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Microsound Gives Freedom from Tracks

We remove your fears of ever running out of tracks to keep your brain creative "right-side" in control. You are finally free to be creative, free of fears and concerns. See how these quotes prove this! How many digital audio workstations do you know allow creating a project with 120 tracks playing together as below? This is not virtual track "smoke and mirrors." These are real tracks playing simultaneously for real customers who have to get the real work out the door every day.

Bart Curtis, Crystal Sound, Corning, NY 04/97
I recently did a 4 minute Jazz piece for a client stereo mic'ing the acoustic instruments and vocals. After recording, I had 60 stereo segments playing simultaneously at one point in the project! Man oh man! 120 tracks all digital mixing. With the Combine Group Segment command, I logically grouped segments (percussions, vocals, etc.), and engineered their sound before Combining to disk. Each group sound now appears and plays from disk as one segment! Incredible! The segments now mix live, allowing me to adjust overall mix amplitudes to get everything perfect! Oh yeah, I did have to re-engineer the vocals after grouping. Not a problem! The "Uncombine" command did this instantly. All this on my 486... hurry up with my Krystal and Pentium quote!
Mark Karaman, In Motion Magazine, 10/94
Microsound's real-time mix instantly plays up to a settable number of overlapped segments. If any portion of your project is overlapped deeper, Microeditor mixes only that portion and then plays. Mix time is very fast and occurs only once. If an already mixed section is moved in the project, Microeditor is intuitive enough not to remix that section. MTU has struck an incredibly cleaver balance between speed and an ultimate capacity of 512 tracks [now over 100,000 tracks].
Jerry Vigil, Producer, Radio and Production Magazine, 10/94
Perhaps the most unique aspect of Microsound is how it treats the idea of "tracks" as we are used to thinking of them in a multitrack environment. If you want to talk in terms of tracks, Microsound is a 512 track [now 100,000+] digital workstation. You won't run out of tracks. Next question.
Marvin Sanders, "More for Windows - Turnkey Multitrack Systems", Keyboard Magazine, 03/97
Fact is, I watched Microeditor handle 20 channels - including fades and amplitude changes - without any delay at all from hitting Play to playback. This means that, even real-time, it offers at least twice the tracks [mixing live while playing] of the other systems in this roundup.
Note: They tested Microsound with a cheap 2.5GB IDE Windows format drive and only tried mono segments, while stereo segments performed the same for 40 tracks! The next closest competitor mixing 10 mono tracks used an expensive SCSI drive with a proprietary format that could not share files.
Richard LePage, Rich LePage & Associates, Suffren, NY, 01/99
I kept trying to "hit the limit" when assembling a 5 hour long program I've been working on. I figured "this is gonna bust it for sure". The Microeditor project is loaded with zones, groups, layers, you name it, it's got it. Much to my surprise, I didn't hit any limits even with a huge project like this. It took everything I threw at it.
Eddie Ciletti, Review, EQ Magazine, 10/93
Mixing with Microsound is the ultimate automation.
Dave Tosti-Lane"Microsound Review", Mix Magazine, 05/94
Many workstations are limited to a specific number of tracks; some allow for the creation of additional "virtual tracks," but most do not allow simultaneous playback of more than a few at a time - usually requiring more hardware to play more tracks. Microsound uses segments of sound allowing simultaneous playback of up to 256 stereo segments [over 10,000 with grouping]... a distinct advantage.
Gary Boggess, Boggess Music & Sound, Warren, OH, 10/96
A Sci-Fi producer I had in from LA last week asked me "Where is your mixing console?" I said "Why do I need one of those? It would only add more noise to my signal and slow production down." He looked very confused and said: "Then why do all the other studios in LA have these huge sprawling consoles?" I said: "Either because they like to spend lots of money OR they're just not up to speed! Maybe they like knobs or something... perhaps its a Freudian thing."
Don Worthy, Four Star Productions, Hollywood, FL, 02/94
After 18 years of using tape in my studio, I replaced my 24 track recorder and 32 track console with a Microsound. Within 2 weeks I was doing everything I used to do and even more that I had not dreamed of.
John Noss, Animal Audio Arts (changed to Magic Monkey), Johnsborough, TN, 04/90
The first month of using Microsound we mastered 4 CDs. At one point we required 19 stereo sounds (38 tracks) overlapped to mix, each with multi-minute fades, all playing at the same time! The CD production house called to congratulate us on our superior audio quality and ease of final mastering compared to what they normally received for DDD mastered CDs.
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