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Create Your Own Karaoke CDG Songs with Lyrics and Music using...
Karaoke Home Producer™ (KHPro™) Software

Karaoke CDG songs show lyrics on a display to help you learn songs faster, and to practice before performing in public or with friends and family.

Singers, Bands and professional Show Hosts use KHPro to create new Karaoke songs, or remake songs they bought with out-of-sync lyrics. KHPro created MP3+G, WMA+G and BIN songs play in all Karaoke Player machines and Karaoke computer software.

karaoke software to create songs with lyrics

You can create songs with lyrics that appear and highlight to the music, with a Title page at the start and/or a Credit page at the end if you add them. Users say KHPro makes it easy and fast to create any song.

When you create new songs, each saves as a separate project on the hard drive that you can reopen to modify or test radical changes.

For songs you don't know by heart, start with music and vocals to place the lyrics highlighting. Then, remove the vocals (optional) and save and use it to export your new song. Using a song with vocals + music on one track and only music on the other, you can create multiplexed songs to learn them even faster.

Since 1996, MTU has created the easiest to use CDG Karaoke software. Since 2000, KHPro is recognized year after year as "The Standard" for ease of use and enjoyment by all ages.

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Creating a Karaoke CDG Song is Easy!

Create Song Projects

KHPro creates a project on the hard drive for each song to save your work. You can reopen a project to make changes and export the new song. Create a "project template" with your graphics, colors, font, point size, etc. to save time, and to give your songs the same look-and-feel signature.

Select Settings
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The Settings control how your songs appear. You can design Title and Credits Pages with or without graphics, or choose to not have them, and design the lyrics appearance.

You can select colors, font (TrueType for English, etc. or Unicode for Asian and Mid-Eastern), point size, bold/italic, horizontal and vertical text positions, and graphic images with fade in/out parameters. Save your settings as a "template project" you copy for each song so they all appear the same.

You can change settings any time before exporting your final Karaoke CD+G song.

The Music

You can use MP3, WMA and WAV audio files on your hard drive. Remove vocals from your favorite songs with Vogone. The music and lyrics automatically start after a Title Page if you create one, and continue until the optional Credits Page. No need for an audio editor with Karaoke Home Producer.

MTU's Vogone removes vocals from music, plus it can create special "Multiplexed" Karaoke CDG songs with only music on the left channel and music + vocals on the right. Professional Karaoke Machines and MTU Software allows switching the vocals in at any time if a singer is getting behind. This is also an incredible way to learn with the vocals, then perform without them. Friendships are nurtured with this feature, and everyone will want to sing YOUR songs!

The Lyrics

Your song lyrics can come from LRC files downloaded over the Internet, or lyrics text found with a Search Engine to copy and paste into the Edit Lyrics view, or just enter the text directly.

You determine what lyric lines appear on each page. Simply add a "^" character to force a new lyric page, or add blank lines to change the position of fewer lines on the page.

You can create Solo or Duet songs for 2 singers with separate colors, or a 3rd color for both. Duets can highlight both singers lines together, each with different words highlighting at different rates. YOu can also create Music Notation songs with the cords above and the lyrics below, both highlighting together at different rates.

For really complex songs, you can join a series of fast words to place as one (ex: take_a_chance on me) that highlight at the same speed, or even break words into syllables (ex; we all live in a yellow sub*ma*rine) to highlight at different speeds. Polished since 2000, KHPro includes every bell an whistle users have requested.

Highlight The Lyrics

Even children can synchronize the lyrics to highlight to the music. While playing, simply tap the Space key when each word is to start highlighting. Tapping the Ctrl key stops the highlighting when singers should pause, then tap the Space key again to start the next word. The highlighting automatically changes speed to guide singers so they follow the music.

You can select to highlight the words or the background, and set the maximum number of lines per lyric panel.

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Adjust The Lyrics

You can adjust some lyrics for better highlighting to the music, or correct misspellings. While playing, if you see a word highlighting out-of-sync you can stop play, which selects that word. A special "Adjust Play" loop plays across a few words before and after the selected word. To adjust the highlighting, simply tap the < and > keys to adjust the start, or press the Ctrl key with the < and > keys to adjust the highlight end. Simply continue playing until you find another word to adjust. You can also randomly play anywhere to see the highlighting.

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Like our Karaoke Pro Workstation, KHPro offsets all lyrics to start highlighting earlier to remove your "response time" as you tap out the lyrics. This makes the highlighting start earlier so singers "cue up", ready to sing with the music. You can adjust this or use the factory engineered default.

What... no waveforms? MTU is the first in the world to ship a digital audio workstation. We are expert at displaying audio waveforms and editing. However, we know that when synchronizing karaoke lyrics to music, viewing a waveform will cause you to damage the synchronization! KHPro is expertly engineered so you simply focus your mind like a singer, not an audio engineer.

Karaoke Player

When done, two clicks and you are playing your song. You'll see the lyric lines on each page, and the highlighting speed up and slow down to show how long to hold each word.

If you need to make adjustments, two clicks reopens the Adjust Lyrics view, or two clicks returns to the Place Lyrics view to redo the song. You can also copy a song project to try something really radical, preserving the original.

Save Your Song
You can export your finished Karaoke CDG song based on the music file format you open.
  1. If you open an MP3 music file, KHPro creates an MP3+G song or a ZIP version of it.
  2. If you open a WMA music file, KHPro creates a WMA+G song or a ZIP version of it.
  3. If you open a WAV music file, KHPro creates a BIN file for the ultimate audiophile quality.

Note: Songverter software can convert any format to any other format (ex: MP3+G to BIN, Bon to Zipped WMA+G, etc.)


Songs store on the hard drive, anywhere you select. If you run KHPro from within Microstudio (optional, KHPro uses its default folder so your songs are easily found, ready to burn on a CDG disc.

Write a CDG Disc
MTU's Microstudio software (optional) can assemble and write MP3+G, WMA+G, ZIP an BIN files to a CDG format disc in the track order you want. To burn a Karaoke CDG format disc requires a CDG certified CD/DVD Burner. Our Microstudio free demo allows you to test your DVD drive to see if it can read and write the CDG disc format.
Computer Requirements
  1. Save money and order the Karaoke Suite 4 package that includes:
    • Karaoke Home Producer
    • Microstudio to assemble your songs and burn cdg discs
    • Vogone to remove or reduce vocals from songs
    • Keyrite to change the pitch (key) of karaoke or audio songs for your voice
  2. A CDG Certified CD Recorder to use with Microstudio to write CDG Karaoke discs.
  3. A PC computer with: Windows 7+SR1 (32/64-bit), Vista+SR1 (32/64-bit), XP+SR3; a 700MHz or faster processor; we recommend at least 1GB RAM (2GB for Vista and Win7); a Video display card that supports DirectX 10 with 128MB or more RAM (MTU recommends ATI Radeon Video cards/chips; NVidia have had problems for years; S3 Video cards will NOT work).
  4. Apple users can run KHPro with Bootcamp, a Windows simulator.
  5. To install KHPro, connect your computer to the Internet. This is not required to run KHPro. Each Registration Code License allows installing and running KHPro on two computers you own.
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