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Hoster® is a Registered Trademark of MTU

MTU has legal trademark ownership of the Hoster brand name and is successfully defending it worldwide.

Use of the Hoster brand name, alone or in any combination of words, is strictly forbidden in product names, web site meta keywords, page URLs, redirect scripts, or any use or purpose other than to promote MTU product.


Before 1999, individuals who put on public karaoke shows were only called KJ's. From numerous phone and email conversations in 1998-1999 with KJ's of all skill levels, MTU realized professionals around the world made their singers sound better and their shows drew larger crowds.

Starting in 1999, MTU informed Karaoke show professionals they were really "show Hosts", which garners higher respect than "KJ" that was in common use. MTU listened and documented the desires, wants and needs of these professionals. Because of the quality reputation of MTU products, these professionals encouraged MTU to develop a software to run their shows from a PC. As MTU developed our pioneering Karaoke show hosting product, the name Hoster was also developed and used for its uniqueness. From its first use in 2001, MTU included trademark notification on Hoster and on documents using it as a brand name.

In addition to USA Registration, World Intellectual Property Organization/United Kingdom Registration, and Canadian Registration of the Hoster brand name, MTU has built up considerable goodwill in the Hoster name including association with the quality and goodwill MTU has earned since 1977. Use of the Hoster brand name to refer to or use with Karaoke products other than from MTU is acting outside of the law by passing off products under the goodwill and association of the name created by MTU.

Please submit a Support Ticket and select SALES if you have any questions about your legal use of the Hoster brand name. It can only be used legally in relation to Karaoke products from MTU.





Successful Defense Against
Sax & Dotty "Show Hoster"



Successful Defense Against
Tricerasoft "Hoster"


In 2006, MTU defended our mark that was being used outside of the law by Tricerasoft of Canada. They ceased using the Hoster® product name on their boxed product, in their manuals, on their web site, and all other uses.

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