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Dale Douglass, MTU.Community Forums
I am one of those KJs who went from huge books of CD's to carrying a small computer. The really great thing is those files don't wear out like the CD's will, so no replacement costs for messed up CD's. Hoster's error correction is absolutely the best in the business. I didn't believe their claims, so I scratched up a CD on purpose and Hoster imported it without any problem and no glitches. Nothing else equals Hoster!
Robert Bealo, MTU.Community Forum
You MTU guys and gals have a great product [Hoster 5.06] here. I know folks who try to hold shows using other programs, but nothing is on par with Hoster. Customers who have problems and resort to threats about leaving MTU for other companies products are short on brain cells. Thanks for a Superior product.
AlanRoss, MTU.Community Forum
As for Hoster 5.01, I am so very pleased that it is running very solidly. I haven't had a crash with it yet. For reliable show performance, 5.01 is a work horse and I'm delighted I can pound on it without crashing! I am able to play videos one after the other in Auto mode, edit names in the Playlist, delete tracks from the Playlist, change keys in the Playlist and even delete multiple songs from the Playlist all while a song or video is playing and all without crashing Hoster. This is the kind of stability I need to run a solid show without worrying about the software.
bigjimwhite, MTU.Community Forum
I ran the demo's, considered the cash for Hoster, used my disc's for another 12 months, got tired of lugging around 1000+ discs and took the plunge. WOO HOO! I wish I would have got Hoster a lot sooner. I have done 6 shows with it and no problems. Runs like a dream. I do not use my computer for anything but my shows. The support [at the MTU.Community Forums] is the best. Everyone is willing to help each other and you just can't ask for anything more. To all the folks considering Hoster: Don't question it no more. Trust me when I tell you this is the best by far Karaoke Software on the market today. I tried them all and this is the BEST OF THE BEST!!!! It is easy to use (even my 9 year old daughter can run it flawlessly) and is very reliable. Thanks to all the folks that have helped me and a special thanks to MTU for a great product. I love HOSTER!
Muzicman144, MTU.Community Forum
I have used Hoster for Ten Years, 4-5 nights per week and never had a night where Hoster let me down. Ten Years and still running smoothly. I read in the forum about problems some have, but i learned at an early age that, "if it ain't broke", don't fix it. When my system is working like it does, I DO NOT download upgrades from anyone. I leave it alone. If I upgrade to a later version of Hoster, i do get all Microsoft upgrades, etc. When it is perfect, I put it on stage knowing it will not fail. In Ten Years, Hoster has never failed in almost 2,000 jobs over these years. Hoster is the best product i have ever purchased.
Jimmy Crosby, MTU.Community Forum
I have not been here for quite a while so I said "Oh what the heck let me try out the newest Hoster demo." Let me tell you (I may be a little biased) ((I love MTU)) I was blown away. When I loaded the demo on my old Dell 8400 desktop Dimension and ripped a couple of Old very warn Chartbuster on my ASUS DVD ...REALLY... it came out better than on my RSQ player, by far and maybe as good as new. You know how hard it was to get a usable rip with version 3.3 backwards even with a tuned-up MTU Plextor. I would pay full price for a new copy of Hoster, but the discount for ...REPEAT CUSTOMERS.... is so nice. Did I mention I love MTU?
Jim Hall, MTU.Community Forum
While running one of my regular shows last week it hit me just how much smoother my shows run with Hoster 4.08. Having the estimated time a singer sings visible on the Playlist is awesome so singers know when to be ready! The singer database has turned out to be the coolest blessing. The "All In One" Show Display has turned out to be a surprise blessing that makes running a show much smoother.
Mark Wood, MTU.Community Forum
Back in 2004 I bought Hoster. Realizing that computerized Karaoke was the way to get ahead in the market, I had tried all the other competing products and found Hoster to be the most full featured and easiest to use.
Rikki Tikki Karaoke, MTU.Community Forum
I like Hoster 4.08 more every time I use it! The new features are just icing on the cake! I've had a rock solid product ever since I decided to take the plunge into Computer Karaoke, back in 2004, and will never look back. I have also looked over the competitors products, and agree that once you become comfortable with Hoster, it's a great product, that has few equals. I will be anxiously awaiting to see what Hoster will expand to be in the near future, that will make us KJ's that much more appreciative of a product that keeps evolving in order to keep Hoster and US on the cutting edge of the Karaoke industry.
Robster, MTU.Community Forum
I downloaded 4.06 on my back-up laptop yesterday, and ran it from the time (late afternoon ) i upgraded till about 2 am ran it without a glitch, just had a minor problem with the video vocals; got that fixed this morning and been running it till was AWESOME!!!! YOU DID IT AGAIN MTU!!!!
Bob Schroyer, MTU.Community Forum
I have used Hoster for several years now. Love it! I upgraded to 4.0 as soon as it became available. Had some minor problems but with the help of all the great people on this forum, and all their excellent advice, and working thru the upgrades(4.01, 4.02, and 4.03) it kept getting better. Now 4.04 (WOW)!!!!! This program is truly state of the art. Thanks again MTU for all your hard work, and thanks to all who participate in this forum. I can't imagine what might be comming in future upgrades, but I can't wait. MTU and Hoster.. NUMBER 1 IN THE WORLD!!!
hwheeler43, MTU.Community Forum
I have been using Hoster for over 3 years now and have been extremely pleased with it. I held off on making the plunge to 4.0 until 4.03 came out. I just did the upgrade on my main laptop and my backup laptop. To say I am impressed would be an understatement. This program is Wunder Bar!!
George Payne, MTU.Community Forum
My singers like the new Singers Database. One of my regulars commented how this will allow him to stop using his own song lists. This addition makes it a lot easier for me and my regulars to pick out their favs. MTU you did it Again!
Bob Cox, MTU.Community Forum
I love Hoster! Over One Thousand shows with Hoster, and Not One problem! It is the easiest and most fun-to-use karaoke software on the market. Nothing else comes close to MTU products. Support is great, and Hoster is the best. Music Box Karaoke/DJ.
Emilio Guifarro, MTU.Community Forum
Never Since I Am In The Karaoke Business Had Found Softwares So Easy To Use To Produce, Burn, Run Karaoke Shows Etc... In A Professional Way Like The Softwares From MTU And Oh! What Good Prices! I Had A Very Bad Experience With Softwares From [competitor's name omitted]; Impossible To Understand Manual, Bad Customer Service And Support. With Their Product I Never Got To Make One Single Track Of Karaoke In About 25 Days. In Contrast With MTU In Less Than 2 Hours I Had My First Track Made. Outstanding! Great Programs, Great Results, Great Prices, Great Support Dept. And Customer Service Which Make A Happy Customer. I Am So Satisfied With MTU Products That I Canīt Wait For The New Version Of Hoster. Its New Features Just Canīt Be Better! Get It Now! Keep It Up MTU.
MarionTL, MTU.Community Forum
I just purchased your program, and WISH I had purchased it first instead of a certain other karaoke kj/dj program. If I had MTU hoster from the start I would have saved myself so much time and prevented so much frustration. I am a fairly new karaoke host, just one night a week at a local pub. I don't make my living from karaoke but I love singing and hosting. Your Hoster program has Everything I need... all in one.. the hosting program and songbook maker, and cdg importer for copying my cdg's and adding them to the song files folder, and I LOVE that it accepts zip files.
I was having some trouble with another program .. such as loud popping noises when I would try to add a new song to the song list while a singer was up singing. As I clicked around to add the upcoming songs to the list, the popping noises were very audibly heard during the singer's song, and sometimes totally messed up the song for the singer. It was embarrassing to say the least.
With Hoster I didn't hear any popping noises while experimenting with lining up the singers list at the same time that a karaoke song was playing, when practicing with Hoster tonight.
dc1979 Computer Challenged Newbie, MTU.Community Forums
I am just a home karaoke nut and purchased Hoster 3.317 for my home bar in the basement. I checked out all of the so-called competition and there just wasn't anything to compare. Of course, I originally intended to get a free download of some software to get by cheap, but I kept coming back to Hoster because of all the features, upgrades and support. I followed the directions to the letter to set it up and it has been amazing how this system works. I had our kids over for a shakedown run, but everything was flawless. I believe my kids were amazed that the old man could set up a system like this. They were especially impressed that I had a dual monitor system (I was, too).
It cleaned up all of my garbled lyrics and maybe it is just my imagination, but I think the audio is even a bit more clear and separated. I seem to hear each individual instrument in the band as if I were standing in front of a live group backing me up. I told one of my favorite KJs about this software and he will be checking it out. Now I think I need to get Microstudio to burn some compilation cdg's for taking out to the karaoke shows. They are still in the stone age with boxes of discs all over the place. Thanks again. I love this stuff!
George Payne, MTU.Community Forums
I just downloaded my 3.316 upgrade to Version 3.312 and installed it. All I can say is AWESOME! MTU showed me that they have been listening! When I saw the list of fixes and upgraded features I could not wait to get my upgrade and I was not disappointed. They fixed everything that people have been talking about in the forums and added features at the same time. I will buy the upgrade to Microstudio and Vogone as well in the very near future. Thank you MTU for listening and reacting to what your users need! My shows will be so much easier now and I will be able to give more value to my customers because you have provided the means to do it.
Ricardo Olmo, MTU.Community Forums
I want to apologize for my English if you find any errors but it is not my first language. Nowadays, I run Hoster on all my gigs, what a pleasure to tell you that it works like a brand new car on every show. It is such a different way to serve my customers. It takes your show to a new level. Not to deal with discs, with catalog to make, with cdg player or cd trays, it simplifies your equipment. Video Hoster on my laptop does not crash and I love my side job more than ever. MTU staff, you deserve my respect and my admiration for a wonderful job and I look forward to every product and release that you offer. There is no one like you.
BobCox, MTU.Community
Using Hoster is the best karaoke experience I have ever had. I no longer have to lug around two large cases of disc. The sound is supreme and so are the graphics. Setup takes a lot less time and space. I can put in as many singers as I want and I keep two rotations in the computer at the same time so I have a lot of time to talk to customers and friends. What a great way to do karaoke! People are always amazed at how fast I can find a song and add them to the list. I'm faster then they can fill out a slip so now they just ask if I have a song. I don't need slips anymore. Thank You MTU... It's Great.
Walter Morgan, MTU.Community Forums
I have been working as a one man band for over 15 years. Starting out with a drum machine then a sequencer and then karaoke tracks on mini disc. Last year a friend turned me on to MTU and it has made my life so easy. I have increased my song list over 50 times the songs I was doing a year ago. I can not get over how Hoster has changed my gigs. I bring half the hardware and have thousands more songs at my finger tips. Thanks MTU keep up the good work.
Gary Dunsford, Louisiana
I have been in school learning new software from another company. After using that program, I consider you and your staff to be next to gods, as far as making a program easy to navigate, and bug-less. The sad thing is this other program costs $10,000, and can´t hold a candle to your excellent Hoster and other programs.
Jerroke, MTU.Community Forums
i have been using a pc to do karaoke for 3 years now and i wouldn't do karaoke any other way. Anyone that wants to know about CAVs.... My opinion is that the code in the win 98 version is full of bugs. When the program is used in conjunction with a DJ program to play background music, it will blue screen and dump on you all the time. If you have a big Song book or multi-books in MS Word, it will make the graphic words skip...even with a 2.3 GHz PC! In short....the CAVs program sux and I am willing to spend money to look at a program that "MIGHT" be better. CAVs sux so bad! MTU Note: Jerroke is not a Hoster user yet, but his CAVs testimonial was worth making known.
Flipper, Portland, OR
From the MTU Forums. After sitting on the sidelines for over a year or more and watching the development of Hoster by reviewing posts on this Forum I decided to take the plunge. Had it not been for the posts of those on this forum that had purchased Hoster and taken the plunge before me it would have probably been another year or so before I made the decision. I would like to thank all of you for sharing your experiences, good or bad on MTU's Forum. And a big thanks to MTU for providing this forum for us to share those experiences.
I Downloaded Hoster 2.014 and began to load discs the same day. I had Over 400 discs to load and it took me approximately 8 days to load all of them into hoster. Many late nights and long days, but it was worth the wait. I worked with Hoster on my laptop for several hours to get the feel before doing my first gig with it.
Last night was my first gig and I'm absolutely amazed at how smooth and easy the rotation ran with Hoster. A couple of other KJ's in the area stopped in to christen the maiden voyage of my new laptop and Hoster Software. It was an instant hit with them, they couldn't wait to get home to jump online and order the product.
I had my discs and player with me so that I could play my multiplex discs and VCD's if they were requested, and I must admit that I had them there just in case there were any system hang ups. I never touched the discs or the player all night!...Didn't need to! I did not miss them either!!!!!! The performance of MTU's Hoster was "FLAWLESS"
Bret Agard, ProDJ.Com Review Staff and BC Productions
With the features that Hoster has built in, it makes it easier and faster to run our Karaoke shows. Not having to flip through the pages of CD+G discs, and not have to look up in a catalog what disc a song is on, saves so much time for our staff. The ability to set up a play list of upcoming performers in advance, add new singers during a performance, and the saved search time, allows us to get more singers up in a night.
Gary Cochrell, MTU.Community Forums
WOW! Let me say that again, WOW! I am a retired software engineer and so I know a little about good code. Hoster is great code, what a great piece of software. Got the MTU laptop with Hoster on the 30th of January and finally got 380 CDG's loaded by this last Sunday, Feb. 9th. That gave me one day, the 10th, to plug it all in and give it the smoke test before our gig yesterday the 11th. Well the smoke test showed me where I needed to hook things up and it all ran well. Then came the acid test, Hoster under fire.
We had been using a Sony 400 CD player in our shows and averaging 15 songs an hour. Hoster now allows us to crank out 20 songs an hour and our customers couldn't be happier. The software worked flawlessly. We demonstrated the laptop and software to management and needless to say they were impressed. I think we have now guaranteed our longevity at the casino for the foreseeable future. Keep up the good work MTU. Great hardware and software.
Saddle Tramp, Great Britain
When I first purchased Hoster I installed it on a Toshiba laptop and I then put all my 873 discs onto an external 120GB Hard Drive. Firstly though I just installed all my Sunfly discs (Complete Sets) and they worked brilliant on first show and all went absolutely FANTASTIC. I could not comment enough. BUT... then I started copying other discs (Sound Choice, Easy Karaoke, to name a couple) and I then started having sync problems (words to music). So I purchased a new computer and from that moment this whole new world opened. What a Programme! I now enjoy watching my own shows instead of working. Every comment I get is awesome! Folks cannot believe it.
Terry Wright, Great Britain
I've been a KJ for over 10 years now in the UK and have seen a lot of changes in the Karaoke scene, but this is the best yet. I've been testing with Hoster from the word GO in late July 2002, along with several others on the Beta Testing team. I'll be honest, it's been a long hard road. We've now been through 13 versions of Hoster, which meant a few late night's and early mornings, plus the odd frayed emotion on both ends of the line. We have given MTU some headaches with our idea's, but I must admit they came through, things like AUTO DELETE, (when a track has finished playing). TRACK TIME REMAINING. (shows how long left to play). Being able to select a track by just tapping the number in on your keyboard, and a whole lot more.
I've now done several shows with Hoster and there's NO way I could go back to using CD's, Sound quality and performance are second to none, and ease of use is 100%. Word is out in my area and I've got KJ's coming to my shows to check it out. Everyone has said "I've got to have it!" MTU has come up with some cracking programs, but this one's PLATINUM!!! Thanks MTU, I'm proud to have taken part in its birth.
Nightlife, MTU.Community Forums
I came to MTU looking for a decent program to play my CDG karaoke on my home computer....and found a whole new world. I was so pleased with MTU's products and support, that I became a beta tester for them. But I'm not just a tester, I am a user as well. It seems like we've been testing, improving, and testing some more for absolutely forever. As always MTU, has listened to our input, made the requested changes, and given us a product that was more than expected!!!
What can I say... Hoster just blows me away!! I've checked out products other karaoke hosts "SAY" are similar, but nothing comes close. Sound quality on Hoster is actually BETTER than the pioneer system I was using before. I have asked about the other shows in the area to find out what they were doing RIGHT ...and what could be done BETTER. Hoster addresses it all.
No More re-adjusting volumes for each disc brand. No more little slips of paper to get lost, and no messed up singer rotation. You ever been in a hurry....and grab the wrong disc?? Can't happen with Hoster. Easy to run?? Even my wife has started helping out with the shows. I expected to see snow in mid-summer before I ever saw that!! This program is so easy it practically runs itself. Last Sunday's show I loaded several songs into the Playlist, and brought the microphone to the singers. Everything else ran ITSELF. I for one will NEVER go back to the old, clumsy way of running a show. I have Hoster and I feel Sooooooooo sorry for the rest.
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