster has changed my gigs. I increased my song list over 50 times what I sang a year ago. I now bring half the hardware and have thousands more songs at my finger tips. Walter Morgan

With Video Hoster, the best karaoke player software, plus the original design company, and the MTU.Community of knowledgeable peers to help you attain your best, your shows will be the hottest in town!

The Only Fully Integrated Product
Karaoke Hosts and Professional Singers

Video Hoster is Easy to Use because you recognize the controls, and discover they are comfortable, fast, and some features fully automated... freeing you for more important matters.

Every Show Becomes a Dream, transforming you into a relaxed Host enjoying and encouraging your singers and joking with your audience. Easily customize how you use Hoster, something all MTU software allows since 1977.
I now enjoy watching my own shows instead of working. Every comment I get is awesome. And I get paid for this! Saddle Tramp, UK

  • Touch Screen support allows all functions without a keyboard or mouse! Click here for our preloaded Touch Screen Karaoke Ultrabook systems!
  • Full Featured Auto-Rotation Playlists to run your shows, not a dual deck that requires twice the work. It plays Karaoke-Audio-Video songs in any order, fading from one to the next if enabled:
    • Karaoke: MP3+G, WMA+G, ZIP, WAV+G, KMA, KMH, BIN
    • Audio: MP3, WMA, WAV
    • Video: DAT, VOB, AVI, MPG, MP4, MPEG, DVIX, M1V, M2V, WMV, QT, AMR, M4V, 3GP, MOV
    I can put in as many singers as I want and I keep two or more rotations in the single Playlist at the same time. Bob Cox
  • CDG Disc Importer/Ripper polished since 1996 with UltraClean™ technology for better-than-new lyrics importing from CDG capable DVD drives (try the demo against ANY competitor). MTU offers CDG Certified DVD Recorders, rejecting drives that fail our tests (evolving since 1996).
    Hoster's CDG error correction is absolutely the best. I scratched up a CDG disc and Hoster imported the tracks with no lyric glitches. Dale Douglass
  • Song & Singer Databases allow you to instantly find the songs you want, and please your singers when they return and you have all songs they perform.
  • Hard Drive File Cataloging of your MP3+G, ZIP and other format songs into the Songs Database to instantly find them. A second method gives you flexibility to identify each song exactly as you want.
  • Edit Song Files to change Titles, Artists, etc., and remove start-end blank audio for high energy shows with no "dead air" silence.
  • 8 Ways to Instantly Find and add songs into a Playlist in any order using a flexible multi-field search, and adding singers favorite songs.
  • Dual Display with Quad Views shows you what the singer sees on a second display. The four views automatically change as Karaoke, Audio or Video songs play or during an Intermission break. The automated Show Display entertains your singers and audience, and frees you to enjoy and mix with them.
  • 99 Audio & Video Instabuttons with your titles and colors play when you click any of them. Audio ones mix with the playing song, while videos wait until Karaoke lyrics finish.
  • INCLUDED Create Full-Featured Songbooks with everything users have requested since 2002.
  • Automated Background Audio Player prevents "dead air" between songs, fading in and back out with the next song.
  • Step-by-Step Manual with over 200 screen images that instantly show details when you click a button, field, etc. (see the Demo with Manual).
  • Unique Crash Recovery allows you to relax... free to interact with your people. If your computer ever crashes just like your CDG Player can, run Hoster in seconds and nothing is lost. This constantly operates in background, protecting your show changes.
Risk Free! If our software doesn't meet your needs, just ask, and we'll refund your software payment. Thank you for trusting us, as hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers have since 1977.
David Cox, President
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  • Using Hoster is the best karaoke experience I have ever had. I no longer have to lug around large cases of discs. Bob Cox, PA
  • WOW! I am a retired software engineer so I know good code. Hoster is great code, what a great piece of software! Gary Cochrell, AZ
  • My shows are so easy now and I am able to give more value to my customers because of Hoster. George Payne
  • Last night was my first gig with Hoster and I'm absolutely amazed at how smooth and "FLAWLESS" the rotations ran! Flipper, OR
  • Hoster does not crash. It is such a different way to serve my customers. I love my side job more than ever. Ricardo Olmo, PR
  • Even my wife has started helping run the shows. Hoster is so easy it practically runs itself. John Cline
  • I consider MTU staff to be uber-excellent as far as making Hoster easy to navigate, and bug-less. Gary Dunsford, AL
  • I checked out competitors and there wasn't anything that compared. I like Hoster's features, upgrades and support. DC1979
  • I've been a KJ since 1995 and have seen a lot of changes. MTU has some cracking programs, but Hoster is Platinum! Terry Wright, UK
  • Hoster now allows us to crank out 20 songs an hour and our customers couldn't be happier. Gary Cochrell, AZ
  • Hoster doesn't have the popping noises like other programs when adding songs to the Playlist while a song is playing. Marion

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Full Featured Auto-Rotation Playlists

  • Playlists hold your Karaoke, Audio and Video songs in any play order, organizing and running your show rotations. Create and save any number of them on the hard drive for venues, weddings, etc. Use one and select to auto delete or keep played songs, or create them for a language (English, Spanish, etc.), or genre (Country Western, etc.).
  • Full Show Automation for auto-rotate ignoring songs that have played and missing singers that you skip.
  • Automatic Fade audio down as background audio fades up between songs, or to fade out an early terminated song as the next fades in to avoid "dead air" silence.
  • Add Songs & Singers to the Playlist by 8 methods, and optionally save them in the Singers Database.
  • Drag and Drop Songs to change their rotation order any time.
  • Allow Singers to do several songs in a turn with few singers, or one song per turn.
  • Song & Singer Status shows Ready, Playing, Played, Skipped.
  • Play Controls: Play, Stop, Pause-Resume, Restart, Delete, Skip, adjust Volume, Remove Silence, Mux in/out.
  • AutoPlay or Manual Cueing can change instantly. Add an "A-Stop" track to halt AutoPlay for announcements. The Talkover button drops the background audio level down and back up when done.
  • Change Key on-the-fly in half-note steps or presets for regular singers favorites.
  • Skip Absent Singers to keep their position, but losing their turn for the current Rotation.

click for larger image

  • Add On-The-Fly Notes while playing to later change the Databases.
  • Remove or Keep Songs after they play.
  • Append Playlists of saved dance routines, or multiple Playlists to perform with interlude audio/video between performances.
  • Play Multiplex Songs as stereo, or play only music or switch in/out to play vocals with the music to help the singer.
  • Adjust Sync Live while playing CD+G songs with the lyrics out of sync to the music.
  • Unique Crash Recovery allows your show to continue when, just like your CDG Player, Hoster or your computer crashes. Playlist changes always save to the hard drive when made, ready when Hoster restarts. The open Playlist automatically re-opens. Tracks from singers discs are able to play. Your show continues! The most you lose is 3-5 seconds to restart Hoster, or the computer restart time. It just doesn't get any safer!

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CDG Disc Import/Rip & Catalog

  • Import Karaoke CD+G Disc to your hard drive using most CD/DVD drives. Import as KMA, MP3+G or zip files within Video Hoster®
  • Maximum Single-Pass Ripping Speed to rip all or only tracks you want in minutes with a fast drive.
  • UltraClean™ Lyrics imports Karaoke CD+G lyrics/graphics and music to the hard drive for the best quality in the industry, especially on scratched and multi-session discs.
  • Selectable Folder to store on any drive:/folder/sub-folder on any hard drive, or just use the default folder.
  • Auto-Name by On-Line Database identifies the Brand & DiscID and if found in the database fills in Titles & Artists.
  • Auto-Name by Built-In Database by manually selecting the Brand & DiscID and if found in this database fills in track Titles & Artists (over 384,000 track definitions upgraded monthly with Hoster Annual Upgrade).
  • Manually Enter Titles & Artists for new discs missing from both databases. As you type a few characters the lists scroll to the matching name, or enter a full new name.

click for larger image

  • Assign Other Parameters used to find special requests; Language, Genre, Duet or Multiplex.
  • Auto-Assign Unique BookID Numbers or custom assign them with your method. These print in the Songbooks for singers to give you to quickly add to the Playlist.
  • Preserves Multiplex Songs so you can choose to play the music or music+vocals.
  • Imports Hoster Ready Files as WMA compressed KMA files with audio, lyrics and song parameters in one file. Store twice as many as MP3+G at the same quality. MTU Songverter converts KMA to MP3+G, ZIP or other formats.
  • Selectable WMA/MP3 Compression: 320 Kb, 256 Kb, 192 Kb, 160 Kb, 128 Kb or 96 Kb.

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Creates Songs & Singers Databases

Installing Hoster also installs the Microsoft® Access Database Manager, able to manage millions of songs and multiple databases. When Hoster first runs it creates two databases to hold your songs and singers.

Songs Database

  • Catalogs Karaoke, Audio and Video files from importing CDG Disc tracks, or Hard Drive files already on your drive(s).
  • Cataloged Fields include: Title, Artist, Brand, DiscID, Track# (Title is the only required field). You can also identify Language, Genre, Duet, and Mux to search or print in Songbooks. You can add these fields when you import or index the files, or edit them later.
  • Type a Few Characters to find any songs in seconds to add to your Playlist.
  • Auto-assign a Unique BookID Number to each song, or use your own custom number scheme.
  • Review your disc inventory, instantly showing discs you have.
  • Edit fields in cataloged songs whenever you want.

Singers Database

  • Catalog Singers to instantly find them by typing a few characters into the field that scrolls the list.
  • Catalog Favorite Songs with an unlimited number for each singer, including key changes.
  • Used to Instantly Add Singers when they appear at your show, adding songs for the night or new ones they request.
  • Maintain Singers & Songs by searching for when they last performed, deleting those who no longer come.
  • Export a List of all singers and their songs to print.
  • Refresh Database to apply any edits to Titles or other fields.
  • Auto-Saves Backup to allow rebuilding the database if ever needed.
  • Split Record if you accidentally combine two singers with the same name.

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Catalog Hard Drive Files in Songs Database - Two Methods

Build Songs Database Screen

click for larger image

  • AutoScan Folder You can now set a folder, that you can easily download files, to and build them into the database.
  • Fast Unattended Cataloging of all selected song types in folders/sub-folders multi-levels deep with "recursive scanning" and catalog them in the Songs Database. Bad files are identified and not cataloged.
  • Hoster KMH and KMA files auto-catalog first to preserve their BookIDs.
  • Creates KMH Files with Karaoke, Audio and Video song parameters. These 256 byte files save in the same folder with the songs they catalog.
  • Auto-Assign Unique BookIDs indexing all types at once, or each type separately, or custom assign using your method.
  • Reads MP3+G/ZIP/WMA+g Header Title and Artist are read from the tags. If Title is not found, the Define Field order selected is used.
  • Reads MP3/WMA Header Title and Artist are read from the tags. Title and Artist. If Title is not found, the Define Field order selected is used.
  • Catalog 24 Song Types one or multiple at a time:
    • Karaoke: MP3+G, WMA+G (Zip or not)
    • Audio: MP3, WMA
    • Video: MP4, FLV, AMR, AVI, DAT, DVIX, M1V, M2V, M4V, MOV, MPG, MPEG, QT, WMV, VOB, 3GP
    • Note: WAV, WAV+G and BIN files can only catalog in the Index Hard Drive Files screen.

Index Hard Drive Files Screen


  • Maximum Flexibility to identify and catalog in the Songs Database, the Title, Artist, Brand, DiscID and Track# found in the filename. Nine selectable common formats instantly match a selected filename, or define the field/separator order in filenames to catalog multiple different formats. Examples:
    • Title - Artist - BrandDiscID-Track.zip
    • BrandDiscID-Track_-_Artist_-_Title.bin
  • Hold-My-Hand™ Instructions guide you step-by-step how to use the full flexibility of this screen.
  • Create KMA Files from WAV, WAV+G and BIN files by WMA compressing the audio to take 1/10th the space, and save the parameters identifying each song.
  • Create KMH Files to catalog all supported Karaoke, Audio and Video formats (except WAV, WAV+G, BIN), storing the parameters identifying each song.
  • Catalogs One File Type at a time.
  • Auto-Assign Unique BookIDs to the selected type, or use your custom numbering scheme.

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Find & Add Songs to Play by 8 Methods

  1. BookID Button allows entering the number that a singer gives you from the Songs Database.
  2. Brand Button allows entering Brand-DiscID-Track when requested by a singer.
  3. Search Button dialog can stay open to find any song. Search on Title, Artist, BookID, Brand, DiscID, Language, Genre, Duet, or Multiplex fields; selecting Karaoke, Audio or Video songs. Type a few letters to search and the found songs appear.
  4. Singers Button dialog can stay open showing all saved singers and their favorite songs. Typing a few letters scrolls the list to the matching name.
  1. Singer Disc Button to rip a track from their Disc or Flash Drive into the Playlist, saved as temp files (to give their Disc/Flash Drive back), auto-deleting after playing to be legal.
  2. K-oke Button adds songs on the hard drive not cataloged in the Songs Database; KMA, ZIP, MP3+G, WMA+G, WAV+G, or BIN format.
  3. Audio Button adds songs on the hard drive not in the Songs Database; MP3, WMA and WAV format.
  4. Video Button songs on the hard drive not in the Songs Database; MP4, FLV, AMR, AVI, DAT, DVIX, M1V, M2V, M4V, MOV, MPG, MPEG, QT, WMV, VOB, 3GP format.

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Snazzy Dual Displays With Automated Quad View

When dual-display is not available your Preview Display and Playlist appears when not playing, and the Show Display while playing.

Preview Display in the Hoster screen shows you what the singer sees.

Show Display is a separate display for the singer and audience that moves to a second monitor when available, selectable as a window or full screen.

click for larger image Click for bigger images

  • Marquee Messages (at top above) scroll left, right, up, down or stationary; can set the text and background colors or image; show/hide each message; adjust the scroll speed.
  • Singers Names Display (at bottom above) shows next singers from the show rotation. Select 1 to 30 singers, song name, time to be on stage, colors, size, bold-italic, font; shown above or below the Lyrics while performing, or only in Audio/Intermission views between performances. It auto-updates whenever songs finish and new singers are added.
  • Automatic Quad View changes the Show Display based on what file type is playing:

    1. Karaoke Songs with lyrics.
    2. Audio Songs with selectable background.
    3. Video Songs with/without lyrics.
    4. Intermission Times with background music and selectable ad images, or Windows Visualization moving image.

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99 Customized Audio/Video InstaButtons™

Creating Instabuttons

  • Enable/Disable Instabuttons to show or hide all, or click individual Use checkboxes to show/hide them individually.
  • Assign Audio or Video File Types intermixed in any order.
  • Customize Each Button with your title and color to easily find.
  • Play Volume is settable for each audio Instabutton.
  • Drag-n-Drop a Row auto-arranges the buttons into the new order.

Using Instabuttons

  • Click One to Play in AutoPlay or Manual Cueing modes.
  • Stop Playing an Instabutton by clicking another, or click the Stop button at the left.
  • Instabuttons Auto-Wrap onto new lines when you enable more, or resize Hoster's screen.


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Flexible Songbook Creator

  • Prepare Instantly using your Songs Database contents, NOT an optional "add-on" module.
  • Customize Appearance to make it your Karaoke Songbook.
  • By Title, By Artist, or My Discs (identify Inventory for new purchase).
  • Order Artist Names by "Lastname, Firstname" or "Firstname Lastname".
  • Select "The" or "A" to appear at the start, or end of Titles and Artists fields.
  • Select What to Print in what order: Title, Artist, BookID, Brand, DiscID, Track, Language, Genre, Duet, and Mux.
  • Select Last Field on each line to be BookID, DiscID-Track, or None.
  • Select What to Include: Full Songbook including new release pages; New release pages only; Range of BookIDs; Duets, Multiplex songs, Languages or Genres.
  • Unique Exclude List to choose song parameters not to include for printing (very flexible).
  • Last Printed Songbook is remembered so you can create new release pages as you import new discs to keep current without reprinting.

click for larger image
Click for bigger image

  • Hide in Songbooks allows selecting duplicate songs to not print, yet still in the Songs Database to add to the Playlist.
  • Custom Title to identify your Songbook, or different layouts, venues, etc.
  • Minimizes Page Count to reduce printing cost.
  • 1, 2 or 3 Columns Format that you prefer, and to reduce pages.
  • Select Viewer Program to instantly see your created Songbook before printing.
  • Creates Rich Text Format (RTF) Books printable in Wordpad, Word, Open Office, etc.

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Edit Song Parameters

  • KMA/KMH Headers & Songs Database change automatically when any edit is made.
  • Single or Multiple Views allow changing more fields on one song, or common fields on multiple.
  • Find Any Song using the powerful search on the first character, or a string within the selected field(s).
  • Select Fields to Search with instant search on BookID, Title, Artist; slower search for other fields.
  • Change Song Parameters: Brand, Title, Artist, lyrics Language, Genre, Duet, Multiplex (music on left, music+vocals on right track), Hide in Songbook (duplicates to not print), BookID Root and Track#.
  • Create 5 Presets of all parameters you frequently use, clicking two buttons to apply these to one or more files.
  • Play Selected Song to see the title page and adjust the remove silence points when lyrics start before the music starts or continue after it ends.
  • Play Next button starts playing the song below the current one playing.
  • Remove Silence to run high energy shows, automatically detecting the start and end of the audio to skip the Title and Credit page silence on Karaoke songs. Process one or more selected files, or all cataloged files to be processed. It even allows you to adjust the start or end on songs with lyrics starting before or ending after the music.
  • Delete Songs from the Songs Database and KMA and KMH files on the hard drive, but master .mp3, .cdg, .wma file(s) remain on the hard drive.

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Background Audio Player With Automated Talkover

Unlike an MP3 player used along with Hoster this is fully automated, fading up and down as Playlist songs start or end.

Background Player Controls

  • Bkgnd Audio Button in the Hoster screen displays a screen controlling songs that play when the Playlist is silent.
  • On/Off Buttons instantly turn the BA Player on or off.
  • Playlist Support Use playlists from Itunes, Windows Media Player, or create your own!
  • Browse... Button selects a folder with your songs to play.
  • Play Controls: Play, Pause, Stop, Play next song. Select a song in the list to play out of sequence.
  • Selectable Fade In/Out durations from 0.5 to 5.0 seconds.
  • Background Volume Slider to set the playing amplitude.
  • Search Allows you to search the list to find a specific song
  • Random Play When this is checked, it will randomly play through the songs in the folder.
  • MP3/WMA Tag's If the audio files have the Title and Artist in the mp3/wma tags, we will use that. This makes your list much cleaner.

Talkover Controls

  • Talkover Button in the Hoster screen drops the background audio to your adjusted level to talk to your audience, then click it off and the audio fades up.
  • Talkover Volume Slider to set the amplitude when the Talkover button is clicked, fading the audio down in a quarter second, and back up when you click Talkover off.

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Installation & Security

  • Video Hoster Installs any number of times on 2 computers you own, Quad installs on 4, Hoster One on 1.
  • Transparent Security allows honest users to use Hoster as they want. However, theft is blocked. Note: When requested, we issue a refund only after Hoster is removed from all computers while on-line to un-register in your MTU account.
  • Installation Requires an Internet Connection over dial-up, DSL or Cable to register, but it is not required to run (privacy policy).
  • Read How to Remove and install Hoster on another computer any time, without needing MTU.

If your computer is running, Video Hoster is running!


Computer Requirements

Video Hoster can also be ordered already installed in a Touch Screen Karaoke Ultrabook™, both certified to work for Karaoke-Audio-Video shows using supported formats. Windows upgrades, device drivers and all ordered MTU software are installed and tested before shipping. You can be confident your MTU Laptop will meet your karaoke needs.

  1. Video Hoster runs on Windows 8.1 (32/64bit not RT), Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Vista (32/64-bits) with SR1+, or Windows XP (32/64 bits) with SP3+. XP and Vista require a .NET free download be installed, and the latest upgrades to DirectX and Windows Media Player (v9 for XP, v11 for Vista, and v12 for Win7).

    Apple Use With BootCamp - Deeter on MTU.Community "This weekend I had a party at the house using Hoster on my MacBook Pro running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit installed under BootCamp. I'm thrilled to report that in 6 hours of singing and using the Background Audio function there were no glitches or problems at all."
  2. An MTU or equivalent CD/DVD Recorder to import CDG Karaoke discs to the hard drive. MTU Certified CDG Recorders give the cleanest imported graphics.

  3. IMPORTANT NOTE: Windows 8.1, 7 and Vista require more processor power. Inexpensive Laptops with slower Celeron or AMD processors have been reported to not play video files correctly, and in some cases the lyrics are not in sync to the music. Run the Hoster Demo on your computer if you have any questions.
  4. The computer must be connected to the Internet to install Video Hoster, but not required to run it.

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