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Video Hoster® Obsolete Versions 2.219 - 1.103


Upgrades to V2.219 from V2.215 #2

Released 10/20/2004
  1. New Pause-Resume buttons - In the Playlist while playing, clicking the Pause button will stop play at the current location. Clicking the Resume button will continue play from the paused location. These only work while playing KMA files or CDG songs imports from a Singers' disc, but not WMA audio files.
  2. New Multiplex Play Buttons - These buttons appear in the Playlist Tab only when a KMA file is playing. They allow playing a Karaoke KMA or CDG song (imported from a Singers disc) with the vocals+music on one channel and the music only on the second channel, which will play out both the left and right speakers.
  3. New Play WMA Audio Tracks - Clicking the WMA button in the Playlist displays a dialog box to access any drive/folder path to select one or more WMA audio files and append them to the Playlist. WMA songs play just as KMA or CDG songs, but without any graphics/lyrics.
  4. New Singer Names Display Command - This Tools menu command enables a new window that shows the current Singer and those following, and their song names if you want. You can set up to three names to display per line, how many Singers appear in the display (1 to 15), and the text font, point size, color, etc. The display appears behind the Singers Display, which can be resized so the Singer Names Display (SND) can appear along with the Singers Display, or appear when the Singers Display automatically disappears after a song plays.
  5. New SND button - Clicking this green button to the right of the Show Time field immediately updates the Singer Names Display (SND). However, this is rarely needed as most conditions automatically update the SND window. If you double click the button, its background turns red and the SND window disappears.
  6. New Preview Display command - This command provides three options for the Preview Display; 1) fixed as it has been, 2) floating so you can move and resize it, and 3) hidden if you hear audio dropouts when running on a slow computer.
  7. Modified Playlist File Storage Location - The Playlist .hst files used to be stored in the folder selected in the Import Tracks Tab Save To Folder where the .kma files are stored. However, when using a USB drive, Windows could rename this drive, and make the Playlist inaccessible. More users were experiencing this problem so we changed it. Now, we create a Playlist folder under the Hoster installed directory. You should read the changes we made.
  8. Added Error Checking before Importing - As more users choose to import their KMA files to a USB removable hard drive, some found the selected Save To Folder is not always there. We now verify the selected drive/folder exists, or a message appears that you must choose a new one with the Save To Folder button.
  9. Upgraded Prepare Song Book Command - This command displays a new dialog box with two selections; 1) Print Entire Song Book and 2) Print New Release Pages. The first is identical to what has been available. The second allows printing addendum pages with new songs you added after printing the full Songbook.
  10. Allow Editing the Singers Field - You can now edit this field in the Playlist again.
  11. Removed View Menu - The only command in this menu was Status Line, which has been removed to conserve space.
  12. Added "Standard" as a new Genre Selection.

Upgrades to V2.215 Release #2 from 2.213 #3

2.215 #2 Released 09/08/2004

This is a free upgrade if you own Hoster 2.1 or 2.2.

  1. Pop Hits Monthly and Zoom Entertainment Songs Now Play - These songs heavily use fade in and out on graphic images and text. This places higher demands on the computer. Hoster was not able to keep up on slow computers, so the audio would drop and sometimes the graphics would not draw fast enough, causing the lyrics to be out of sync with the music. These songs should now play correctly. In extreme cases, you may need to disable the Preview Display.
  2. Added Disable Preview Window command - This Tools menu command toggles the Hoster preview window on/off. The setting is persistent. Disabling the Preview Display reduces the computations required to play a CDG song to allow slower computers or slow graphics cards that cannot keep up with two displays (Preview and Singers displays), may prevent audio dropouts and allow the Karaoke lyrics to sweep in sync to the music.
  3. Change Preview Display Window - This appears in the upper left of the Hoster control screen. It is now a moveable, resizeable display window. When Hoster runs, it always appears in the upper left corner. During a show you can move or resize it, but the changes are lost when Hoster closes and it reappears at the default size and location.
  4. CD Drive is Read Less - The default CD drive is now read only when you click the Read CD Tracks button. In prior versions it was read whenever Hoster ran, and whenever you changed the Brand or DiscID fields in the Import Tracks Tab. These operations now operate MUCH faster.
  5. Import Tracks Tab DiscID Field - This field now accepts 12 alpha-numeric characters where before it was unlimited, which caused problems.
  6. FIXED: Build Songs Database Command - When Hoster is installed new, there is no Songs Database. When you see the Build Songs Database dialog box (and there are no songs in it), if you press any keys on the keyboard (versus use the mouse) Hoster will shut down. This was fixed.
  7. FIXED: Pop Hits Monthly Discs Graphics Get Behind and Drop Audio - These discs use multiple levels of fade in and fade outs on graphic images and within the lyrics on some songs. These required rewriting our rendering code to run more efficiently than before. If you still have a problem with audio drops, click the Disable Preview Display command to reduce the computations required for the Preview Display.
  8. FIXED: Edit Song... Command - This did not update the KMA file parameters. It should now work correctly. We adjusted the column widths in the list in the window.
  9. FIXED: Singers Display Shrinks Each Time it Displayed - This was a problem created by Microsoft. It is now fixed.
  10. MODIFIED: Import Tracks Progress Bar Message Box - This is no longer forced to be on top. Thus, while importing you can run other programs and click anywhere outside this progress bar message box to hide it below the active program.
  11. FIXED: Edit Songs Dialog Select Multiple Tab Column-Sort Was Broken - It is fixed.
  12. REMOVED: Cancel Button From CD\DVD Drives Default Dialog - Since Hoster requires a CD/DVD Recorder/Burner to be selected, we now require a selection to exit this dialog box, when Hoster runs for the first time, or when you execute the command.
  13. Upgraded Security Checking - There was a problem with other MTU programs installing and running on Windows 98SE and ME systems. The Security code as modified, which updates this version of Hoster also, but does not affect its operation under Windows 2000 or XP. Hoster cannot run under Windows 98SE or ME because Microsoft does not support WMA data compression under these.

Upgrades to V2.213 Release #3 from Release #2

2.213 #3 Released 08/05/2004
  1. FIXED - Automatically Upgrade Installed Directory Registry Key - It is possible for a critical Registry Key to be changed by some unknown source, we believe not related to Hoster. When this happens, Hoster will not work correctly. To overcome this problem, this Key is now set correctly every time Hoster runs.
  2. Change Settings Defaults - In the Import Tracks screen, the Change Setting button allows enabling/disabling the built-in Compressor-Limitor-Normalize operation. It turns out the default settings were not what was recommended in the Manual. These have been changed to the Manual defaults.
  3. FIXED - Add Tracks BookID Default State - In 2.213, the BookID was not default enabled as it should have been.

Upgrades to V2.213 #2 from V2.213

2.213 #2 Released 08/02/2004
  1. FIXED - DiscID is transposing entries - In the Playlist screen, the DiscID field in the Add Tracks group (when the Brand button is clicked) was transposing any entry made as if you entered from right-to-left instead of from left-to-right. This would happen whenever the DiscID you needed to enter was not in the Main Database, making this a particularly bad bug for new users. It has been fixed
  2. FIXED - Restored BookID to How it Worked in Hoster 2.212 and Prior - Making the change in the BookID so it automatically incremented when a new DiscID was entered created the bug directly above related to the DiscID field. There is no easy fix so we restored the prior BookID operation.

Upgrades to V2.213 from V2.212

2.213 Released 07/31/04

  1. Added Mark Song button in Playlist Tab - This allows you to mark a bad song while it is playing so you can edit it later.
  2. Renamed Edit Track Header to Edit Songs... Command - It now has Select Single and Select Multiple buttons at the top to allow changing the parameters on one or multiple selected songs at once. The Song and Artist names cannot be changed in the Select Multiple screen.
  3. Added Delete Song - A new Delete button in the Edit Songs... dialog box deletes one song in the Select Single mode, or deletes multiple songs in the Select Multiple mode. In Multiple mode you must use Shift and Ctrl keys to select the songs you want to delete from the list.
  4. Modified Singers Display Window - The operation has changed from before. This is a BIG CHANGE so take note of it!

    1. If you do not double-click the Singers Display, it will go to full screen each time a song plays.
    2. If you double-click the Singers Display it will shrink to be a window and not full screen. This reduced size window will always appear when a new song starts playing. You can still resize and move the location of the window.
    3. When a song stops playing, whether the display is windowed or full screen, the Singers Display disappears completely. In Dual Display mode, the FULL Desktop background appears on the display. In Single Display mode the Hoster screen appears on the display.
  5. Modified the Import Tracks Tab Layout - The top section has been change to make it easier to understand, and the Edit Song button was added.
  6. Added Edit Song button in Import Tracks Tab - Unlike the Edit Song... command in the Tools menu, this is a MODELESS dialog that allows you to continue importing while you are editing the Song, Artist and Parameters for songs from a prior imported disc. This can cut the time in half that it takes to import songs as you can edit the songs while importing other songs. You don't have to review the names before importing.
  7. Changed BookID Search - Entering a number now will assume it is the "root" BookID without the two track numbers at the end. This will display all songs that start with that BookID.
  8. Automatically Increment the BookID Field - In the Import Tracks Tab, the BookID field now automatically fills in for you with the next available BookID root number.
  9. CDROM is No Longer Shipped Standard - Due to the lower price we no longer ship Hoster on a CDROM. If you need or want this, please order the CDROM part number at our store.

Upgrades to V2.212 from V2.209

2.212 Released 07/08/04

2.212 Beta Released 07/06/2004
2.211 Beta Released 07/01/2004
2.210 Beta Released 06/17/2004
  1. Added File Header Parameters - Existing and new KMA files now receive several new parameters to identify the song as; Duet, Multiplexed, Vocals on Left or Right channel, Language and Genre.
  2. Added Edit File Header... Command - This new Tools menu command allows editing the KMA file header contents. You can edit the Song name, Artist name and set the Language, Genre, Duet, and Multiplex parameters.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: if you change any parameter and click the Apply button, if you did not make a selection in the Language field it is forced to ENGLISH. If you make a selection, it will appear instead.
  3. Upgraded Add Track Search Dialog Box - You can now search by BookID (NEW!), Song name or Artist name. The file header contents now appear for the selected song. The Enter key activates the Add Track button, or you can double click any song to append it into the open Playlist.
  4. Added Show Time Field - This Playlist field below the preview window shows the running time LEFT for the songs in the Playlist to play. This allows you to know how long before a new singer will be able to sing.
  5. Playlist Screen Layout - We have significantly changed the controls on the Playlist to make them easier to run a show. Gray fields are now black with green text to make them visible in the dark, the new Attributes are visible for the selected song, a new Show Time counter was added, a separate Stop button was added, and the Add Track fields were reordered to reduce room on the display. Also, the button faces have been fixed when they are disabled.
  6. Upgraded Songs Database Field Parameters - The Songs Database now supports the new attributes so they can be used for songs added to the Playlist. If Hoster has been installed an run before, when Hoster 2.211 runs for the first time it opens the Songs Database and automatically adds the new fields.
  7. Upgraded Build Songs Database Command - This now includes the new header contents for Language, Genre, Multiplex and Duet.
  8. Rearranged Import Tracks Tab - We change the layout slightly to prepare for new features in version 2.212.
  9. Added Set Track Parameters Button - This button in the Import Tracks Tab will allow setting the File Header Parameters for songs when they are imported. It is currently not functional.
  10. Removed Auto-Update Songs Database Command - This command is no longer required to use the new Main Database tables to update the song and artist names in the Songs database.
  11. Removed Update KMA File Headers Command - This command is no longer required to use the new Main Database tables to update the song and artist names in the Songs database. The Edit File Header command allows correcting Song and Artist names.
  12. No Longer Require Singers Field Entry - When adding a song to the Playlist you are no longer required to add a Singers field entry.
  13. New and Open Buttons - These were moved to the File menu.

Upgrades to V2.209 from V2.127

2.209 Beta Released 06/01/04

  1. Search with Wildcards - We added a Search by either Song or Artist names to find any song you have. It allows entering a word, string, or full name with or without wildcards. Once found, you can sort the songs alphabetically by Song, Artist or Brand names. While the Search dialog is open, you can add songs into the Playlist by BookID or Brand methods.
  2. Add Tracks Dialog Boxes - The prior Add HD Tracks and Add CD Tracks dialog boxes are gone. They are replaced with the new Add Track structure on the Playlist. No more overlapping dialog boxes!
  3. Songs from Singer Discs Import as Temporary KMA Files - Importing songs from discs your Singers bring for you to play now save to a temporary folder on the hard drive as KMA files. Now you can key change them, import as many as you need (was 3), and they do not delete from the hard drive until they play... safe even if the computer crashes!
  4. Sony, HP, Yamaha, etc. Drives Supported Again - The older drives that could read and write the CDG format are now supported again in V2.208.
  5. Installation Program Improvements - The installation program now saves your entered information ( except an upgrade Registration Code) to make registering and upgrading a dream. Error messages now appear from our web site that tell you exactly what is wrong when your registration attempt fails. No more wondering what is wrong!
  6. Process Priority Increased - The Hoster process (controls how Windows allocates time to each application) was increased to prevent audio dropouts when doing other operations or switching to other programs with standard Windows. If you disable Windows Power Management and other disruptive operations you should hear no dropouts.
  7. Changed Screen Layouts - In the Playlist, we moved buttons, added colors and generally made it easier to run a show. The Import Tracks screen is also easier to follow.
  8. Automatically Load Last Project - When Hoster runs it now automatically opens the last project so you don´t even need to remember the project name! If the computer crashes, you simply reboot to be up and running again without having to think!
  9. Bucket.mdb Database Crashes Fixed - It turns out that any single quote (') in a field would crash Hoster. These were all removed from this database version.
  10. Play button Grays Out - You cannot import a song from a Singer´s disc as the first song to play. If you need to play while importing from a Singer´s disc, select a KMA file and start playing before starting the import.
  11. Audio Buffer... command was changed to Audio Controls.... command. It now has just three radio buttons to select as Buffer: A, B or C.
  12. Tools Menu - The Tools menu commands are now grouped into similar functions.
  13. Removed Import Tracks Tab Backup Database Command - This command assumed the KMA tracks are in the program default folder, and many users select a different folder. We removed this button.

Upgrades to V2.127 from V2.126

Release 03/19/04

  1. Fixed Bug in Floppy Disc Registration - If the Installation program cannot automatically detect the Original Registration Code when registering by Floppy Disc, it would fail. We now combined the Registration Email, Original Registration Code and Upgrade Registration Code on the same screen to always allow you to provide this data.
  2. Fixed Singer Window Disappearing - There were certain conditions where the Singer´s window would disappear when it shrank down after playing a song to allow an add on the Desktop to appear between songs.
  3. View Registration Code - We changed this dialog box so users can copy/paste the Registration Code from it if needed.
  4. Made all Screen and Dialog Box Locations Persistent - Now when you move a screen or dialog box to a different location, the next time it appears during use or when Hoster runs, they will appear where you last left them.
  5. Upgraded Floppy Disc Install - When the Installation program was writing the data to the Floppy Disc, some folks were closing the Installation program too soon and the data was not written. We changed it so no matter how fast you close the program, the data will continue to be written successfully.
  6. Saves Original Reg Code - During certain conditions installing over a prior Hoster version, the Original Registration Code was not saved properly due to a bug. This is fixed so the Original Reg Code should now always be automatically filled in when you upgrade.
  7. Fixed Bug Playing Last Song - When not using a dual-display (i.e. using a single display), when the last song played it would not return to the Playlist screen, but remained in the Singer´s window. This was fixed.
  8. Changed Version to 2.127 - Upgraded the version and manual to 2.127.

Upgrades to V2.126 from V2.124

Released 02/29/04

  1. Fixed Floppy Disc Install - There was a bug which sometimes put in the wrong Upgrade Registration Code on the floppy disc. It now also asks for the user's email to transfer the record from a Dealer to the User, creating a record in our database. We also added a floppy=true flag in the transmission so we could identify Floppy Disc installations to help those with problems using this method.
  2. Changed Version to 2.126 - Upgraded the version and manual to 2.126.

Upgrades to V2.124 from V2.122

Released 02/16/04

  1. Improved Uninstall - In 2.122 multiple Uninstall screens would appear for each found prior version. Changed the uninstall operation to directly remove the installed components, not launch the Uninstaller.
  2. Improved Installation Program - The Registration screen now automatically fills in the Original Registration Code and has fields for the Registration Email and an Upgrade Registration Code if you have the latest version.
  3. Allow Reinstalling 2.014 - We have upgraded our Web site scripts to allow reinstalling 2.014 if you need to for any reason.
  4. Changed Version to 2.124 - Upgraded the version and manual to 2.124.

Upgrades to V2.122 from V2.014

Released 02/10/04

  1. MAJOR UPGRADE: Key Changer Quality - We have made an incredible improvement in the quality of the key changer in Hoster. It should now properly key change all music in digital format. It still does not shift the pitch of background or main singer voices. This is the same code in our new Keyrite 2.008.
  2. MAJOR Database Upgrade
    • Main Database has 66,000 New Track Records - We have brought the Main Database up to 196,700 song records, current with new Title releases by USA Producers.
    • Main Database Artist Names - We corrected the mistake made in our last upgrade so the Artist names now are lastname, firstname and any with "The" in front now have it at the end with a comma before it. This allows printing your Artist Songbooks alphabetically by the last name again.
    • Songs Database Now Record Locking - The Songs Database used "File Locking" when it was open, preventing other applications from using it. This was changed to "Record Locking" so others can write applications to select songs to add to the Playlist from remote terminals.
    • Removed double quotes in Main Database - There were still some " characters in the Main Database. Hoster uses this character in some of its queries, and can lock up if it finds them in a record in the Main Database. These have all been converted to ´ single quote characters.
    • Added Auto-Update Songs Database Command - This Tools menu command uses data found in the Songs Database to link back to the new updated Main Database to get the Song and Artist fields, then upgrades the Songs Database. This allows printing your Songbooks again with Artist "lastname,firstname" order.
    • Added Update KMA File Headers Command - This Tools menu command takes the Songs Database Songs and Artists fields and writes them to the .kma file associated to each record. Once this is done, running the Build Songs Database Command will display the corrected names.
    • Main Database is Encrypted - Only Hoster can access the Main Database. Users still can access the Songs.mdb database.
    • Automatically creates the Songs.mdb Database File - This is now done in the background when Hoster runs the first time to insure this required Database exists.
    • Automatically creates a /Hoster/Database folder - The Build Song Database command automatically uses this default folder. If you never change the folder, it continues to be used as the default Songs Database search path by all Hoster operations.
    • Automatically creates a Hoster/Songs folder. This is where the Import Tab will save all song tracks by default, unless you change it.
    • Build Songs Database Command - The default Songs folder automatically appears in the Song source folder list in this dialog.This is now automatically set whenever the Song source folder list is blank. The Build Songs Database command always attempts to use imported .kma songs from this folder to rebuild the Songs Database. You can add other folders to this list if you store or move your KMA track files to different folders.
    • Display error message if the Songs Database is not found in the Database - This informs you the Songs database is missing. If you choose Yes (to rebuild it), the Build Song Database dialog appears to allow you to rebuild it.
  3. Display Upgrades
    • FIXED BUG: Some CDG Songs Could Crash Hoster - If an imported KMA file contained a very large font, it could crash Hoster. All fonts now display correctly and Hoster just keeps on running.
    • Clear All After Each Song - If there is a display problem (for example, playing a scratched disc a Singer brings in), this clear operation will reset the player back to new status to not require restarting Hoster to clear the graphics problem.
    • Reset Singer Display Size - It was possible when the Singer Display resized down to your selected size after each song finished, it could become so small it disappeared. This has been corrected so it will not disappear.
  4. Installation Program Upgrades
    • New Registration Code Security - Due to problems for many users, Hoster no longer uses the MACID number from a Network/Ethernet card to lock to. Hoster now installs on any Windows 2000/XP computer, but only one. In version 2.2 (expected release within 4 months), you will be able to temporarily install a second copy of Hoster to run if your main computer fails. If your main computer is still able to run, you will be able to transfer Hosterr to another computer at any time without help from MTU.
    • Uninstalls Prior Versions - The installation program can now identify and uninstall up to three prior version ranges, with each uninstall page showing the version range it is uninstalling. The ranges are: 2.000 to 2.016, 2.017, and 2.100 to 2.123. It will not uninstall any other MTU programs with the exception of removing version 2.016 and 2.017. Then, other MTU programs may require reinstalling after Hoster is installed. We regret this error that was made in these versions.
    • Added Second Registration Code Entry Panel - During installation, if you are upgrading from a prior version using an Upgrade Registration Code (obtained by ordering Hoster21UpG part at the store), this new panel requires you to enter your original Registration Code. Normally this will be preserved while uninstalling the prior Hoster version and automatically fills in this field. However, if it is not filled in, you can enter it to complete your upgrade registration.
    • Access 97 Jet Engine Installs - The Access Jet Engine is automatically installed on your computer if it is not already. This is required for Hoster to access the Songs or Bucket Databases.
    • Keeps Original Registration Code - Version 2.1 saves your Original Registration Code when you perform and upgrade. This will be very important in the future as we will use your Registration Code in several ways.
    • Add Reboot after Install in Installation Program - The option is now presented to "Reboot now or later" at the end of install, as the sweep can be off from 1 word to many words if Windows is not rebooted.
  5. Configure menu renamed to Tools menu
    • Tools Tab Removed - All the operations in this Tab are now commands in the Tools menu.
    • Book Tab Removed - A Tools menu Prepare Song Book command now creates your Songbooks.
    • Display Tab Removed - This Tab has been temporarily hidden until we fully activate its functions.
    • Keep Songs After Played Command - This was the "Check to retain Playlist songs after they play" check box in the Tools Tab.
    • Detect Drives... Command - This was moved from the Tools Tab.
    • ASPI Drivers... Command - This was moved from the Tools Tab.
    • Auto/Manual Play Command - This was moved from the Display Tab.
    • New CD/DVD Drives Defaults.... Command - This contains the drive select and the speed select fields that were in the Tools Tab.
  6. Playlist Screen Changes
    • Rearranged Screen Fields - These changes make it easier to use, and to prepare for future changes. Also some of the buttons are now different colors, and the Play button is twice as large.
    • Removed Unnecessary Buttons - Read Manual (now the Help menu Read Manual command), Undo (did not function), Start, and the Counter field.
    • Added Ctrl+X and Shift+Delete Hot Keys - These hot keys will delete the selected Track.
    • Delete Key Changed - It no longer removes the selected Track in the Playlist.
    • Fixed Bug: Delete Track - In Version 2.014 and prior, when using the Delete key to remove a Track in the Playlist, if you clicked into either Singer field it would go into edit mode and that Singer field contents would move to new selected track after the delete Track was removed. You can no longer edit the Singer field once a Track is added to the Playlist.
    • FIXED BUG: Countdown Timer - The timer that counts down for the playing track no longer stops when adding a track.
  7. Add CD Tracks
    • Extra Fields Removed - To make it much faster and easier to add a Track from a Singer´s disc, Drive select (uses selection in CD/DVD Drives Defaults), Singer 1 and 2 (now Singers), and Files of Type: were removed. Now only Singers, Track# and Song name (optional) remain and the dialog is much smaller. Track# field is on top with the focus ready to enter the Singer's track. Error checking has been changed to insure only numbers are added.
    • Insert Disc Dialog Box Reduced - All unneeded fields were removed and the dialog box made smaller.
    • Reduced Pre-Load CDG Tracks From 4 to 3 at Any Time - For each CD Track added to the Playlist, 40MBytes of RAM is reserved when Hoster runs, which required 160MBytes of RAM. With only 3 songs pre-loading before they play, this gives Windows 40MBytes more RAM to run.
  8. DVD+R CDG Certified Drive Supported - Hoster 2.1 supports the newest MTU DVD+R burner certified for CDG use for importing CDG tracks.
  9. ADDED: Audio Buffer Size... Command - This Tools menu command allows adjusting the Audio Buffers that Hoster uses, based on the computer you have. This command may be of value in reducing audio dropouts when Windows is allowing or causing them to occur due to Power Managment being enabled.
  10. ADDED: View Registration Code Command - This new Help menu command displays the Registration Code for your Hoster on this computer.
  11. ADDED: Playback Offset... Command - This new command allows setting a positive offset for the displayed lyrics and graphics to appear later than they were designed to do. Normally, the value will be set to zero, but if you experience a problem with your video display card (rare but has happened), you can overcome it with this offset.
  12. Reduced Initial Run Time - It now takes about half the time to run Hoster as it did before. Load a Playlist is almost instantly.
  13. Prepare for Automated Upgrades via Internet - This is not finished yet, but Hoster will be able to update over the Internet, and access current Song-Artist fields for all the tracks on a Brand-DiscID CDG disc.
  14. Band/Singer Field Renamed - This column heading in the Import Tracks Tab is now titled Artist for consistency.
  15. Column width settings remain for the Playlist and Import Tab list. These now each store your settings separately.
  16. Updated Manual - This extensive manual is read by your Internet Browser by clicking the Read Manual button in the Help menu.
  17. Defined A Major Audio Dropout Cause - After years of struggling with the audio dropouts that can occur under Windows 2000 or XP, we now know that the Windows Power Monitor Controls is one of the causes, if not the major cause. We have made many changes to work around this, which has significantly reduced audio dropouts.
  18. FIXED BUG: Add HD Tracks - Using the Tab key to move to fields in the Add HD Track dialog, would set the -5 key change button. This has been fixed.

Hoster 2.014

  1. The CPU requirements have been lowered drastically. We are measuring 2% on a 2GHz P4. This solved some audio dropout problems that were reported.
  2. The new Plextor 52X Premium CDR drive is now supported.

Hoster 2.013

Beta released 06/03/03

  1. Fixed a problem that on some computers with some discs, the imported song could be damaged. Now all imported files are stable.
  2. The Access Database Jet Engine could fail to install correctly.

Hoster 2.012

Released for testing 05/16/03 - problems were found

  1. Fixed a reported imported songs problem - There was a problem with racks having the audio starting at the beginning of the Karaoke Title Page.
  2. Fixed Bug in Importing and Audio Dropout on Playback - This significantly improves the stability of the playback. We still do not recommend you intentionally open, close, minimize, maximize other programs while Hoster is running. The Windows Media Player (that we use in Hoster) itself will drop audio when these things are done.

Hoster 2.011

Released 04/17/03

  1. The Add CD Track button now works in the Playlist Tab - This allows you to play songs from CDG discs that Singers bring to your show. This loads a pointer into the Playlist. When the CDR/CDROM drive is free, another dialog appears with instructions of what disc to load for this song. Once it is loaded, the song track is read into a temporary holding area in the hard drive to play instantly when ready. After playing (or the Playlist or Hoster closed), the song is deleted from the hard drive to insure copyright laws are not violated.
  2. Added Song and Artist Modes - In the Add HD Track dialog Song scrolls to the names that match from the Songs Database while you type in a name. Artist does the same, but the list shows Artist names. When you exit the Song or Artist field, all other fields for the selected Song (or Artist) will update for that song. Clicking the Add Track button adds the selected song to the Playlist.
  3. New Installation program - This totally rewritten installation program now includes; uninstalling a prior version, updating the current version, automatically looks for your Hoster ID on the CDROM (or enter it if downloaded over the Internet), reads your Network card IDs for you to select which one to generate the Serial Number, connects to the Internet with https (128-bit secured) and registers your data, and automatically sends your Serial Number back to the Installation program. You can make a floppy disc to register from another computer if the one you are installing Hoster is not on-line. If a prior version of Hoster already exists, it detects it and guides you through replacing it.
  4. Re-import songs - You can now import over an existing custom brand name track file that was already imported.
  5. Playlist Tab - After a song has played, the Status field has been upgraded to display PLAYED instead of READY. After play is manually stopped, this allows restarting at the next song to play.
  6. Book Tab - The Song Book RTF files have been upgraded to also print the DiscID by each song.
  7. 48x CDR Drive Support - This allows using the newer 48x CDR drives for importing.
  8. Print DiscID in Song Books - The DiscID field now prints after the Song Title in the Artists and Titles Song Books. This allows seeing the source discs you imported for each song.
  9. Modified Importing a Song Again operation - Clicking the select box off and back on for an imported track deselects and selects it for re-importing. The Status field changes to READY to import that track again.
  10. Playlist Tab and Import Tracks Tab - The layout was arranged to make it easier to use. These are now much clearer without reading the manual.
  11. HD/CD Track Dialog Boxes Persistent - These boxes now remember where you left them the last time and return to that location, even after shut-down.
  12. Hoster ID Code - This new code makes it easier to register Hoster to get your Serial Number. MTU is moving toward protecting songs from producers for distribution to Hoster users, expected to be at a reduced price from retail. This Hoster ID code will allow your songs to play even if you need to move to a new computer or network card and Serial Number. Dealers and Distributors can now sell Hoster, and the user now registers Hoster to run on their computer.
  13. Check MTU Site Command - We created a Help menu Check MTU Site command and removed the buttons from the Tabs as they are not needed to run a show.
  14. New Hoster icon - This appears on your Windows Desktop, and in the program.
  15. Improved Serial Number Message - We changed message that appears when the serial number is incorrect from "System Error #1. Contact MTU." to "Your serial number does not match your registration information. Please reinstall Hoster and try again."
  16. Removed the Pause Button - We are addressing how users want this to work and expect it to be added in Hoster 2.1.
  17. Removed Write CD Speed Control -Since Hoster does not write CD discs, we removed this unused control.
  18. Add HD Track dialog tab order - This dialog now opens with the BookID ready for your entry. Pressing the Tab key will first go to the Singer 1 field, then the Singer 2 field. Pressing the Enter key returns to the BookID field. When the Brand/Disc/Track button is active, the Tab order is: Brand, Disc, Track, Singer 1, Singer 2. Pressing the Enter key returns to the Brand field.
  19. Add error checking in the Import Tracks Tab - More error checking has been added to make importing easier when an error occurs.
  20. Bug - Build Song Database command did not properly accept a change for the Set Destination Folder option. Fixed.
  21. Bug fix - The Change Settings dialog box was not recognizing the CDG disc as being in the drive. Without a CD in the drive, if you click Play Hoster freezes. Fixed.
  22. Bug fix - In the Change Settings button on the Import Tracks tab, when you click the Play Button for Comp/Lim, it states to put a CD in the drive even when the disc is in the drive and ready to be imported.
  23. Bug fix - When adding tracks into a playlist with the Add HD Track dialog, when you close it the New button grays out. However, if you click Add HD Track button while a song is playing then close it, the New button remains active, and if clicked will crash Hoster. Fixed.
  24. Bug fix - Clicking the Back Button while the song is playing, either during manual or auto play, the song doesn't stop. You see a blank screen with no lyrics, but the music keeps playing. If you continue clicking the Back Button, Hoster will crash. This has been fixed.
  25. Bug fix - Press the Play button to begin play. Then double click the Singers Play Window to shrink it down to windowed mode. Then if you Double click the Play/Stop button over and over it will finally cause the same problem as with the Back Button above. This has been fixed.
  26. Bug fix - You could close Hoster by clicking the X in the top right corner while playing and it would crash. It will now correctly close without crashing.
  27. Bug fix - When the last song in the Play list had played with Auto Delete turned on, Hoster would crash. This has been fixed
  28. Crash Bug - Stopping play with the Insert Disc Dialog Cancel button while a song is loading from the CD disc to the computer, or while playing was fixed.
  29. Crash Bug - Crash Bug - Hoster would crash if you double click on the play screen with no song currently playing. Fixed.
  30. Crash Bug If a single CDG song is in the play list, while it is loading to play if you clicked Cancel or if it was already playing during the loading process and you clicked Stop it would crash Hoster. This has been fixed.
  31. Crash Bug - Exiting while playing use to crash. It now includes a dialog box that warns you if a song is playing to allow canceling the exit operation or closing hoster.
  32. Fixed Bug - A bug in the security code that caused Hoster to randomly cease to run.

Hoster 2.010

Beta released 04/11/03
  1. We added more error checking and reporting in the Make Floppy installation process. This will make it clear (like the main program has) when the wrong MACID is selected.

Hoster 2.009

Beta release 04/10/03
  1. Fixed a bug that would lock up Hoster when it went to play a song, if the song had a slight problem that could be caused by a bad import. This was fixed and will now play even with the problem.
  2. The "blue skins" in the InstallSheld were the cause of it hiding behind other programs. This is fixed.
  3. The Add HD Tracks list boxes no longer drop down.
  4. Made the Hoster icon slightly larger.
  5. Verified that desktop icon is being created and InstallShield is set to replace any old icons.
  6. When registering via the floppy, it no longer erases the RunMe.exe after exiting. In RunMe.exe, if the Internet connection fails, it no longer prompts to make a floppy.
  7. When entering the personal information during registration, it now enforces all fields to be entered except Company.

Hoster 2.008

  1. Correctly adds the InstallFolder key in the registry. This was the main problem causing our testers to not be able to run Hoster after installation.
  2. Separated the installation operation into three components: Hoster app, database, and ASPI drivers, since these may be updated at different times.
  3. Set the correct GUID's for each component to automatically update an older install of Hoster.
  4. Only install GDIPLUS.dll in Win2000 or less (not in XP).
  5. Created new Hoster icon and updated the install splash screen.
  6. Installshield should now retain focus after being launched. It does disappear for a second, but it should come back to the forefront to run.
  7. Added checks in Hoster to display a message if a registry key is missing.
  8. Changed message in Hoster when the serial number is incorrect from "System Error #1. Contact MTU." to "Your serial number does not match your registration information. Please reinstall Hoster and try again."

    NOTE: Because the serial number algorithm changed, we can no longer run Hoster 1.x and Hoster 2.x at the same time. You must uninstall 2.x to reinstall 1.x.
  9. Communicate with the web site using secured https:// transmission.
  10. Should now allow re-importing over an existing custom brand name track file.
  11. Removed the code that forced the combo drop down lists in the Add HD Track dialog. They will now drop down when you click the drop arrow or press Alt + down arrow key.
  12. The BookID's are properly sorted numerically when selecting by BookID in the Add HD Track dialog.
  13. During an import, if a read error occurs the import terminates. The bad track is not compressed or normalized, stored as a .kma file, or added to the song database. This should help prevent creating corrupt kma files.
  14. After importing a bad track, Hoster goes to read the next track on the disc and reports something like "Unable to access CD-R. Insert disc into drive." After this happens the only way to get back to importing was is to restart the computer. Hoster should not require rebooting if this case happens again.
  15. The lyrics on some songs were left on screen from every page and it ends up a scrambled mess. This was found and fixed.
  16. A double image was superimposed on all tracks. I have not had a problem like this until this release.

Hoster 2.007

Beta release 04/06/03

  1. It is currently unsuccessful at uninstalling earlier versions of Hoster (1.208 or 2.00x). Thus the old database remains when a new version is installed. If you do a fresh install, the new database gets installed. Still looking into this.
  2. When you start the installation it puts itself behind other open applications. It needs to continue in forefront until completion.
  3. Change Hoster "system error #1" message to "Serial Number mismatch" if the security check fails when Hoster runs.
  4. In entering Personal Information, enforce that the email must be entered.
  5. Fully secure the transmission with HTTPS.
  6. Create the new Hoster Icon.
  7. Modify install for the Hoster demo. Require only first name, last name, and email for personal info to transmit up.
  8. "Ready to install Hoster" screen - will try to comment this out as it has no purpose.

Hoster 2.006

Beta release 04/01/03
  1. First release with new security protection that requires the computer to have a MAC ID code from an Ethernet Network card. We have been working on a new security coding for four years, and this is the first implementation of it. We will evolve this to make it easy for paying customers to install and upgrade, but prevent theft that is rampant on the Internet.

Hoster 2.005

Beta released 03/27/03
  1. In the Add HD Track dialog box, after adding a track, the default focus is now set on the field most pertinent to the selected mode.
  2. A memory leak was discovered in the Book Tab that left the database open when Hoster exited. This is fixed.
  3. Fixed crash bug - Double clicking the singer's display window when not playing would crash Hoster.
  4. Made the Man/Auto Play button two separate ones that are mutually exclusive.
  5. In the Add HD Track dialog box, we replaced the code that builds the Song and Artist lists. The prior code was unacceptably show.
  6. We rearranged the Import Tracks Tab to make the flow better.
  7. We removed the Check MTU Site buttons and placed them as a command in the Help menu.
  8. The mouse disappearing reported by Terry and George could not be duplicated. We think it might have been auto-removed by our new code. Please check this out gentlemen and ladies!
  9. Bug - Does not add singer's names to playlist has been found and should be fixed.

Hoster 2.004

Beta released 03/18/03
  1. The NEW button not graying out after a show is playing was caused by interaction with the code that grays out the Import Tab while playing, and the Add HD Track dialog box. This is fixed.
  2. In single screen mode, if you double clicked the singer's window so it was not full screen, the mouse arrow would pseudo-randomly disappear and appear. This is fixed.
  3. The mouse arrow disappearing is fixed.
  4. The crashing when either you Cancel loading or Stop play of a single CDG song in the Play list is fixed.
  5. The Add HD Track dialog now has two new Song and Artist modes. These allow selecting a song to add to the Play list by selecting the Song name or the Artist name. This may not be active in 2.004 for testing.
  6. The manual has been overhauled. The Import Tracks Tab was not clear at all. George's comment about being "misled" by the flow of the buttons made me take a closer look and by golly he was right!
  7. The Play List and the Import Tracks Tabs have been modified as indicated in the Posts below (I think exactly, but may have some slight changes).
  8. The Import Track Tab import tracks operation has been regressed back to the 1.208 code that uses two separate paths for cdg data reading & compression. The interleaved version was removed as it did not maintain data integrity.
  9. The Tools Tab Select Write Speed option was removed as Hoster does not allow burning a CD.
  10. This version of Hoster is the first to link with our newest CDGPlayer code. Please fully test all playback functions.
  11. The Add HD Track and Add CD Track dialogs remember their last positions.
  12. Control layouts on both the Playlist tab and Importer tab have changed.
  13. Additional Security MacID checking has been added while Hoster is running.

Hoster 2.003

Beta released 03/12/03
  1. Play button under Change Settings will now correctly play from the CD.
  2. 48x Speeds are now supported under the Speed Selction on the Tools Tab.

Hoster 2.002

Beta released 03/10/03
  1. FIXED New Button in Playlist - When finished adding tracks into a playlist, then Add HD Track dialog is closed. The NEW button grays out. However, if you click Add HD Track button while a song is playing. Then close the Add HD Track dialog box, the NEW button remains active, and if clicked will crash the program.
  2. FIXED Using the Back Button - While the song is playing, either during manual or auto play. When clicking the Back Button the song doesn't stop. What you get is a Blank Screen no lyrics, while the music keeps on playing. If one continues clicking the back button Hoster crashes!
  3. FIXED anoter problem with the Back button - If you do the following: Press the Play button to begin play. Then double click the Singers Play Window to shrink it down to windowed mode. Then if you Double click the Play/Stop button over and over it will finally cause the same problem as with the Back Button Stated above. I did have it one time, while doing this crash Hoster, so this can also happen.

Hoster 2.001

Beta release 03/10/03
  1. Bug Fixed - Crash bug during play with Auto Delete turned on. This was when the last song in the Playlist had finsihed playing, the program would then crash.
  2. Bug Fixed - You can now close Hoster by clicking the X in the top left corner, while playing. It will now correctly close the program wihtout a crash.

Hoster 2.000

Beta released 03/05/03

This is a free upgrade for all who purchased Version 1.0.
  1. Add CDG Track - This will allow a Host to take a CDG disc that a Singer brings to a show and add a track from that disc into the Play Project. We have designed it so you are not illegally importing the track to your hard drive for future use, yet allow playing it when you schedule that singer to come up. This is the most complex function we have added to Hoster. We have added a very high level of error checking and automation to make this transparent for running your show.
  2. Print DiscID in Song Book - The DiscID field is now printed after the song title in the Artists Song Book. This allows seeing all the versions you have imported for a song, and each is now identified by the DiscID it came from.
  3. Add error checking in the Import Tracks Tab - More error checking has been added to make importing easier when an error occurrs.
  4. Updated Database - Our import database had some discs where the song order did not properly match the track order. A major upgrade is being added, however there are expected to still be some discs that are incorrect. We are working on a way to use our Web site for users to submit corrections that will aid all of our customers in the future.
  5. Bug fix - Crashes when exit while playing - OK, we knew this bug existed, but other than while you are testing, when would you ever exit Hoster while it is playing a song? However, this will be fixed before we release 2.0.
  6. Hot Keys - We are adding hot keys to all of the controls to allow activating them by keyboard.
  7. Add WMA audio songs along with KMA Karaoke songs in Play Lists so you can play compressed Karaoke CDG and Audio CD songs stored on your hard drive.
  8. Selectable Video Modes control what appears on the singer monitor when only audio is playing. You can select from a variety of options.
  9. Compress songs from CDG discs on the hard drive that you have earlier imported using Microstudio. Since you won't have a DiscID# and Track#, it will take longer to convert these files into KMA files in the Song Database.
  10. Change Tab order settings in the Add HD Track dialog - It will open with the focus at the BookID or Brand/Track. Pressing the Tab key will first go to the Singer 1 field, then the Singer 2 field. After Enter is pressed, Focus returns to the BookID field. When the Brand/Disc/Track button is active, the Tab order is: Brand, Disc, Track, Singer 1, Singer 2. After Enter is pressed, Focus returns to Brand field.

Hoster 1.208

Released 12/18/02
  1. No public update available - Due to the competitive lead that MTU enjoys due to our 32 years of developing the leading product in an industry, we no longer make our upgrade announcements public on this page. For details contact MTU directly and we will be glad to share information to our customers or new clients.

Hoster 1.204

Released 11/26/02

For details contact MTU directly and we will be glad to share information to our customers or new clients.

Hoster 1.203

Released 11/21/02

For details contact MTU directly and we will be glad to share information to our customers or new clients.

Hoster 1.202

Released 11/18/02

For details contact MTU directly and we will be glad to share information to our customers or new clients.

Hoster 1.201

Released 11/13/02

For details contact MTU directly and we will be glad to share information to our customers or new clients.

Hoster 1.200

Released 11/04/02

  1. Rebuild Song Database - This new Configure menu command allows you great flexibility to rebuild the Songs database (songs.mdb) that holds all imported song files on your hard drives.
  2. New CD Burner Support - We now support the newest CDR drives.
  3. Bug in Song Book - Some users have no problems, but two beta testers have reported the Song Books showing duplicate records. We are still tracking this down.

Hoster 1.110

Released 10/28/02

  1. THE BIG BUG FIXED!!! - When 100 song tracks were imported into the Songs Database, the Import Tab appeared to lock up, taking 5 to 15 minutes before it would start importing. This same bug caused Hoster to appear to lock up when it runs. Performance has been modified to handle 1,000,000 songs.
  2. Song Book showing multiple lines fixed - A temporary file was not being deleted, and the second time it ran the new data was appended into it!
  3. Main Database (bucket.mdb) massively upgraded - This has been expanded from roughly 90,000 songs to 125,000 songs. This will greatly reduce the time to import tracks from discs as the Song name and Artist names will appear in the Import Tracks Tab as soon as you select the Brand and DiscID fields.
  4. The Add HD Song dialog Enter key now adds songs - The Enter key now allows adding songs to the playlist and does not close the dialog box. Press the Esc key to close the dialog box.
  5. The Add HD Song button - This now remains inactive until a Playlist is open.
  6. Verified operation - It was reported that only DK Brand discID's would show up in Brand field in Add HD Songs dialog box. This is not the case.
  7. Verified operation - In the Play List Tab, the Add HD Song Brand drop down list box shows all available Brands with a scroll bar. It was reported that more than 11 Brands would not display.

Hoster 1.109

This beta testers only release includes these features:
  1. The Import Tab is now grayed out when playing, and the Play Tab features are grayed out when importing. These operations cannot operate together due to Microsoft restrictions.
  2. A bug was fixed that allowed using the same BookID for multiple DiscID´s. This caused the Song Database to be corrupt and prevent importing more than 3 to 5 songs.
  3. The Song Database track information is now stored in the header of each imported track .kma file. This allows the Songs Database to be rebuilt in the next release of Hoster (expected to be 1.200). For example, for the CHTHM9808-1.kma track file, the following information is stored in the file header:
    • Brand: Chart Hits Monthly
    • DiscID: CHTM9808
    • BookID: 701
    • Artist: Gill Vince
    • Song title: If You Have Forever In Mind
    • Duration: 04:48
  4. The Version numbers now show 1.109 or
  5. The Next Button on the Import Tab is grayed out, but will be implemented in the next version. When clicked it will automatically generate the next LOWEST available BookID. You can still enter a non sequential number if you wish to break sequence.

Hoster 1.108

This beta testers only release includes these features:
  1. All Compression ratios now should work correctly. The problem was caused by Microsoft changing the parameter meanings from Media Player 7.0 to 8.0 and 9.0!
  2. The Prepare Song Book should now work. The double entries for the Book ID´s should no longer appear.
  3. The Security unlocking now checks 1 or 2 Ethernet ports installed in the same computer. Thus, if you have a built in network card on your motherboard, but you registered Hoster to run with a USB Network card, it should work.

Hoster 1.107

This full release includes these features:
  1. The wave device is now closed between every song because different wma compression ratios require that the wave device be re-initialized. This caused garbled audio and also could cause the sweep & the audio to be out of sync because of differences in compression/decompression ratios.
  2. Fixed caption title on both file Open & file Save as dialogs.
  3. 'Save As' dialog Open button was retitled to Save.
  4. Bug Fixed - The initial directory was not being set properly for file Open & file Save as dialogs.
  5. Bug Fixed - When deleting the last song in the playlist the selection was not being set properly on the next to last song.
  6. Bug Fixed - When clicking on one singer field and entering text followed by clicking on a second singer field, the first singer text would not be committed. This is fixed.
  7. Bug Fixed - The playlist would not save if there were zero items in the playlist. Consequently, if you deleted all the songs and then re-opened the playlist, there would still be one song in the list.
  8. Bug Fixed - Holding down the delete key and deleting multiple items in the playlist would crash Hoster.
The following problems have been identified in Version 1.107 and will be fixed in the next release:
  1. The 192k and 160k WMA compression parameters appear to be dependent on the Windows Media Player version installed, and possibly the Windows version installed. We may discontinue these two compression ratios unless we find that users require them.
  2. Modify the security code so a USB Ethernet Port can be used between multiple machines with a single copy of Hoster on them, to allow running Hoster from any one of them, but only run one copy at a time.
  3. Modify the kma file header so all Songs Database fields are stored in each kma file redundantly. Then, with a single button we can rebuild the Song Database.
  4. The Import Tracks Tab is now grayed out when a Playlist is playing (not stopped) on the Play Tab.
  5. The Play List Tab is now grayed out while tracks are being imported on the Import Tracks Tab.
  6. Significant changes are being made "under the hood" regarding the BookID and DiscID operations to make these more robust. We are undergoing a shift in thinking of how the databases, the Import Track tab, and the Add HD Track button works.
  7. Change the key live while playing. Our core Keyrite algorythm is being upgraded to improve the quality even further. This will first be added into Keyrite as an upgrade "library subroutine", and fully beta teted under Keyrite, then the library will be added into Hoster.
  8. In the created Song Book .rtf files, the BookID has replaced DiscID and it will appear at the start of each track line entry.
  9. When you import two discs of the same BRAND you get duplicate song names in the Song Book. This bug will be removed.
  10. This version does not warn you if you are importing over the same BookID Number. This will be prevented.
  11. Not sure this is a software bug yet! Crash when importing Tracks. Click The Read TOC Button and it shows the available tracks on the disc. Click Select All. The durations fill in waiting to enter the title and artist. Enter the first Song title, then tab to the Artist field and enter it, then tab to the next track below, so on until all the tracks are entered. Hit the Tab key to return back to the top of the list. Click Import Tracks, and Hoster locks up.

Hoster 1.106

This beta testers only release includes these features:
  1. Fixed numerous issues with drag & drop support on play tab, including singer names getting garbled and spurious deletions.
  2. Deleting songs via drag & drop in the playlist is no longer available due to too many user complaints. Use the delete key to remove songs.
  3. If twin view is not supported and the user double-clicks to enter windowed mode, the windowed mode will persist until the show is stopped. When a show starts, the first song will always force the window back to full-screen mode.
  4. Fixed tab order issue with auto play button on playlist tab
  5. Fixed numerous issues regarding focus & selection states on both playlist & import tab. These issues were found and fixed while troubleshooting the drag & drop code bugs. It was necessary to fix these in order ensure robust drag & drop operations.

Hoster 1.105

Released 08/02/2002
The first release of Hoster includes these features:
  1. Save and Load Play Lists as preformatted shows you can call up to perform. There is virtually no limit to the number you can store on the hard drive, or how many songs can be added into a Play List.
  2. User-defined fonts Click on the Configure menu and select Set Font... You can choose any custom font/style/size for both the playlist and import list. It defaults to MS Sans Serif, 8 pt. This is persistent. Each time you run Hoster it appears as it was left when you exit Hoster.
  3. Play the Play List so you can now hear your KMA compressed Karaoke songs. We are not prepared to say this is ready for running a show until after our Beta Testers give us their approval.

    Play List Tab
  4. Drag and Drop Editing in the play list to add, remove or move singers in the play list while your show is running.
    • Drag and drop support is disabled for the import tab.
    • Drag and drop support is enabled for the playlist tab.
    • Dragging an item will always insert before the dropped on item. This way you are able to drag an item to the top of the list by dropping on the top item.
    • Dragging an item below the last item will move that item to the end of the list.
    • Dragging an item that is currently playing is prohibited.
    • Dragging an item anywhere outside the playlist window will delete it.NOTE: Be careful with this feature!
    • A drag move cursor is displayed during a drag operation.
    • A hover focus rectangle is displayed under the drag cursor while dragging. Once the drag is released, the focus returns to the dragged from item location.
    • Drag & drop operations are fully supported during a live show. Editing the playlist will move the playing song up & down the playlist with no ill side-effects.
  5. Karaoke Preview Window in the Play List Tab now shows you the identical image the singer's Karaoke Screen looks like so you always know.
  6. Delete songs using the Delete key - This operation now functions during a live show, but it is prohibited on a song that is playing.
  7. Compressor/Limiter and Normalize Processing while importing tracks to the hard drive to automatically adjust the amplitude of songs to your settings so they have a common playing amplitude level. Then, when you play back you are free from constantly adjusting the volume control for each song. These functions can be disabled if you do not understand or wish to use them.
  8. Brand Database contains over 90,000 song entries from approximately 10,000 Karaoke discs. This comes standard with Hoster Version 1.0. Each song record includes the; Manufacturer Brand name, DiscID#, Track#, Song Name and Singer Name(s), whether it is solo or duet (Male-Female, M-M, F-F), and country or not. They do NOT include the Karaoke CDG music or lyrics. In the Import Tracks Tab, when you select a Brand, only the selections under that Brand appear in the DiscID# list box. Selecting a DiscID# automatically fills in the Tracks, Song and Singer names. You can then un click the select boxes by the tracks you do NOT want to import. IMPORTANT CHANGE: In Version 1.1 if the ID# is not in the Brand Database you WILL BE ABLE to import these discs or create custom ones including the data for each song.
  9. Windows KMA Karaoke Audio Compression imports the selected songs in the Import Tracks Tab, reducing the size of Karaoke files to around 3MB to 6MB each. This allows storing 6,000 to 12,000 songs on a 40GB hard drive, or more on a larger drive. This gives twice the compression at the same quality as MP3 compression does, allowing Hoster to store more songs on the hard drive. The supported rates in Version 1.1 are 64Kb, 96Kb and 128Kb. Additionally, 160Kb and 192Kb will be added soon.
  10. Imported Song Database when you import tracks to the hard drive, their location is saved in the Song Database. This is what you open to add songs into the Play List, and to print your Song Book in Version 1.2. Importing songs using the Import Tracks Tab is the only way to add songs to this Database.
  11. Print Song Book will take the Song Database and export Rich Text Format files to print as your Song Book using Wordpad (standard with Windows) or Word (comes in Microsoft Office).
  12. Dual Display Monitors allow you to control the play list for the show with one display while your singer and audience see the lyrics on the second. In version 1.2 we expect to offer single display mode also. This will allow hosting your Karaoke show from a lap top or other computer that does not have a dual display capability.
  13. Security Code uses your computer´s unique code from an Ethernet network card. If you do not have a network card or port, MTU offers an inexpensive PCI-bus card that you can install, or a USB port that can plug in even with power on. Lap top computers typically have a 10/100Mb Ethernet port built-in. If you have a DSL or Cable modem, you probably connect to them through a network port, which works for Hoster.

Hoster 1.104

This was a Beta Tester release version.

Import Tab

  1. If the user clears the song or singer name field on a selected song, the user message string was not being restored ( i.e. "{Enter song name here}" or "{Enter singer name here}")
  2. When clearing the import list (i.e. a TOC refresh), edit window text was not being cleared out and was occasionally corrupting the new incoming song data.
  3. Fixed bug related to refreshing the import list when changing the brand name or disc id. More specifically, if a brand name was selected which had NO disc id's, the songs in the import list would not clear out.

Play List Tab

  1. The duration field for the song that is playing now counts down while playing. The original song duration restores when the song is finished playing or is skipped.
  2. The [b]Auto Play[/b] button state now changes from Auto Play to [b]Man Play[/b] when clicked. In Man Play, play will stop after each song. The selected state is persistent.
  3. Auto Play Delay field is in the Display Tab. When Auto Play (versus Manual Play) is active, it sets how long Hoster will wait before starting the next song. No delays will happen when the Skip or Replay buttons are clicked. The selected value is persistent.
  4. When Auto Play is enabled, the Status field for the song to play next changes to WAIT (green on black) until the Auto Play Delay time is satisfied, then it changes to Cue and plays. We will later change the "WAIT" message to show the delay time counting down.
  5. IMPORTANT NOTE - The Change Settings button and resulting dialog box Compressor/Limiter and Normalization check boxes are now DEFAULT DISABLED! There are many users who don't understand these operations, and they are causing confusion. With it factory disabled, you will have to click the Change Settings button and click the "disable" check boxes OFF to have these apply again.

Both Import and Play List Tabs

  1. Font for custom edit window was too small. Replaced it with the currently user-defined font for consistency.
  2. When left clicking outside of the edit window while still inside the list control, the changes were not being committed. This used to work but got broken by all the recent code changes. This was reported by a beta tester. Also, added better validation to prevent auto-save from working too hard.
  3. Removed frames in field from song duration (mins;secs;frames => mins;secs)

Other Changes

  1. Moved the Auto-play defaults from the Tools tab to the Display tab
  2. Modified button layout on Import tab and Display tab

Version 1.103 changes

This was a Beta Tester release version.
  1. XP Audio Issues fixed
  2. Add song from HD now allows adding multiple songs to the playlist without closing the dialog.
  3. The output wave device is closed when the show ends or the Stop button is pressed. This will properly release audio resources for other applications. This was tested under both Windows 2000 and Win XP (home/pro). I observed no crashes or any hangs.
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