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Microsound - Fast to Learn and Use

Jeff Apthorp, Bible Broadcasting Network, Charlotte, NC, 12/95
My first hour with Microsound saved me 32 HOURS of work! And that was as a total novice! The screen layout, true non-linear concept, and manual are so easy to understand that our entire staff of announcers [even the 60+ year old ones] was productive with the units in just a few days. Now, both of our units are in use literally 24 hours a day and have operated flawlessly.
J.R. Lyons, The Electric Cafe, New Orleans, LA, 03/93
I used my Microsound for the first time and mixed a spot in 1 hour that would have taken me 12 hours with analog multitrack. I made edits and concocted sonic layers that never would have occurred to me to try before... I love this thing!
Tim Bajkiewicz, WRUF Production Dir., Gainsville, FL, 05/97
Microsound has increased my productivity tenfold, allowing my department to make more daring promises regarding commercial complexity and their deadlines. Everyone who sees Microsound is amazed at its high capacity, crystal clarity and low price. I demonstrated it for the management of the public Radio and Television stations; they had purchased Digidesign's Protools a few years ago, and they were beside themselves!
Jerry Vigil, Producer, Radio and Production Magazine, 10/94
Performing a digital fade in or fade out is as easy and fast as it gets. Setting a perfect 2 second fade can literally be done in one second, or less! Press the Shift key on the keyboard, then click and drag the fade marker. Release the Shift key and the mouse button. That's it. It's moved. You're done. Is it really this simple?
Dave Tosti-Lane, for Mix Magazine, 05/94
Microsound uses segments of sound, allowing simultaneous playback of [up to 100,000 stereo] segments... a distinct advantage. I also found the ability to shift a Segment's position, start- and end-points, and fade in/out times very powerful. These operations are nearly instantaneous, with no time consuming wait for recalculation.
Ron Cole, Advanced Business Concepts, Inc., Oakdale, CA, 02/92
I have only had the system for a week. I just completed a project in 16 hours that use to take me 80 hours! Plus, with Microsound I have much more flexibility and control over all of my edit decisions.
Fred Story, Concentrix Music and Sound Design, Charlotte, NC, 11/93
In a word ... WOW! In the first afternoon, I was editing a 16 minute A/V narration. The next day, I created a complete sound track for a 2 minute national direct-response TV ad, complete with music, VO and considerable sound effects. Given that I was still learning Microsound, it took about the same amount of time as it would have my old way (MIDI sequencer locked to multitrack). But this morning, I went in and made a couple of perfecting changes which I COULDN'T have done the old way. And once I get up to speed on everything ... well ... I can't wait.
Paul Freeman, Audio by the Bay, Orange, CA, 05/96
For the five years we have had Microsound, we have been providing in-park announcements for [a well known Theme-Park]. These cover everything from special guest performance announcements to parade and show announcements. We sometimes receive as many as 75 requests per day. Some are emergency requests where the announcement must be recorded, edited and delivered to the park within minutes. We have been averaging 3,000 announcements per year! We use Microsound exclusively for producing these V/Os since we purchased it. In all of the time we have used it, we have NOT missed ONE announcement or deadline. As you can imagine, [Theme-Park] expects quality as well as a timely delivery of the product. Microsound has allowed us to provide both.
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