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MTU has been in continuous business since March, 1977, providing professional products and support. In 1996 we started shipping products for CD+G Karaoke singers, hosts and producers and continually improve our karaoke software to meet your desires. We have shipped CDR drives since 1992, and CDG Certified drives since 1996.

We provide free Customer Support for customers as we have since 1977. We charge for expert Technical Support.

If our software doesn't meet your needs, just ask, and we'll refund your software payment. Thank you for trusting us as your software supplier as hundreds of thousands of users have.
Bryan Cox, President
Need Help? Try These First...
  1. Get Live help fast! We are on chat from 9am-5pm EST M-F. It will show on any MTU.com webpage on the bottom Right. If no one is available for the chat, then please fill out the form and you will get an answer by email the next day. 
  2. SHUT DOWN WINDOWS AND POWER YOUR COMPUTER OFF, then turn it back on and run the MTU program again. 
  3. Correctly Update Your Windows
  4. Make all MTU REQUIRED Windows changes for Hoster: Windows 10 - Windows 8 - Windows 7 - Windows Vista - Windows XP 
  5. the current MTU software installation file(s) and install them. If your 12-months free upgrade for a product has expired, when you try to install a newer version it will display a web page with your Registration Code to upgrade for another 12-months.
  6. Try the current Demo Versions of the software you want to test. 
  7. REGISTRATION CODES - How to find them. 
  8. READ THE PRODUCT MANUAL by clicking the Manual command on the menu bar at the top of the product screen. 
  9. Put "@mtu.com" in your email APPROVED LIST to get MTU emails. 
  10. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
  11. Knowledge Base and Support Tickets Login
  12. Ask "HOW TO" in the MTU.COMMUNITY Forums where your peers can help. 
  13. Submit a Help Ticket when only MTU can help you. 
  14. Contact MTU Offices when all other methods didn't solve your problem. 
Finding Your Registration Codes
  1. Contact your Email Service Provider and put "@mtu.com" in their APPROVED LIST so you will receive our emails.
  2. Click here to log into your MTU Account.
  3. Enter your email and Password (follow the steps below if you forget your password):
    1. Click the "Password Forgotten? Click here" link.
    2. This INSTANTLY CHANGES your password and immediately emails it to you.
    3. If the email does not appear immediately, look for it in your Spam or Junk folder.
    4. If you click the "Password Forgotten? Click here" link again, it will change your Password again and email it to you. BE CAREFUL! If you do this twice, then find the FIRST email, its password will NOT work as it was changed by your second request.
  4. Log into your Account with your new Password.
  5. Scroll down to find your Registration Codes.
Product Demos
Demo Hampering Methods Used
Keyrite       Demo Versions Random tone beeps add in the audio
KHPro       Demo Versions All lyric letters replace with MICRO TECH in exported MP3+G, WMA+G, WAV+G, ZIP, or BIN files
Microstudio       Demo Versions Limited to 50 songs, import & play 90 seconds then write disc, no duplicate
Songverter       Demo Versions Only converts 45 seconds of source files to target format
Video Hoster       Demo Versions Play and import 90 seconds of up to 20 files
Vogone       Demo Versions Play 60 seconds, random tones added, won't save output files
Help Ticket

Before... submitting a Help Ticket:

  1. Add @mtu.com to your "Approved" email list at your provider (Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, etc.) to receive our emails. Otherwise, you will not get our emails.

    When you submit a Help Ticket, our web site INSTANTLY - 24/7/365 - emails you that a ticket number, showing we got it. If you do not get our email, look in your Spam and Junk folders from [something]@mtu.com. If you find it, add @mtu.com again at your email provider site. 
    NOTE: If you do not get the Email with your Ticket number, MTU did not get your Ticket. Please submit another one!
  2. EMERGENCY? Click this link... if your computer died and MTU must free your RegCode so you can reinstall on another computer. Use this HIGH PRIORITY Ticket only when your computer has permanently failed.
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How To Contact MTU

Please use our Customer Support Center and our Help Ticket, select the Department you need to contact directly. You will receive an email acknowledgement your request is received, and another when we answer.


Voice/Text: 1-919-870-0344 (no fax)


Mail Address:
PO Box 5
Rolesville, North Carolina, USA 27525


Please read our Return Policy for shipping instructions.

If you need to visit us, call Sales for instructions. We do not provide walk-in support.

About MTU

Micro Technology Unlimited (MTU) was founded in 1977 to develop digital audio products. We pioneered quality digital audio workstations (DAW), digital audio editing software, software to remove vocals, and now Karaoke software. Our founder's first company started in 1971 was the first to load software from a floppy disc into a microcomputer, first to ship a high resolution graphics card for a microcomputer, and more. Over 130 products have been designed and shipped from MTU since 1977. Some of the audio features on your computer are a result of our pioneering work.

Mix Magazine, Audio Industry 20 Years, September 1997 - "Micro Technology Unlimited (MTU.com) was the first to ship a Digital Audio Workstation on a microcomputer... in 1979."