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MTU was first to ship a Karaoke CD+G format player for Windows/PC computers. Today, our complete product ine gives you the easiest to use and most reliable karaoke tools to meet all your needs. When importing disc tracks as files or for backups, our superior error correction delivers lyrics cleaner than the original. Microstudio now supports almost every CD/DVD drive, taking all karaoke (KMA, BIN, CDG, MP3+G, ZIP, WMA+G, WAV+G) files with audio (MP3, WMA, WAV) files to write to CDG or CD format discs. Hoster enables you to put on shows that lift the human spirit, enabling fun and respect of others as no other product available.

Decades ago, Dr. Fredrick Brooks, Ph.D., the father of the IBM 360 mainframe computer, wisely said "A computer is a Brain Amplifier." MTU uses that wisdom to design our products to amplify your own creative abilities. Since 1971 our products are proven to be easy to use, flexible to meet our customer's growing needs, fast and so reliable your fears and limitations simple disappear, lifting you to unequalled creativity, enjoying the fun you can have with family and friends... or contract shows.



  • Microstudio
    • August - 4.24.08 ships includes new windows 7 64-bit redistributable codes, all MP3 songs can now key change on Windows 7 64-bit,
    • July - 4.24.07 ships fixed not playing lyrics. Due to Microsoft Windows changes in 2011, Microstudio now requires a DVD or CD optical drive be attached to the computer. Fixed failure to upgrading or remove and move to another computer due to Windows 7 64-bit changes.
  • Songverter
    • August - 1.31.08 ships automatically detects when installing on Windows 7 64-bit and installs Microsoft updates required to use MP3, MP3G and ZIP files.
    • August - 1.31.07 ships with a fix when installed on Windows 7 64-bit with new changes that prevented version 1.30 from upgrading, or removing and moving to another computer.
  • Vogone - Vogone Lite
    • August - 3.41 ships with a total of 9 changes, updates and bug fixes, all added to make this superior vocal remover een easier to use.


  • Video Hoster
    • March - V4.20 ships MASSIVE UPGRADE of Import Hard Drive Files Screen. The TYPE buttons determine whether you index your files with the new KMH format or duplicate them with the standard KMA format. Index Video Files, Easy/Advanced Import Methods, Added Guide Text For Each Import Screen Step
  • Microstudio
    • October - 4.23 ships Major upgrade with 3 new, 7 upgrades and 1 bug fix.
  • Keyrite Pro
  • Karaoke Home Producer (KHPro)
  • Songverter
    • February - 1.30 ships automatically checking for updates every week, with a "do not show this version again" checkbox to disable notifications until a new version releases, Help menu Check for Updates command allows checking any time.
    • February - 1.23 ships when converting audio files, the "Converting CDG File" dialog no longer appears as a CDG file doesn't exist.
    • February - 1.22 ships A crash problem when running on Windows 7 and Vista was found and fixed.
  • Vogone - Vogone Lite
    • August - 3.40 ships runs on both 32/64-bit Windows 7/Vista/XP. Automatic check for updates with checkbox to disable for the displayed new version, reappearing when the next new version releases. Help menu Check for Updates instantly sees if a new version is available and whether it is free or requires purchasing an upgrade.


  • Video Hoster
    • October - 4.11 ships - Upgrades and bug fixes.
    • September - 4.10 ships Windows 7 Compliant - This was a MAJOR upgrade (see the list): Remove Silence From Karaoke & Audio Songs, Automated Background Audio Player, Talkover Button, Intermission View Visualization Shows Background Audio, Added Audio Fade In and Out, Supports .MP4 Video Files, Import Database Upgraded, InstaButtons, Automatic Start, Add Auto-Complete Lists For Artist and Title Fields In Import Screens, Hide in Songbook Checkbox, Song Book Changes (major), fixed bugs and added upgrades.
    • May-June - 4.09-409d ships - Preview Play in Search dialog, Visualization Images When Audio Files Play, Instabuttons Now Play MP3 amd WMA Audio, Instabuttons Dialog Volume Slider and Play/Stop buttons, Playlist Volume Slide restored, Upgrades and bug fixes.
    • February - 4.08 ships - Upgrades and bug fixes.
    • February - 4.07 ships - Massive upgrade including; Playlist Screen, Songbook, Video File Types increased, Import Hard Drive Files Screen, Singers Dialog, Edit Songs Dialog, General Changes.
  • Microstudio
    • November - 4.22 ships now with dual-display support, recording the singer in sync to the playing song when Save is clicked the file stores in the selected folder and adds at the bottom of the Playlist to allow instant overdubbing multiple vocals and/or instruments.
    • August - 4.21 ships Fixed original Hoster KMA CDCDG files so they index with Vista SP2, free HDD space test now report correctly, fixed lyrics out of sync, no longer chops off song ending, fixed error message crashing if clicked for details.
    • April - 4.20 ships Major upgrade with; 15 new, 7 upgraded, 5 changed and 5 bug fix features.
  • Keyrite Pro
  • Karaoke Home Producer (KHPro)
  • Songverter
    • June - 1.21 ships more .WAV files now convert, including 8-bit and multi-track (4 tracks can convert to stereo WMA), process known good files at any bit rate, Delete Original button now works as expected under all conditions, removes audio glitches heard in some converted MP3 files.
    • February - 1.20 ships process files in sub-folders, creating the same sub-folder structure found under the selected master folder, save written files path/filename to a log file, new layout is easier to follow, found bad files add to a log file, does not crash with compressed .wav files.


  • Video Hoster
    • November - 4.06 ships - MTU and our Beta Testing Team believe this should be a solid release that can run on XP and Vista computers.
    • September - 4.05 ships - Remove and reinstall Video Hoster without MTU help. Bugs fixed.
    • September - 4.04 ships - You'll love the performance changes in 4.04 over 4.03! All reported bugs are fixed and "under-the-hood" upgrades make everything run faster. The Show Display (including videos) works much better on single and dual display systems. Lots of Vista improvements have been added. This will be our last release for several months as we work on major new features that require more time to code and test. Twenty three upgrades aand bug fixes.
    • August - 4.03 ships - Eighteen changes and bugs fixed.
    • August - 4.02 ships - Twenty two, new features, changes and bugs fixed.
    • July - 4.01-400 ships - Major upgrade with; Singers: Fields are dropdown lists, Singer (Database) Button shows dialog, S+ Button adds the Singer and Song to the Playlist and the Singers Database, Music & Main Volume Sliders, Audio-Video-K-oke Buttons to add song types to Playlist,
  • Microstudio
    • May - 4.006a ships Recent HP computers with Vista required changing our Installation program. When Importing, maximum error correction is always done for the cleanest graphics possible, even if multiple retries are required on badly scratched tracks.
    • February - 4.006 ships New UltraClean Error Correction, Import Tracks Progress Bar, New ZIP Code with Superior Error Correctors, Record LED Always Blinks as it Now Always Records, Default Song Folder Now Persistent, Windows Vista Compatibility.
  • Songverter
    • February - 1.10 ships supports Remove & Move to a new computer without MTU help, and is now more Windows Vista compatible.
    • February - 1.003 ships with superior unzip code, for Windows changed compatibility creates all working files in C:\Documents and Settings\ path, UPPER/lower case insensitive to zipped MP3 and CDG filenames, processing now continues after logging out a bad file, CD/DVD Drives no longer disappear, more.
  • Vogone - Vogone Lite
    • October - 3.30 ships Remove and move to another computer without MTU aid. View Registraton Code dialog now shows the computer Name you entered for the first MTU software installed on this computer to help if you need support.
  • Keyrite Pro
    • August - 2.10 ships supporting MP3, MP3+G, ZIP, WMA and WMA+G, including 9 New and 9 Upgrade features. This was a major upgrade.
  • Karaoke Home Producer (KHPro)
  • 2007

    • Video Hoster
      • March - 3.316 ships fixing a problem installing on some new computers (mostly Laptops) with Windows Vista.
      • February - 3.315 ships with Windows Vista compatibility.
      • January - 3.314 ships including: worlds best disc error correction for importing cleanest lyrics, import Pro-burn discs, 11 other changes.
    • Microstudio
      • December - 4.005 ships Renaming files now correctly keeps the file extension so Microstudio can use them.
      • November - 4.004 ships fuxed a bug when multiple ZIP files were in the Write Disc List.
      • October - 4.003 ships with 10 changes. Now requires Internet connect to install.
      • August - 4.002 ships with 8 changes, including MP3 support.
      • April - 4.001 ships plays from CD On-The-Fly, added Tool Tips, 8 other changes.
      • March - 4.000 ships as a total redesign after 10 years including; record while singing, on-screen volume controls, remove vocals, key change, My Song lists with database/folder, 18 other changes.
      • January - 3.004 ships with Vista compliant, saves My Song list in selected folder, crash handling, progress meter.
    • Vogone - Vogone Lite
      • October - 3.201 ships Hold-My-Hand always appears for automatic step-by-step guidance, along with 16 changes overall.
      • August - 3.200 ships, now opens all audio and karaoke files directly, and imports CD Tracks directly; 7 changes overall.
      • June - 3.106 ships, with larger screen, Hold-My-Hand in left screen, show HMH text in normal use, removed Begin-End sliders and added Spacebar tap to set loop area, reset Low/High sliders when song opens, added Tools menu Set Loop Duration command.
      • June - 3.105 ships, now opens MP3 and WMA files directly, changed Balance slider title to Stage Location.
      • May - 3.104 ships with Hold-My-Hand, added numeric fields beside sliders, removed Advanced button, improved Blue-Yellow-Blue removal meter and Low/High slider operation.
      • March - 3.103 ships Windows Vista compliant.
    • Keyrite Pro
    • Karaoke Home Producer (KHPro)
    • Songverter
      • November - 1.002 ships handling KMA files with a bad ZIP file within.
      • October - 1.001 ships with 6 new features and 6 upgrades.
      • August - 1.000 ships opening KMA (all versions), BIN, ZIP, MP3+G, WMA+G, WAV+G, MP3, WMA, WAV, and exports KMA (all versions), BIN, ZIP, MP3+G, WMA+G, WAV+G, MP3, WMA, WAV. Convert Max compressed ZIP files to Standard compression so more programs can use them.


    • Hoster - Video Hoster
      • December - 3.313 ships with much faster TOC and importing and bug repairs.
      • October - 3.312 ships with improved import CD tracks quality, added Key column in Playlist, many minor efficiency upgrades and bug repairs.
      • September - 3.311 ships with 3.310 bug fixes.
      • May - 3.310 ships. It is a major upgrade that plays all Windows Media Player Video formats, added FreeDB web interface, supports most CD/DVD drives on the market. Installation now allows using a USB Memory Stick, and the security was significantly upgraded to be more forgiving when upgrading the same computer.
      • March - 3.303 ships installation allows upgrading versus remove if X.X version number matches, a major bug was fixed, supports all mp3 file formats except variable-bit-rate, Pause/Resume buttons work with ZIP and MP3+G file playback.
      • January - 3.301 ships properly imports multisession disc track 15, fixed crash with Import CD Tracks and while importing a track from a Singer's disc, Apostrophes can now be used in all Import fields, major improvements to make many operations work better.
    • Microstudio
      • December - 3.003 ships. MASSIVELY improved Import Tracks software error correction provides highest quality imported Karaoke CD+G Lyrics available on the market, storing as .BIN files.
      • December - 3.002 ships. Now allows multiple Write Disc project lists, enable/disable writing 2-second pregap between songs, full ZIP file support including writing them to CDG/CD discs.
      • November - 3.001 ships. Delete & rename files in song list, significant speed up reading TOC and importing, and bug repairs.
      • October - 3.000 ships. The code was totally rewritten after 10 years of evolution. The basic operations of playing, importing, making custom assembled discs, duplicating discs and launching the MTU Karaoke Suite other programs are provided, and now supports KMA, BIN, CDG, MP3G, ZIP, WAV, MP3 and WMA files for playing and assembling ANY mix of these same file types into a list to write to either Karaoke or Audio discs, importing using most CD/DVD drives now available. Installation now allows using a USB Memory Stick, and the security was significantly upgraded to be more forgiving when upgrading the same computer.
      • April - 2.613 ships this minor upgrade includes; Plextor 760 drive support, has menu commands to launch Vogone, Keyrite and KHPro, no longer supports dual-displays, installation now allows using a USB Memory Stick, and the security was significantly upgraded to be more forgiving when upgrading the same computer.
    • Vogone - Vogone Lite
      • September - Vogone Lite 3.102 first ship month. This is a lower cost, extremely easy to use version to expose more users to the Vogone quality.
      • September - 3.101 ships with improved .wav file support.
      • August - 3.100 ships with new Default/Advanced screen, new Low and High slider Log scales and High filter code, added Bass and Treble Boost controls, vocal reduction area meters, Hot keys and return to center buttons. Vogone Lite first ships.
      • April - 3.004 ships with far superior vocal elimination/removal than before, including FIRST product to remove non-center-panned vocals, adjusted filter ranges, changed Output Level adjuster to work with processed or original song, added max-amplitude clip detector, upgraded installation program to show install error messages, made security more forgiving of computer upgrades, installs Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 required for Vogone 3.0 and all new MTU program releases to run.
    • Keyrite Pro
      • November - 2.011 ships with full .BIN file support and allows longer filenames.
      • March - 2.010 ships with improved ease of installation.
      • January - 2.009 ships adjusted -1 key for better sound, removed audio pop with + adjustments, new screen layout is easier to understand and use, upgraded installation program to show error messages, allow installing using memory stick, allow editing registration data during installation to correct mistakes shown by error messages.
    • Karaoke Home Producer (KHPro)
      • August - Karaoke Home Producer 4.105 ships this minor upgrade includes; exporting as .BIN files versus .CDG, exporting .KMA files, and the Adjust Lyrics Screen is easier to use. Installation now allows using a USB Memory Stick, and the security was changed to be more forgiving when upgrading the same computer.


    • December - Hoster 3.300 ships this major upgrade includes; import multisession discs, work with many CD/DVD drives that before were not able to import CDG discs, added VIDEO button in Playlist screen to play many video format files from the hard drive, added vocal multiplex removal for Video songs, added Merge KMA Files command, added major new features to Prepare SongBook for improved formatting, added play button and Preview Display in Import CD Tracks screen, many more upgrades.
    • October - Microstudio™ 2.612 ships with support for Plextor 716AL burners, security code upgraded to prevent "Serial Number mismatch" error messages.
    • September - Hoster 3.120 ships play VCD discs, added Preview display into Edit Songs dialog, tweaked -1 key change quality, made security more tolerant to upgrades to the installed computer, more changes.
    • July - Hoster 3.110 ships split Import into two separate screens for CD Tracks and Hard Drive Files, massive upgrade to importing Hard Drive Files, allow importing ZIP files with commas, periods and UPPER/lower case characters in names, many other changes.
    • April - Hoster 3.108 ships Major upgrade to allow converting BIN-CDG-MP3G-ZIP files on the hard drive to KMA format saved in the Songs database, speed up all import operations, upgraded importing songs from Singer's discs, rewrote karaoke player code to run on inferior graphics cards, intelligent overwrite of existing KMA files when importing the same file again to get a better import, prevent and detect duplicate KMA files, many upgrades and bug repairs.
    • April - Microstudio™ 2.611 ships new security upgrades, no longer runs on Windows 98 or ME due to Microsoft not making new DirectX support for them.
    • February - Microstudio™ 2.610 ships with support for Plextor 708UF and 716 burners.
    • January - Hoster 3.006 ships supports Plextor 708 and 716 drives, fixed ZIP file problems, fixed bugs.
    • January - Hoster 3.005 ships added playing karaoke ZIP (MP3+G) files, fixed MP3G filename problem with periods, fixed lockup bug that damaged playlist, fixed memory leaks that could crash computer after hours long shows, redesigned Prepare SongBook command.


    • December - Hoster 3.000 ships major upgrade! Over 30 polishing changes, added play MP3 audio, play MP3+G files, Import is now separate dialog that appears when needed, add language-genre-mux-duet parameters to KMA files, updated playlist format to support MP3+G, major upgrades to Prepare SongBook command, added progress meters to slow operations, hot keys for show controls, more.
    • October - Hoster 2.219 ships added Pause/Resume buttons and Vocal removal Multiplex buttons, play WMA audio files, Singer Names Display shows whose on deck to sing, added import error checking for using USB drives, upgraded Prepare SongBook command, allow editing Singers field in the Playlist.
    • September - Hoster 2.215 #2 ships major upgrade to the play code to handle fade in/out graphics at song start, added Disable Preview window for slower computers to stay in sync, other upgrades, and bug repairs, upgraded security code.
    • August - Microstudio™ 2.609 ships added BIN file support, select multiple tracks in Custom Assembly tab and several bugs fixed, other minor upgrades.
    • August - Hoster 2.213 #3-2.212 ships added Mark Song button to note required edits, added Delete button to remove KMA files, BIG changes to Singer's Display window, auto-increment the BookID in Import Screen, allows editing KMA file header fields, improved search options, added show time field, changed playlist screen and import tracks screens, many more upgrades.
    • July - Microstudio™ 2.605 ships added support for Plextor 712 drives.
    • June - Hoster 2.209 ships added search with wildcards, Singer's disc tracks now import to a temp directory to insure they survive a power outage or crash, supports older Sony, HP, Yamaha drives, automatically load last project for instant recovery from a crash, many upgrades.
    • May - Microstudio™ 2.604 ships major upgrade with many new features including; totally new install program with error messages to instruct what to do when registration cod and/or email is wrong, added Export .txt file button, fixed CDR drive not being recognized in rare situations, allow deleting multiple tracks at a time, many other changes.
    • March - Hoster 2.217-2.124 versions ship with installation program upgrades and bug repairs.
    • February - Hoster 2.122 ships very major upgrade, added Keyrite Pro for key changing live, Import Database now has 66,000 entries, upgraded display operations, upgraded installation program, Configuration menu renamed Tools menu, Playlist screen changed, Add CD Tracks upgraded, supports DVD drives, too many changes to note.


    • December - Keyrite Pro 2.008 ships first release with algorithm replaced for professional key change, uses MTU new Registration Code security for improved installation and security, other changes.
    • December - Keyrite Home 1.400 ships changed output file type to be the same as the open input file to prevent creating wrong file types, uses MTU new Registration Code security for improved installation and security, other changes.
    • December - Vogone 2.210 ships - mostly bug fixes.
    • December - Karaoke Home Producer 4.105 ships - Improved installation program, and no longer uses Network card for security.
    • November - Microstudio™ 2.517 ships added more error checking and instructions in new install program.
    • November - Microstudio™ 2.515 ships fixed discovered bug in install program.
    • November - Microstudio™ 2.514 ships allows Dealers to install for users and then requires users to register for support and upgrade notifications.
    • October - Microstudio™ 2.508 ships supports new Plextor DVD drive, upgraded installation program, added buttons to select Full Screen or Windowed display mode, fixed crash bug when play was clicked with no Playlist entries,.
    • August - Microstudio™ 2.506 ships supports new Plextor 52x CDG burners, rewrote player code from scratch, installation program upgraded which reduced download size from 6MB to 2MB.
    • June - Hoster 2.014 ships fixed bugs, requires far less CPU usage (2% typ.), supports Plextor 52x burner.
    • April - Hoster 2.011-2.001 ships many bug fixes from 2.000, many upgrades, security requires Network card or port be installed.
    • March - Hoster 2.000 ships allowing adding tracks from Singer's discs, add DiscID in your SongBooks, added hot keys, Build Songs Database command now handles multiple BookIDs for future song distribution, bug fixes.
    • February - Karaoke Home Producer 4.008 ships - This was a major upgrade including; new Adjust Lyrics and Edit Lyrics screens, Unicode 2-byte support, create/save/restore projects.


    • December - Hoster 1.208 ships with upgrades and features.
    • December - Microstudio™ 2.400 ships supports new Plextor 48x CDG burners, fixed Nikkodo double-line lyrics, fixed Party Tyme/Dangerous/All Hits/Pioneer, Nutech and other discs that caused play problems, fixed problem when playing from a singer's disc, added dual-display support, upgraded player code.
    • December - Keyrite Home 1.302 ships added code to change pitch while playing in real-time.
    • October - Hoster 1.110 ships with major bug fixed that locked the Import tab at 100 songs, Import database now has 125,000 entries, upgraded songbook, changed Add Track from Singer's discs.
    • July - Vogone 2.104 ships - Changed math to remove more of the vocal than prior Vogone versions.
    • June - Karaoke Home Producer 3.100 ships - Added support for; imported image colors translate to best match, added color dithering, now support BMP/JPG/GIF/TIF/PNG images, rewrote player code.
    • May - Karaoke Home Producer 3.010 ships - Added support for; vari-speed sweeping, add Title and Credits pages, add graphic images in lyrics area, auto-scale graphic images if too large, many more functions added.
    • May - Vogone 2.103 ships - This was a major version upgrade with many features.
    • March - Microstudio™ 2.315 ships supports new 40x CDG burners, force Detect Drives button to show Sanyo and other drives as NO for Karaoke as they incorrectly report YES when asked.


    • December - Microstudio™ 2.314 ships with major upgrades including; new CDR support, new ASPI driver code, added Tools menu commands for ASPI drivers, enable burn-proof option, added Detect Drives button to locate and test drives for Karaoke/Audio, upgraded installation program to auto-detect windows version and make required install changes, converted manyal to HTML.
    • August - Microstudio™ 2.312 ships with major upgrades added, including; Import Tracks tab with CDG/WAV support and 1-to-all tracks importing from a CD/CDG, 3 tabs to launch KHP-Vogone-Keyrite, Read Manual button and on-line manyal, graphics scrolling support, display more information when appropriate (such as drive speeds), Enable Caching command and operation, and many more.
    • August - Karaoke Home Producer 2.009 allows selecting parameters for; any truetype font, point size, bold-italic-shadow, number of lines per page, break words for sweep control, sweep text letters or background behind, sweep offset to advance when the sweep appears in the final file, text positioning of left-center-right align, add Read Manual button with on-screen manyal. Also the graphical interface was improved to make it easier to use (it was already the easiest MTU product to use).
    • August - Keyrite Home 1.202 ships major upgrade including; Read Manual button, improved Input/Output file and folder selection and error checking, new Write File button to improve user understanding and to add significant error detect and correction.
    • August - Vogone 2.014 this is a total upgrade over Vogone 1. It provides incredible flexibility to adjust the tradeoff of vocal reduction versus music reduction in real-time. Added the following new functions; output volume adjustment, Peak meter, loop play start-stop controls, vocal pan position adjuster to remove vocals that are not center panned, automated install program, and improved the Input/Output file functions.
    • July - Karaoke Home Producer 2.001 minor bug repairs and changes.
    • June - Karaoke Home Producer 2.000 allows selecting parameters for; any truetype font, point size, bold-italic-shadow, number of lines per page, break words for sweep control, sweep text letters or background behind, sweep offset to advance when the sweep appears in the final file, text positioning of left-center-right align, add Read Manual button with on-screen manyal. Also the graphical interface was improved to make it easier to use (it was already the easiest MTU product to use).
    • May - MicroCD 2.401 ships control newest 16x CD-Recorders.
    • April - Karaoke Pro 1.709 ships added Sweep Immediate option, save/restore defaults on all Settings Tab values, auto repair of default file problems so they never again appear.
    • April - Keyrite Home 1.108 ships with progress bar accurately indicating the timing.
    • February - Microstudio™ 2.200 ships with support for 16x CDR drives, Add Track From CD button function upgraded, auto-open a default project to make this transparent and working with the default selected drive folder, automatically detect and display only CDG capable CD-Recorders.
    • January - MicroCD 2.4 ships control newest 12x CD-Recorders.
    • January - DNoise 2.31 ships as a direct-x plug-in module providing live noise removal with incredible power and control to balance the noise/signal removal versus artifacts that all noise removal tools generate.
    • January - Microstudio™ 2.103 ships this was a major upgrade/rewrite of much of the core code for future upgrades. It includes full screen play screen, improved Custom Assembly project functions, runs with Windows 98SE-ME-2000, and more.
    • January - Karaoke Home Producer V1.115 ships minor bug fixes.
    • January - Karaoke Home Producer V1.015 ships minor bug fixes.


    • January - MicroCD 2.3b ships control newest 10x CD-Recorders.
    • January - KeyRite key change software in 8th beta test.
    • January - Disk Architect™ 1.8b ships with minor upgrades.
    • March - Karaoke Pro V1.6 ships add hot keys, allow multiple graphic images in lyrics area, allow adjusting sweep velocity within words, adjust page dwell time.
    • April - Karaoke Pro V1.7 ships add 1/2 and 1/4 play speed while placing lyrics.
    • May - Keyrite V1.105 ships allows changing ther audio pitch ± 5 half-notes in real time with CDG lyrics in sync, and writing the key changed file with lyrics to the hard drive to write to a Karaoke CDG disc.
    • July - Microstudio™ 1.0 ships to all Disc Architect clients. This is totally rewritten as a full 32-bit windows application with Tabbed Windows for each major function.
    • August - First program to combine CDG disc writing and playing - Microstudio™ 2.0 ships. This is the first software to play Karaoke on a computer.
    • August - Keyrite V1.106 ships with new progress meter while writing a CDG song to the hard drive.
    • August - First low cost Karaoke CDG production software - Karaoke Home Producer V1.000 allows home and private users to create Karaoke CDG songs with lyrics in sync but no graphics (not for commercial distribution).
    • September - DNoise V3.0 ships as a direct-x plug-in that runs in real-time.
    • October - Karaoke Pro V1.707 ships supporting transparent color for boarder and background.
    • December - Karaoke Pro V1.708 ships removed a color flash that could occur with a graphic image change.
    • December - Microeditor 5.3 releases providing our clients with; up to 8 direct-x plug-in processing simultaneously, segments from 400 audio files, limit Microeditor created files from growing beyond 2GB, Add Segments From... command, upgrade Open dialog boxes, make Locate operation search all found directories for missing files.


    • January - MicroCD 2.3 ships upgraded to 32-bit code to run on NT and accepts 16- or 24-bit projects to write to CD.
    • January - Disk Architect™ 1.4 ships with minor upgrades.
    • February - Microeditor 5.2b ships Included new AddOn Interface to allow other programs to appear in Microeditor's menu and execute.
    • February - Microeditor 5.2bNT ships release for NT.
    • May - DNoise V3.0 development started to make DNoise a direct-x plug-in that runs in real-time.
    • July - Microeditor 5.2c ships. Upgrade installation program to InstallShield. Minor editing and structural changes made.
    • August - First Windows based Karaoke CD+Graphics mastering system - Karaoke Pro V1.0 ships allowing clients to create Karaoke CDG master songs.
    • August - Disk Architect™ 1.7 ships upgrades to work with Karaoke Pro.
    • September - Karaoke Pro V1.0a,b,c ships new features, remove bugs.
    • November - Karaoke Pro V1.0d ships remove bugs, make songs work with all master duplication equipment.


    • January - Microeditor 5.1a ships fixes bugs discovered in the Windows 95/NT port.
    • January - Microsound DAWs for $4,995 with Pentium II 233MHz and 6GB IDE drive can dynamically mix 24 stereo segments live. With a SCSI ultra-wide 10,000 rpm drive and Windows NT, 36 stereo segments mix live, 17 with fade & gain changes on each segment.
    • January - MicroEDL™ ships creating Projects from CMX3600 compatible EDL lists.
    • March - MicroCDG V2.2 ships allows combining an R-W file and a wave file to write a Karaoke CDG disc.
    • April - Disk Architect™ 1.0 ships for Karaoke cdg and cdda duplication, rewritten from MicroCDG.
    • August - Microeditor 5.2 ships with 24-bit file support and mixdown to 24-bits, even if the final output will be 16-bits. Mixing and fade/gains have always been 56-bit accuracy. Dither from 24- to 16-bits has been proven since 1989 to be sonically crystal clear.


    • January - Microeditor 2.6 ships with Compressor/Limitor effects, running on the older 56DSP-AT board and the Krystal DSP Engine.
    • February - First Krystal full production run with Microeditor V2.7 shipped as upgrade orders to existing clients.
    • August - Microeditor 5.0 ported to 32-bits under Windows 95.
    • September - Microeditor run under Windows NT for beta testing.
    • October - Microeditor 5.1 runs two copies on two Krystal DSP Engines to record and simultaneously edit the file recording, or do multiple operations simultaneously.
    • October - Microsound DAWs for $4,995 have Pentium 166MHz and 5GB IDE drive can dynamically mix 22 stereo segments live, even rack mounted with a 2x CD-Recorder for $5,995.
    • November - MicroCDG V2.1 ships upgrade with minor features.


    • March - First MicroCDG V2.0 ships upgrade of MicroCD that can take an ENC file and a wave file and write them together as a Karaoke CDG disc.
    • April - First DSP56301 based audio card in the world shipped to Sony Transcom Inc., increasing their InFlt disc production by 300%.
    • August - Krystal DSP Engine and Microeditor 2.6 shipped on September 3rd to Charles Lawson, with WETA Public Radio, Washington, DC.
    • November - MicroCDG V2.0 ships.
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