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Microsound Delivers Absolute Reliability

Chris Andersen, Nevessa Productions, for Radio World Magazine
In the chaotic atmosphere of music, mud and madness during Woodstock '94, Nevessa Production provided editing services to MediaAmerica for the nationally syndicated radio broadcast. The field reporters rushed in with their hot interviews, telling us what to cut. With Microsound, you click and drag the area, hit one key; next edit please. Second thoughts were easily accommodated ... adjusting any thing at any time. When the schedule was especially tight, we played our segments out of the computer directly to air. It was thrilling in a way to know that my hard drive was connected direct to 250 radio stations. Because Microsound has never crashed in my experience, I was confident in its ability to reliably perform in this very critical application.
Marty Moran, Production Director WHCN-FM, Hartford, CT
Microsound digital audio workstation is about total reliability. I've experienced this first hand. Our system is currently 5 years old. It has never crashed. I have never lost a sound file... EVER! The system runs 24 hours a day because it is used by the entire programming staff.
Mark Karaman, for In Motion Magazine
At the AES'94 show I observed the latest DAW offerings. What struck me was how rehearsed the ...presentation was during the ubiquitous crash/reboot process. I have never, however, had a release of Microeditor crash. It is totally reliable. Period!
Jim Smith, Emmy President’s Award Announcment
My Microsound has never lost a single file in two years. It’s ultimate reliability reduces my stress so I can focus on artistic efforts and meeting the deadline... which I have never failed to do because of Microsound.
Dr. Robert Thompson, Aucourant Records, Roswell, GA
I cannot estimate the number of hours of material generated using our Microsound. Suffice it to say it is in use nearly every day. This reliable program has never crashed once during all this use.
Charles Lawson, WETA Public Radio, Arlington, VA
The stability and reliability of the Microeditor software is unprecedented in my experience. I have spent more hours than I care to count agonizing over problems with competing systems, but have never lost a second of audio (or production time) due to a failure on my Microsound. Whenever I have a critical deadline on one of my national productions, I do it on Microsound because I know I will be able to reliably get it done on time.
Paulo Mederia, Almada, Portugal
I am a broadcast engineer in radio for 12 years. I've worked for seven years in a news radio station called TSF Radio Jornal. They have 4 Microsound digital audio workstations using the older DSP board, recently upgraded with the new Krystal DSP audio card. Let me tell that I love your system. It's very solid, reliable, fast and with state-of-the art audio quality. These systems work around the clock, non-stop and they always work great.
John Tatum, SonLight Recording, NJ
I am beginning to get a feel for the full capabilities of Microsound. It is great!! My typical project contains 24 tracks laid down on an Alesis ADAT XT-20. Much thanks for all the help you and your crew have given both before and after the sale. I am very happy with my choice. My friends workstations' crash, but my Microsound always works reliably!
Peter Terrell, Director, Audiovisual Communications Center, San Cristobal de Las Casas, Mexico
Recently we took one of our three Microsounds by mule-back into a remote Indian village. Using solar panels, batteries, and a generator, in 5 days we successfully recorded 4.5 hours of audio for video using 16 native voices. We had to hang the generator off a cliff to "remove" its noise from the recordings. We could not have done any of this without Microsound and its ease of use and reliability.
Les Mizzell, Catwalk Studio, Charlotte, NC
Microsound is the ultimate in reliability. I've never lost a project on Microsound! With Protools, I have several crashes per week, often resulting in the loss of the project requiring me to start from scratch... a bit red-faced when it happens in front of a client.
Jerry Vigil,Producer, Radio and Production Magazine
It is worth mentioning that after dozens and dozens of hours of use, the reliability of the Microsound system used for this Test Drive did not crash even once. There was not even a single error message. Bravo!
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