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SMPTE-Video Synchronization Microsync Option

The Microsync option can be added to a Microsound workstation. The Microsync ISA-bus card plugs into the host PC computer with a 5 foot cable to the required Microsound I/O Module, not with only a Krystal DSP Card. Do not substitute anything for this special cable.

Microsync accepts a video blackburst (house sync) signal and a SMPTE timecode signal as inputs. When enabled in the Microeditor Sync Defaults command, it provides a highly stable yet continuously varying sampling clock that is synchronized to either the Video or SMPTE signal. Selecting Video sync for the clock, allows chase-locking to SMPTE timecode for play positioning or record triggering to the timecode.

Microsync synchronizes and follows SMPTE timecode so fast it totally eliminates wow and flutter from sounds originating on an unstable analog or video tape drive striped with timecode. It even locks to timecode striped on the analog track of a second generation VHS video cassette! The varispeed tracking occurs without audio distortion. The clock varispeed adjusts in such small increments that clock jitter distortion does not happen. The locking accuracy of Microsync to track a varying SMPTE or Video signal is unequalled. In all the years it has shipped, not one client has ever reported dropping sync.


  • Sync-lock resolves to external SMPTE timecode or Video Blackburst (house sync)
  • SMPTE frame rates supported: 24, 25, 29.97, 29.97 DropFrame, and 30
  • Lockup delay to start play - less than 3 seconds
  • Dropout freeroll period - 1 second, retriggering if any signal appears
  • Stop time - 1 second following disappearance of all SMPTE signal
  • Video sync-lock with SMPTE chase-lock positioning is supported in Microeditor
  • Krystal on-board analog and digital I/O ports sync-lock to Microsync through the I/O Module
  • Bit-jitter acceptance range is +/-50%
  • Varispeed acceptance range is down to -50%, and up to 48kHz sampling rate
  • Mechanical - ISA-bus long card that plugs into the computer motherboard
  • Cable to Microsound I/O Module - 5 feet

The optional MicroEDL software creates a Microsound project by loading a CMX3600/Avid Edit Decision List (EDL) from video workstations, and recording the audio tracks synced to SMPTE. Each edit in the EDL creates a segment correctly placed in sync, and playing the correct recorded samples.

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