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17.3" Karaoke Ultrabook
With Video Hoster® Karaoke Software (not Touch Screen)

Add to shopping cart $2199 $1899.99

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17.3 Inch Video Hoster Touch Screen System
This 17.3" (not Touch Screen) Ultrabook is our most Advanced System! It has a Huge Screen and is still only 1.2" Thick! This system has plenty of power to fullfill all of your KJ needs at a Great Price! It has everything you need in an Ultraportable system for any KJ/DJ/VJ on the go!


For the best reliability available today, we install Windows® 8.1 including all upgrades as of the week we ship. The latest version of Video Hoster software is pre-installed fully ready to use out of the box. With an Intel I7 Processor and 8 gb's of Ram, you can use all of the features of Video Hoster® has to offer, along with any other software programs!

17.3 Inch Video Hoster Touch Screen System

This computer is equipped with 1 TB hard drive giving you storage for 500,000 average songs! If you have more Audio, Karaoke and Video files, you can plug in a external USB drive in any of the 3 USB 2.0/3.0 ports. This system does include a built in DVDR optical drive, to Import any of your Karaoke CDG disc's. The 17.3" LED display allows you to control your show, and the integrated dual-display HDMI output drives a second monitor/Tv for your Singers.

17.3" Karaoke Ultrabook and Options
17.3" Karaoke Ultrabook with Video Hoster® One fully integrated, ready to use $2199.99 $1899.99 17.3 Karaoke Ultrabook
Karaoke Suite 4™ Software on CDROM including Microstudio, Vogone, KHPro and Keyrite SAVE $90 $189.99 Add to shopping cart
2 TeraByte USB Hard Drive, external mount $139.99 Add to shopping cart
VGA to TV Converter (S-Video/RCA) $79.99 Add to shopping cart  
HDMI to VGA Converter $69.99 Convert PC HDMI to VGA video
6 foot - 1/8th Inch Male to 1/4 inch Male cable to hook Laptop to your Mixer $23.99 Convert PC HDMI to VGA video


2.0 TeraByte Hard Drive, USB External Mount - Price

  • 2.0 TeraByte storage volume, High Speed SATA hard drive 2.5" form factor
  • Dimensions: 4.7" x 3.1" x 0.65"
  • USB-3 interface (backward compatible with USB-2, 1.1)
  • USB-3 cable
  • Powered by USB Port, so no need for extra power plug
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty

VGA To TV Converter - Price

This compact box converts the VGA computer display output to TV S-Video (AV/S) and RCA (PAL) Composite Video signals. It is powered from a USB port (cable supplied).

Provided 3 foot cables:
  1. VGA 15 pin D-sub connector to Converter Input
  2. USB power
  3. S-Video to S-Video
  4. RCA to RCA
VGA Resolution - Vertical Frequency (Hz)
  • 1024 X768 - 60,70,72, 75
  • 800 X 600 - 56,60,70 ,72,75,85,100
  • 640 X 480 - 60,70,72, 75,85,100,120

1 year manufacturer limited warranty

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