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Microsound Create Perfect Mixes Every Time!

Microsound digital audio workstations from Micro Technology Unlimited allow audio professionals to produce perfect mixes! With all the hype and misinformation in the marketplace, these testimonials are proof. You cannot imagine the creative power and efficiency of Microsound... you have to experience it!

Dave Bregman, Producer, "The Radio Play" on National Public Radio
The first day I used Microsound, I produced a perfect mix for the first time in my career. Before Microsound, I would spend 40-80 hours loading an 8-track and 6-8 hours mixing and editing to produce my 30 minute NPR aired radio dramas. Often I would make trade-offs because of time and budgets. With Microsound, it only took 6 hours recording, 2 hours assembling and editing, and a half-hour to output to DAT; and I installed Microsound on my computer at 8AM this morning! Because I succeeded at everything I tried, my excitement grew over the day.
Don Kennedy, Director of Media Ministries, First Baptist Church, Dexter, MO
Just a note to express how pleased I am with our Microsound workstation. From our weekly radio broadcasts to our 3 hour custom built Christmas Pagent sound track... the output is perfection. For the first time in all my 40 plus years of working with audio, with Microsound I can achieve the exact mix I want... not just once in a while but every single time! It's incredible and a tremendous asset to the ministry of our church not to mention all the time it saves us. Thank you for an outstanding product!
Todd Chatman, CCM Communications, Nashville, TN
The second day I used Microsound, I created the 3 hour production I have done weekly for 4 years on a multi-track. I was home for supper for the first time in 4 years! And ... I was stress free. My family and I laughed about it. The truly amazing thing, for the first time in my career, I produced that elusive "perfect mix." I was so amazed! I thought Microsound would only increase my productivity. I have never enjoyed producing more than I do now. The non-destructive nature of editing on Microsound has encouraged me to be more creative than ever, but with no pressure or fear of damaging something. Microsound has given me the tools necessary to make our programs all that my "mind´s ear" has wanted them to be. Plus, I don't have the pressure of "blowing the mix" ... a much welcome change in the way I work! My stress level has dropped significantly in the last few weeks!
J.R. Lyons, The Electric Cafe, New Orleans, LA
Think of audio production like painting a picture. Linear recording systems (whether digital or analog) force one to paint by numbers in rigidly confined areas. Your creative efforts are enslaved by the system. Wouldn't it be much more interesting, creative and enjoyable to be able to just put every sound color you're thinking of on the canvas? Just dump it in there! Then arrange everything ... the way you want it or just change it the way you feel as you go along? In an instant? With Microsound you can forget about tracks and think about sound as a limitless totality ... truly creating sonic sculptures.
Marty Moran, Production Director, WHCN-FM, Hartford, CT
Microsound is about total creative freedom which comes from being able to move audio segments anywhere you want in your project at any time... you may also change any aspect of the segments at any time without affecting any other aspect. In the short term, it's great for handling those last-minute changes from your client. In the long term, producing in this way actually stimulates creativity.
Jeff Apthorp, Bible Broadcasting Network, Charlotte, NC
I've done the best production of my career with Microsound. As I type this, a Christmas feature is airing on national radio that I could never have done without it. I produced that feature my second day with Microsound.
Wayne Johnson, Bill Rase Productions, Sacramento, CA
Before buying a Microsound Workstation, all our work was done using reel tape production mixed to DAT during mastering. It is very fortunate we received the Ch. 6 project after we purchased Microsound. Why? Because of the difference in the way I was able to work. I could try different elements in various video scenes painlessly, immediately. I could do this without cutting tape to see if I liked this or that, using the new version or restoring the original if I preferred, or BOTH, with just a few mouse clicks. Without this I know I would have settled for version-one in many instances.
Deadlines loom, and you know what that means. Microsound allowed me to work the way I think, trying alternatives without the penalty of endless cutting. I instinctively tried whatever felt right for each moment. I'm proud of the finished product, both in that Microsound allowed me to produce my creative best, and in the quality of the sound itself. It was a truly wonderful experience, even more because it won an Emmy for the soundtrack! My hat is off to Microsound for a powerful and artistically creative product.
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