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DNoise™ Software

Joey Johnson, Sound Resources, St. Paul, MN
A client brought me a DAT copy of video sound with a boom mic on channel 1 and an on-camera mic on 2. The boom mic was over-modulated and unusable. They wanted to salvage the shot with the on-camera mic. However, it sounded about 10 feet away from the talent, and had considerable levels of room and ventilation noise, and what sounded like freeway traffic noise. My client later informed me that he had also sent the audio to a studio with a Sonic Solutions No-Noise workstation. He said: "The voices seemed effected and very unnatural and there was still considerable noise. The Sonic Solutions noise removal was totally unusable."
Referring to the DNoise finished audio I gave him, he said: "The difference is staggering! The voices sound true and un-effected. The background noise problems are reduced below the level I was hoping for! The clarity of the audio makes it more obvious it was done with an on-camera mic, but that is acceptable for this scene. You just saved me not having to re-shoot the video!" It took 15 minutes with DNoise to save my client $8,500.
Robert Elliott, Director of Music Technology, University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff, AR
DNoise noise reduction software is a professional, industrial strength tool which can do the work of systems and black boxes we have used that cost tens of thousands of dollars more. Our students are currently performing forensic noise removal for the U.S. Attorney General's office in Arkansas for courtroom use.
Bernie Krause, Forensic Labs/Wild Sanctuary, Glen Ellen, CA
Since receiving the noise reduction and removal software we have been using it almost daily with extraordinary results. In audio forensics, used with other conventional technology it makes poor legal recordings remarkably lucid. In cleaning up priceless turn of the century Native American wax cylinder recordings, the results have been nothing short of breathtaking.
Dr. Robert Thompson, Georgia State University, Special Collections Audio Archives Project
Special Collections is significantly involved with audio archiving, noise reduction and removal. This is the home of the Johnny Mercer collection in addition to hundreds of early disks, many of which are radio "transcription" recordings for broadcast. These recordings date from the mid-forties (and earlier) and exist in a host of obscure and exotic formats. I am using DNoise noise reduction and removal software to effect stunning restorations of these valuable recordings.
Paul Freeman, Audio by the Bay, Orange, CA
DNoise has become our "tool of choice" in the forensic audio field. We receive several requests per month from the Federal Defenders office to review and enhance tapes that are inaudible due to recording conditions such as phone taps and body wires.
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