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Jerry Barnes, Cub Run, Kentucky
I am a National Recording Artist of Southern Gospel Music. I write my own songs, therefore they aren´t available on CD+G discs. As any singer / songwriter knows, when you perform in public sometimes the words seem to elude you. A sheet of paper with lyrics isn´t easy to read. I have a CD+G capable system and after purchasing Karaoke Home Producer, my problems are over! I received your software download and about 1 1/2 hours later, I had 11 of my songs on CD+G discs. It so easy to use, I couldn't believe it! God Bless you and everyone at MTU for your innovation.
Corbin from MTU Forums
I have also checked out the other so called "Make your own CDG" software, and MTU [Karaoke Home Producer] has them beat so hard. MTU has the most user friendly software I've every used. If only Microsoft had some upgrades to a few of their programs that made them as easy to use. I am and will continue to be a loyal friend, and customer of MTU products. Great Job MTU!
Coy Williams, Karaoke Song Books
I am so impressed with Karaoke Home Producer I do not have the vocabulary to express it. The program is a gift at the price you are charging! I have made my first cd+g! It took about an hour from scratch and a little intuition as to the lead in placement of the sweep but, it worked GREAT! I had several original wave files on my hard drive so I was able to go right to work. I experienced no difficulties at all with the program or writing the CDG disc.
Also, My compliments to your staff for creating the "screen shot" type of installation instructions. I have NEVER had a more pleasurable installation experience in all my computing experience. You people took all the fear out of this process. GREAT JOB!
Mike Pyne, LRAM, ARCM, LGSM, LTCL, A.Mus.A, Director of Music, Australia
I recently added Karaoke Home Producer to my many audio programs. It is truly unique in that it enables me to produce my own karaoke cdg tracks that I then burn to a Karaoke CDG disc with your Microstudio program. Your brief instructions are clear and simple; a pleasant change from telephone book size instruction manuals. I prepared 10 new cdg tracks in the first hours of use and the synchronization of words and audio is excellent.
I have been a professional musician for 36 years and have developed a keen interest in karaoke. I know many very talented singers who have difficulty remembering lyrics. This program will be of immense use to them as a rehearsal and performance tool. Choirs can also use your program to enhance their performance and to assist members with private practice. I could go on and on - suffice to say that anyone who enjoys singing will benefit from this program. Thank you for all your past and continued developmental work in Karaoke software.
Ken & Leanne Willis, THE KARAOKE COMPANY, New Zealand
We give this Karaoke Pro Workstation testimonial willingly and without hesitation. We have known David Cox of MTU since 2001 and have never met a more caring, sincere, and loyal person to buy product off. His backup support at MTU is second to none.
About the songs and discs we have produced with MTU products, we have been told by international karaoke wholesale companies that our karaoke songs are in the TOP 3 worldwide for quality, sound and word sweep accuracy.
The only negative comment reported (if you can call it that) about our songs is that the sound is too loud. When a Karaoke Host goes from another Karaoke disc to one of ours, the volume is higher. However, the sound is extremely clean with amazing presence. We also host Karaoke shows, using 2000 to 3000 watts RMS, so we know what "presence" is all about.
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