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MTU Certified Drives to Backup Karaoke Discs

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CD-Rom Drive's Have Four Problems To Overcome


What is it worth to wait your turn at a show, then have to leave the stage because your disc won't play? Instantly the whole night out is ruined, not to mention embarrassing! If you are importing many discs, isn't it worth it to insure you have the best possible files to use from here on?


Unlike audio discs, if a karaoke disc is scratched it can become useless. To protect your money you need to backup your discs as soon as you buy them. Since 1996, MTU has identified four problems that CDR/DVDR burners must overcome. We test and certify our drives to insure you will make copies better than discs you buy.


Problem #1 - CDG Data Is Uncorrected

The CDG Karaoke disc format is different than audio and other optical disc formats. The graphics and lyrics that highlight to the music are stored on the disc in areas that are not error corrected when read. In the past, certain burner manufacturers included a hardware chip that corrected some graphic lyrics data errors. Since 2004, these drives are no longer available. To Read/Backup karaoke discs with any recent CDR/DVDR recorder requires error correction be provided in the reading software.

copy cdg karaoke discs Over 3 years in development, MTU engineered the highest error correction in any karaoke software, available in Microstudio and Video Hoster. Along with an MTU Certified Drive, your imported tracks from even scratched discs will often be perfect; often reported as better than new discs.

"I just received my USB DVD+R Burner from MTU. I'm using it with Hoster. I'm tickled to death with it. My default reader/burner was importing the graphics with random garbage in it.

The MTU USB DVD+R Burner is importing the graphics without a glitch. My Karaoke inventory is Chartbuster, which I've heard has some problems with the graphics.

So far everything has imported clean. I give the MTU USB DVD+R Burner a 10!"

Kenny in MTU.Community

Problem #2 - Discs Copies Won't Play

Some burners can write a CDG format disc that won't play in all Karaoke Players. Use our Microstudio demo to test your burner to see if it can write a CDG disc. If not, you need a new drive. Even if it does copy the disc, it needs to be tested on a number of Karaoke Players to be sure it works universally. We have never found another way to prove this.

Unrelated to the drive, the CDR media you use also determines if the copied karaoke discs will play. Don't use CDRW (ReWriteable) media as most players won't read this media. MTU CDR media has been selected from all discs available and found to be one of the best media for burning cdg discs, at the lowest cost.

copy cdg karaoke discs MTU Certified Drive customers tell us their discs play at every show and in all Karaoke Players they use across the USA.


Problem #3 - Some Discs Play Bad Graphics

When singing a Karaoke song, you have seen random color changes in the lyrics or background. These are "read" errors caused by the burner laser optics, and warped and scratched discs and the software error correction used. Most import/ripping software makes these errors worse, even with a good drive.

copy cdg karaoke discs MTU Certified Drives with MTU Microstudio™ or Hoster® software delivers the highest error correction available at any price today. Badly scratched discs with damaged graphic-lyrics data are often corrected to "better than new". Importing tracks from warped discs often are useable, if not made perfect. Don't believe us? Test our free demo against any competitor on importing any tracks, but especially the highest numbered track on any disc, which always has the most errors.


Problem #4 - Playing Poorly Manufactured Discs

Have you ever bought Karaoke discs and the silk screening flakes off within weeks making the disc useless? Or a warped disc that has so many graphic errors that you can barely read the words in the last screens?

copy cdg karaoke discs If the disc is readable at all, using an MTU Certified Drive with its quality optics and other important criteria, along with MTU software you can import tracks even from warped discs. Poor quality original discs often deteriorate and become un-useable within months if not cleaned of graphic errors and burned to a new CDR disc.


Karaoke Capable Burners

Do not be fooled by statements like "sure it can do karaoke". Most sales people do not know the LYRICS will not be copied!

Since 1992, we tested all burners available to find those that work for writing CDG format discs. Over the years we have sold only CDG capable burners. Buying burners in lots of 10 to 100, after our certification testing we typically reject between 10% and 100% in each lot that will not write a professional copy. If you buy a burner from MTU, it will make a professional copy. If you buy the same brand burner we sell from somewhere else, it will fall into one of these classes:

  • Professional - The copy shows the lyrics equal or better than your master. Microstudio software with an MTU burner often makes IMPROVED copies of scratched CD+G discs.
  • Standard - The copy appears like the original with random dots in the background.
  • Not Usable - Random dots add into the background and the lyric letters, worse on tracks 7 and higher.
  • Total Failure - No graphics or lyrics appear.
Karaoke CD+G Drive/Burner Certification

These MTU Certfied Drives are certified to read and write the Karaoke CD+G format when used with Microstudio 4.001 (or later) software or Hoster 3.314 (or later) software (order separately).

No claims are made for use with other software. Some other programs are known to not be able to recognize these advanced drives.


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CD+G Drives and CDR Media
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Blank CDR Discs, MTU Karaoke CDG Certified 100 Qty - $49.00 Add Software to Cart 300 Qty - $127.00 Add Software to Cart
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Questions? Call or use our Web Contact Form. You can also view our active MTU.Community Microstudio Forum.


USB DVD+R Burner, External Mount

This DVD+R CD+G burner (recorder) (tested by MTU) plugs into a Laptop or other computer with a USB-2 port. This burner is tested and certified by MTU to work with MTU software only.

Using this drive with MTU's Microstudio software can copy your karaoke CDG discs, make custom compilation discs, turn your PC into a Karaoke Player, and record you and your friends singing to the music to burn an Audio CD of the music and vocal.

Using this drive with MTU's Hoster software allows importing all of your karaoke cdg songs into the computer hard drive to play at your shows.

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Write Speeds:

  • DVD+R 8x
  • DVD+R DL 6x
  • DVD-R DL 6x
  • CD-R 24x

ReWrite Speeds:

  • DVD+RW 8x
  • DVD-RW 6x
  • CD-RW 24x
  • DVD-Ram 5x

Read Speeds:

  • DVD+R 8x
  • DVD-R 8x
  • DVD+R 8x
  • CD-R 24x
USB drive case w/drive

Dimensions: 5.59(W) x 0.76(H) x 5.62(D) inches

Ship weight: 2.3 lbs

Included Items: 8 Inch USB Cable, USB Powered - No external power adapter needed, Application Software disc, Install Guide


SATA DVD+R Burner, Internal Mount

This CD+G burner (recorder) mounts inside your computer in a standard 5.25" drive bay. It interfaces to the computer using a SATA (Serial ATA) cable. It writes a CDR disc at up to 48X (max, not sustained), DVD+R up to 18x, and reads up to 48x (max, not sustained).

Using this drive with MTU's Microstudio software can copy your karaoke CDG discs, make custom compilation discs, turn your PC into a Karaoke Player, and record you and your friends singing to the music to burn an Audio CD of the music and vocal.

Using this drive with MTU's Hoster software allows importing all of your karaoke cdg songs into the computer hard drive to play at your shows.

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Write Speeds:

  • DVD+R 24x
  • DVD-R 24x
  • DVD+R9 12x
  • DVD-R9 12x
  • DVD+R 24x
  • DVD-Ram 12x
  • CD-R 48x

ReWrite Speeds:

  • DVD+RW 8x
  • DVD-RW 6x
  • CD-R 24x

Read Speeds:

  • DVD+R 16x
  • DVD-R 16x
  • DVD+R9 16x
  • DVD-R9 16x
  • DVD+R 16x
  • DVD-Ram 16x
  • CD-R 48x

Dimensions: 5.70(W) x 1.62(H) x 6.69(D) inches

Weight: 1.98lbs

Included Items: Application Software disc, SATA Cable, Install Guide, Mounting Screws


MTU CD Recordable Media is Best for Copying & Writing Karaoke CD+G Discs

MTU compact disc recordable media are engineered for CDG Karaoke singers and hosts. Karaoke Players will not play some CDR media. Over the years, MTU has heard many problems and realized that you need a CDR media that WILL work with Karaoke Players. Discs written on poor media may play in some Players, and then you take them to a new show and they won't play. MTU engineers searched and found CDR disc media that works reliably in Karaoke Players.

Media Type:Recordable (CDR, not CDRW)
Quantity/Spindle:100 count
Record Time:80 minutes
Recording Speed:2x to 52x Certified
Package:hard shelled case, 100/spindle
Top Surface:Silver; Unbranded
Recorded Lifetime:10+ years, estimated
Shelf-life before recording:5 years, estimated
Orange Book Standard:Meets or exceeds
Target Users:Karaoke CDG singers/hosts

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Professional Karaoke Disc Copies

Protect your karaoke discs before they are scratched. Karaoke discs are not the same as audio or cdrom discs. Once they are scratched, there can be permanent damage. Many CDG manufacturers come and go out of business, and many more discontinue CDG discs. You need to make a backup while your discs are still good.

CDR stands for Compact Disc Recordable, while CDRW is ReWriteable. MOST Karaoke players won't play CDRW discs! Unless you KNOW your machine will play CDRW discs, we STRONGLY recommend you never buy CDRW discs. If you accidentally use them, you will likely never figure out why they won't play in your or others Karaoke Players.

Audio CD, Video CD or DVD software will not copy karaoke lyrics. Microstudio with an MTU CDG Certified burner will copy and play karaoke with the lyrics. MTU has written professional studio, commercial grade CD software since 1992 and Karaoke CD+G software since 1997.

As with any backup medium (floppy disk, tape, CDROM, etc.) you must remember the lifetime of the data is based on the durability of the media. DAT tapes were expected to be viable for decades, but turned out to deteriorate within 5 years, no longer allowing the digital audio master sounds on them to be retreived. Mitsui Gold media that MTU sold for years was expected to last over 100 years (gold is the most stable of all metals used to reflect the laser beam). Kodak implies their Infoguard CD-R should last 200 years, while TDK says their discs should have a 100 year lifetime. Many users have told us since 1992 that cheap no-name CDs they have burned could not be read as short as a few months later. Some Karaoke Producers use the cheapest media we have never been able to find (not that we want to), or that are warped, causing the last few tracks (14, 15, 16) to have so many errors that the last lyric page was totally unreadable. The CDR media MTU selects and sells is first able to burn and reproduce the CD+G data that presents the title page, lyrics and credits page, and second has a lifetime that will exceed how long CD/DVD drives are available on home computers.

Technology changes rapidly. Early audio recordings were made on wax cylinders, then vinyl 48RPM records with one song per side, then 33RPM records with multiple songs per side, then cassette tapes with the 8-track format thrown in for a few years (it died quickly), then in the early 1990's optical Compact Disc recorders became available; Yamaha's was US$25,000 and Denon's was US$16,000 (which MTU sold), then Sony at US$8,000, then Phillips at US$2,600, and then the price began to drop to $1,500, $1,000, $800, $600 until not many years ago you could get a CDRW burner below $50. In 2011, DVD drives are under $70. As technology advances at an ever increasing rate, the cost of prior devices drops to the point where it becomes uneconomical to produce them.

As to data storage, in 1973, MTU's founders received the first floppy disc drive shipped to any external customer worldwide (IBM predated this by years to start up their mainframe computers). It was 8", single sided, stored 128 KBytes and had 65 punched "hard-sectored" holes around the inner hole. We paid US$400 for that drive. Then came soft-sectored drives and media, then double sided, and the 8" media eventually stored 1 MegaBytes. Then came 5" and then 3.5" drives and media with slightly more data (both no longer available as a "standard" feature on computers). CDROM's are even becoming rare today as DVD drives that can read the CD formats are replacing them. Within 10-15 years, these too will be replaced by Flash RAM drives, or other more exotic removable storage.


Media Handling Instructions

  1. Use QUALITY media. YOu get what you pay for!
  2. Holding the media - CDR discs should always be held with your fingers on the outside edge, or with a finger in the center hole, or by grasping it inside of the center hub.
  3. Storage - CDR discs should be stored in a protective case to prevent scratches rather than stacking them on top of each other.
  4. CDROM manufacturers advise that storing your backup disks in a cool, dry environment will help to prolong data life, while direct sunlight and fingerprints may cause damage to a CDROM. A good rule of thumb (no pun intended) seems to be to buy a brand-name disk, treat it as per the guidelines above, and don't expect it to last more than five years.

  5. Protect from the Environment including direct sunlight, extreme cold, high humidity, and UV light to extend the life of your media. Exposure to cold temperatures can literally curl the lacquer layer off, ruining the disc.
  6. Clean your Discs from smudges on the surface using an eyeglass or camera lens tissue (from Optometry or Camera stores). Wipe discs from the inside hole to the outside edge, NOT in a circular motion around the disc.
  7. Blow Off Dust instead of wiping it off to prevent scratching the disc surface or getting into the drive mechanism and wind up on the reader mirror or lens and reduce the lifetime of the Karaoke Player or CDROM drive.
  8. Clean the writing laser with a cleaning disc if you see dots in the lyrics or background.
  9. MTU CD+G Certified Media are engineered for Karaoke CD+G use.

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Labeling Options


CDR's can be labeled in several ways, depending on how professional a look you desire and what it costs.

  1. Hand Written - Felt tip pens with permanent water soluble ink are the least expensive method, such as made by Dixon Ticonderoga.

    • Never use a permanent marker pen that contains a solvent (you can smell them). The solvent can penetrate the disc surface and cause damage to the dye or reflective layers.
    • Never use a ball point pen or any other sharp object that can scratch the surface.
    • The absolute safest area where you can label your CDR is within the clear area that surrounds the center hole.
  2. Press-on Labels - This is a less expensive method to produce a professional-looking label. They also allow more information such as the Track numbers and song names. Follow these guidelines when using labels:

    • Always use an applicator device that centers the label on the disc. If the label is not centered or has wrinkles or bubbles, the disc will spin out-of-balance, creating difficult to recognize problems with 12x and faster CDROM players.
    • NEVER try to reposition a label after it is partially applied or you will damage the disc.
    • Only use labels with adhesive that have been tested in spin and heat cycles, and that are not solvent based. Unapproved adhesives may have solvents that can damage the disc, or prevent it from playing properly.

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