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Keyrite™ Software Key Changes Songs For Your Voice

If you sing, you need music key changed for your voice pitch. Keyrite™ Pro key change software was developed just for you. It can pitch change both audio music and cd+g karaoke music with lyrics kept in sync. Now you can perform your music in your voice range at shows... and never be embarrassed again.

Keyrite Software
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Advanced Features
  • All digital processing insures no "chipmunk" or time speed up or down, as if the master studio recorded in your key.
  • Pitch shift in ±5 semitone half-note increments that keep the tempo just like your original music. Note: Vocals start sounding like the opposite gender at ±2 semi-tones.
  • Open audio MP3, WMA or WAV files to key change imported cd tracks and write them as files on the hard drive.
  • Open karaoke CDG, KMA, BIN, MP3+G(.cdg), or ZIP files, keeping the lyrics in sync, and writing the same format back to the hard drive.
  • Professional Manual is a single HTML document view by clicking the menu bar Manual command. All images are mapped to jump to details for any clicked control.

Richard LePage, of LePage and Associates, Suffern, NY

I was asked in 2001 to test MTU's then new Keyrite professional pitch changing software. I've used MTU products since 1990 and keyrite continues their heritage of innovation. The quality is very professional, at a price that is accessible to everyone. The only other way to get this kind of key change quality is to buy expensive boxes like Eventide's Harmonizer costing many times more.

MTU is the most user-friendly company I've ever dealt with, and I have been in pro-audio in NYC since 1980. They are real people, who work hard to help their customers get the results they need to succeed. They are friendly, responsive, and innovative, delivering the highest quality at affordable prices. They make "support" mean what it should. And I can tell you first-hand that many other companies just don't. I use MTU pro audio products every day-- it's the core of my business, and I'd be lost without them.

keyrite key pitch change software screen

Operation is logical and easy: open an audio or karaoke file on your computer hard drive, select the key change factor, click play, adjust the volume, then save it to the hard drive. The Play File button allows hearing your new song.

PC Requirements

Requirements: A PC computer running Windows 10, 8.1, Windows 7 or Vista. To import from CDG discs, and write your key changes songs to a CDG disc requires the optional MTU Microstudio software or an equivalent program, and an MTU CDG certified burner or equivalent. New key change music can then play in any audio cd or karaoke player machine. To install Keyrite Pro requires the computer be connected to the Internet, but it is not required to run Keyrite Pro. It can install on 2 computers, and allows you to remove and move an installation to another computer if needed.

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