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Audio Editing, Noise Removal and CD Mastering

MTU was the first in the world to create, produce and ship a Digital Audio Workstation based on a microcomputer. Regretfully, due to promises that Motorola made and broke, MTU no longer is able to produce and ship the Microsound DAW components.

Our noise remover - reducer - eliminator software lets you hear the noise being removed in real-time as you adjust parameters.

DNoise Software

DNoise™ audio noise removal & reduction software delivers amazing results from historical archive recordings, forensic audio cleaning for courtroom evidence, and cleaning current recordings that need noise and/or unwanted signals reduced.

Other noise removal products don't equal the noise reduction power of DNoise, cannot remove as broad a range of noise signals, and generate more distorting artifacts with less noise removed. DNoise is in a class by itself.

Numerous useable noise templates are supplied in the package. Additionally, you can create your own template of any undesirable signal you want to remove for a particular recording use.

Dnoise is currently under re-development to make it a stand-alone application.

Microeditor V5.5 Software

Microeditor is the heart of the Microsound DAW.

Click to order Microeditor 5.5 that runs on Windows XP.

MicroCD Software - OBSOLETE

Write your Microeditor projects as red book Audio CDs, graphically setting Track, Index and Pregap countdown events, hearing and editing your audio CD master before you write one.

Microsound Digital Audio Workstation - OBSOLETE

Whether you are an engineer or producer, you are an audio artist and need a creative digital audio workstation. In 1988, we evolved Microsound, a revolutionary digital audio workstation paradigm that gives you incredible creative freedom. This is a ready to use workstation including the computer, CD Recorder, Microeditor 5.500 software, Krystal DSP card and MicroCD 2.403 software.

Microsync Card - OBSOLETE

The Microsync option would sync-lock resolve your Microsound I/O Module to SMPTE timecode or Video blackburst, for example, performing lip-sync audio layback even on a VHS cassette.

Microsound I/O - OBSOLETE
Microsound DSP card - OBSOLETE

These early MTU products are now out of manufacturing. They are here for customer support.