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Microsound AT-DSP56 DSP ISA-bus Card

This obsolete card is replaced by Krystal

MTU started shipping the Microsound AT-DSP56 board in 1989, running Microeditor software. It plugs into a 386, 486, Pentium and Pentium II motherboard, in a 16-bit ISA-bus slot on the motherboard. It is a 13 inch long-slot board. For eight years, this board gave the Microeditor software full advantage of hardware assist to perform the critical audio math processing, and running at the highest speeds available. With the introduction of the more powerful Krystal DSP Engine in 1996, the Microsound DSP board became obsolete.

Board Identification and Specifications

This ISA-bus card is obsolete since February 1997. It is replaced by the Krystal DSP Engine PCI-bus card. Microeditor 2.7b is the highest release that will run on the Microsound DSP board.




Rev-J 05/01/93 Last production release, running at 32MHz with three 32Kx24-bits of SRAM in the Program and X-data banks. It has a 1" square black 56001DSP chip.
Rev-H 06/27/91 Artwork upgrade to new 1-inch square black 56001DSP processor running at 20MHz with three 8Kx24-bits SRAM banks, field upgradable to 32Kx24-bits. This has a 1" square black 56001DSP processor running at 20MHz.
Microsound AT-DSP56 Revision A through G boards have a 2" square, white 20MHz 56001DSP processor in the middle. Standard Static RAM is three 8Kx24-bit words of Program, X-data and Y-data banks. The Program and X-data banks are socketed and field upgradable to 32Kx24-bits each. These revisions started shipping December, 1989.
Rev-G 05/02/91 Upgraded one PAL chip program, added 20 pin socket on U44, added 10K Resistor-pack
Rev-F 02/11/91 Engineering change to rework IC U49
Rev-E 12/05/90 Engineering change to handle extended memory addressing
Rev-D 09/06/90 Engineering change to handle digital ports better
Rev-C 04/15/90 Engineering design upgrade
Rev-B 11/15/89 Engineering design upgrade - first shipped to clients
Rev-A 07/01/89 A through G boards have a 2-inch square, white 20MHz 56001DSP processor and three 8Kx24-bit SRAM banks (Program and X-data are upgradable to 32Kx24-bits) - Rev-A was MTU only.

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