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DNoise™ 4.00

DNoise™ is a stand alone program for Windows/PC computers. It delivers amazingly clean results from historical archive recordings such as wax cylinders, forensic audio such as from wire taps, on location recordings requiring noise reduction, or cassettes or records imported as computer files needing clean up.

Other noise removal products don't equal the noise reduction power of DNoise, cannot remove as broad a range of noise signals, and generate more distorting artifacts with less noise removed. DNoise is in a class by itself.

Partial List of Successful Noise Reduction Examples

  • Remove noise or signal
  • Reduce noisy crickets or on-location natural ambience to be heard but not mask desired signals
  • Heating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment
  • Reduce other voices to clear up a conversation for forensic legal use
  • Ambient room noise, flourescent lights, 60Hz hum and harmonics
  • Cassette tape hiss and open reel tape hiss on degaussed tape
  • Turntable groove noise with clicks and pops and "mud flat" surface crackle
  • Systems noise of various flavors (from various amplifiers and etc)
  • Analog line microphone noise
  • 60Hz hum and harmonics
  • Custom engineer a template with multiple noises/sounds to remove

Dnoise includes a set of 70 engineered monaural and stereo noise templates that can remove many common noise types.


These DNoise noise removal testimonials from audio and forensic professionals were astounded at the results, especially when compared to competitors. Several clients who used Cedar Audio processors ($10,000 per single noise-type box) state DNoise has similar resulting quality... for a fraction of the price.

noise reduction-removal software

professional audio use since 1986

Think of DNoise as a 512 to 2048 band graphic equalizer with noise gates on each band... individually adjustable... with variable attenuation. The settings for the bands are automatically taken from a short noise removal template file that contains the signals or noises to remove.

DNoise allows adjusting the noise removal parameters live while listening. It doesn't get any easier than this. The art of noise reduction and removal is to get rid of undesirable sounds with the minimum of damage to the desired signal. Adjusting the noise reduction settings and easily creating a short template containing the sounds to remove (whether they are signals or noise), the resulting finished audio approaches the incredible; now useable for production or courtroom use.

noise removal zoomed out

This image shows a wax cylinder recording before and after noise reduction. A high background hiss hides the signal, plus many clicks are present. After one pass with a Template containing hiss and click segments, the clicks and hiss noises are removed, revealing the desired signal. noise removal zoomed in

The area in the vertical box at the right above is enlarged here. In the before image this bell oscillation is not visible and is barely audible. After noise removal, the image and the sound are so clear it is almost incredible.

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