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If You Use Karaoke CD+G Discs You Need...

Microstudio® Karaoke Software


This all-in-one software gives you (more details):

  1. Rip/Import to Hard Drive as MP3+G, ZIP, or WMA+G files from Karaoke CDG and Audio CD using Ultra-Clean™, the best error correction available for scratched discs.
  2. Burn Backup Copies as many CDG discs cannot be replaced.
  3. Burn Custom CDG Discs with your favorite songs.
  4. Karaoke Player to practice at home (dual-display), playing from the hard drive or direct from Discs.
  5. Record while singing, allowing multiple takes in sync for sound-on-sound multi-track, talking books, demo discs, etc. then burn a CD.
  6. Vocal Remove & Key Change while playing.
(NOTE: For professional shows, use Video Hoster).  
Microstudio® Version 4.30

After ordering, download the Installation file over the Internet. The CDROM includes all MTU programs and demos (order separately).

Models Internet Download With CDRom
Order Microstudio 4.30 Software $89.99 Add to shopping cart $109.99Add to shopping cart
Order Microstudio Software Upgrade $29.99

Video Hoster® Suite 4 on CDROM including Microstudio, Vogone, KHPro, Keyrite and Hoster SAVE $110! $389.99Add to shopping cart
Karaoke Suite 4™ on CDROM including Microstudio, Vogone, KHPro and Keyrite SAVE $90 $189.99 Add to shopping cart
CDR Drives
DVD+R/CDR 18X-24x Drive, MTU CDG Certified for MTU software USB $109.99 USB DVD CDG Burner
CDR Media
Blank CDR Discs, MTU Karaoke CDG Certified 100 Qty - $49.00 cdr media for karaoke cdg certified burner/recorder 300 Qty - $127.00 cdr media for karaoke cdg certified burner/recorder
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Discover Why Microstudio is Perfect For You...


Import Ultimate Quality
Microstudio, evolved since 1992, is the best ripper available today (download demo for proof). We tested all competiting products, importing tracks from some NEW commercial discs and found errors on the last lyrics screens were so bad you couldn't even see words or highlighting. Using Microstudio with Ultra-Clean™ error correction, the same imported tracks were very useable. If on-line, the FreeDB database identifies and fills in the tracks Title, Artist and DiscID for many discs.
Supports All Burners
It is very rare that a current DVD burner won't work for karaoke cdg format discs. However, our quality claims are for MTU CDG Certified DVD Burners. Test your drives with the free demo software to see if they read and write karaoke cdg discs.
Copy Your Discs
Copy Karaoke CDG (even multi-session format), Video CD, Audio CD, CDROM, and DVD (1-side single layer). Badly scratched discs will not copy, but most tracks will import so you can burn them to a custom disc.
Burn Custom Discs
Create new karaoke CDG or audio CD discs with any mix of your songs in these formats; MP3+G, WMA+G, ZIP, BIN, KMA, WMA, MP3 and WAV. Your custom lists on the hard drive can open any time to change or burn another disc. You can also export your list track names to print in other label making programs.
Karaoke Player

Turn your PC computer into a karaoke player to inspect imported songs, practice songs, or run home shows. The My Songs window shows songs on the hard drive or a CD/CDG disc, simply drag-n-drop them into the Play List to sing, or to burn them to a new disc. You can run other programs while playing because Microstudio barely uses the processor.

Play controls include; Start, Stop, Restart, Play Next and Volume.

You can play any mix of file formats: KMA, MP3+G, WMA+G, WAV+G, ZIP, BIN, MTU CDG, WMA, MP3, WAV.

Record Singers
When you play a song and sing into the Microphone, you are ALWAYS recorded to a hard drive temp file to insure you never miss a "good take". If you want to keep that recording, just name and save it, appearing in the Playlist so you can click to play it and record more takes in sync to it. You can mix unlimited recorded music instruments and vocal tracks, being your own harmony or backup singer(s).

DSP Key Change
If a song is beyond the range for your voice, simply click the built-in ±5 semitone key change buttons so you don't strain your voice. The tempo playing time is unchanged.
DSP Vocal Remover
If you have an audio song with vocals, Microstudio has 4 buttons to selectively remove vocals. Users report that with some songs, due to the high quality filtering and bass and treble boosts the music sounds better than the original!
Run Other MTU Programs
Clicking any of the four Menu Bar commands at the top runs the other Karaoke Suite programs and Songverter File Converter if you bought them. Your selected default folder passes to the other programs so imported files are instantly available. After removing vocals, key changing, adding song lyrics in sync to the music, or converting file formats, simply save the file. Then, use Microstudio to play your songs, or write them to new karaoke or audio format discs.
CDR Disc Media
For best results, we only recommend MTU CDR discs as we found the best manufactured CDR disc for the special needs of Karaoke singers and hosts.
Computer Requirements
  1. A Windows/PC computer with Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP Home
  2. Note: All operations now work on Windows 8.1, 8, Vista or XP 32- or 64-bit versions.
  3. An MTU Certified CDG Recorder or equivalent to import CDG Karaoke discs to the hard drive and write CDG/CD discs.
Installation & Registration
Microstudio requires your computer to be connected on-line to the Internet to install but not to run. Microstudio can install on 2 computers you own. You also can remove it from a working computer and install it on another computer at any time.

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