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How To Install the Latest Version
  1. Version Changes (ex: 6.0) jumps to a section below with all the changes in that version. Note: Installing bug fix versions released following a Major Version is FREE IF you can install the Major Version.
  2. at the left downloads that KHPro version installation file.
    • Save the file on your computer hard drive.
    • Find the file and double click it to run it.
  3. Release Date shows when each Version was physically available.
  4. The Install Date for the version you are trying to install is compared to your Upgrade Expire Date from your Account:
    • If the Install Date is EARLIER it will install normally.
    • If the Install Date is LATER, your browser will display an instruction page to allow you to order an upgrade. As soon as your credit card is approved (usually a few seconds), it will install normally. Your Upgrade Expire Date is extended by 12 months to allow installing future releases within that period.
  5. Windows Versions shows what Windows version that version will run under.
  6. User Move - Follow these instructions to remove the installed version so you can install it on another computer (or before upgrading your computer) without needing MTU to free up your RegCode.
If your Registration Code will install the latest version (see above), order this to ship the latest versions of ALL MTU Software on CDROM (you can also instantly download via the Internet).

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Karaoke Home Producer (KHPro)
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June 4, 2018 June 4, 2018 Windows 11, 10, 8.1 YES

End User License Agreement

August 29, 2017 August 29, 2017 Windows 10, 8.1 YES
6.02.01 Release June 4, 2018

Note: Several of the changes in version 6.02.01 are for KProStudio Only, as noted by "*".

  1. NEW - Open KBP Files for Lyrics - KBP files contain the following information:

    • Lyrics
    • Timing
    • Audio File Name

    If you have any of these files or find them online, you can now open them using the Import Lyrics Button in KHPro & KProStudio.

  2. CHANGED - Open Audio Associated with LRC - KHP/KPS will look for the Audio file that is associated with (has the same file name as) the LRC file. If found, it will be assigned to the Project automatically.

  3. * IMPROVED - Save Custom Settings - In version 6.02.01, all three Settings Tabs got a new a checkbox to tell KProStudio to save the Text, Shadow, Background, and Border Colors as your preferred Custom Settings for future projects.

    New in version 6.02.01, KProStudio will also save the Text (Font Face, Size, Alignment, etc.), Sweep, and Graphics settings in your Custom Settings.

  4. FIXED - Allow Settings without Audio - In version 6.01, the changes made to the Settings window forced the selection of an Audio file before allowing the Settings to open. This fix allows you to change the Settings before you add an Audio file to your Project.

  5. FIXED - Crash Exporting to BIN - With this fix, you will be able to Export your projects to BIN files.

    Note: Only Audio files which are sampled at 44,100 bits-per-second, Stereo, and 16 bits-per-channel are able to be exported to BIN.

6.01.01 Release August 29, 2017

Note: Several of the changes in version 6.01.01 are for KProStudio Only, as noted by "*".

  1. NEW Capitalization You can now right-click on the Lyrics window within the Edit Lyrics screen or in the Settings > Title or Credits windows to see three new options under Format Text:

    • Capitalize All/Selection
    • Lowercase All/Selection
    • Capitalize First Word

    These new features are also available in the top Menu Bar under Edit. This will allow you to quickly and easily modify your Lyrics, Title and/or Credits pages to suit your needs.

    Hint: You can select only a portion of the text using your mouse to click & drag or using your keyboard by holding the Ctrl key and pressing your arrow keys. The three new Format Text options will only modify the selected text.

    Note: When you use Capitalize First Word, the letter 'I' will be capitalized if it is by itself anywhere in the line.

  2. NEW Redo The Edit Menus now contain a Redo option, in addition to Undo.

  3. * NEW Fixed Text Color Open the Settings window, and on the Lyrics Tab you will notice a new color setting called "Fixed". Set this color for text that you want to enter into the Lyrics that will not be swept. It can be the same color as your Sweep color, or something completely different.

    Next, in Edit Lyrics, place an exclamation mark ('!') as the first character of any line that you want to leave "Fixed" - in other words, this line will not sweep. Example: !Instrumental

    Finally, in Place Lyrics, set the timing of this Fixed line in the normal course of Placing the timing through the Song.

    Hint: If you want to see this change in action without having to go through the entire Place Lyrics phase, you can open an existing project and place an exclamation mark on any line. Then simply proceed to Play Final and watch the magic happen!

    Note: The Fixed Text line will appear to sweep in Place Lyrics. But rest assured it will not sweep in Play Final nor the final product.

    Warning: Because of this change, once you save a project file using this release version, you cannot open it using any previous version of KProStudio or KHPro.

  4. * NEW Save/Restore Default Colors In all three Settings tabs, you can tick a checkbox to tell KProStudio to save the Text, Shadow, Background, and Border colors as your Defaults for future projects.

    In the main Menu Bar, Edit > Restore Default Colors will revert back to factory default settings for new Projects.

  5. * NEW "Hold" in Duet Settings We added a Hold duration setting when you set the Singer 1, Singer 2, and Both Singers strings. Click on the Duet button in the Settings panel to see this new setting.
  6. * NEW Time Field in "Play Final" Just like in the Edit Lyrics screen, the position slider now has a Time display (m:ss/m:ss).
  7. * IMPROVED Audio Position Sliders The sliders in both Edit Lyrics and Play Final would "jump" way too much when you clicked on the slider bar (and not the pointer) or pressed the "Page Up" or "Page Down" key. Now, Page Up and Page Down will jump 15 seconds, and the left-, right-, up- and down-arrows will move the pointer three seconds. When you click anywhere on the slider itself, the position pointer will jump directly to the mouse pointer. Third, at the end of any song, the pointer would return to the start, but the time displayed would remain at the end. Now it will display "0:00/n:nn". And finally, the slider in Play Final will stretch wider when you resize the window wider.
  8. IMPROVED Background Sweeping If you have syllables defined in your Project, then you may have noticed that Background Sweeping had issues at the syllable breaks. The lyric text will now remain readable.
  9. IMPROVED Lyric Timing for songs that are not sampled at 44,100 samples per second.
  10. FIXED Sample Rate, Channels, and Bits per Sample Now you should be able to use any and all audio files with KHPro and KProStudio.
  11. FIXED Settings Window It was reported that the Settings window contents would sometimes appear outside of its border frame. This problem was found and fixed.
  12. FIXED Last Line / First Line If the last line on a Page is in the same screen position (line) as the first line on the next Page, and if the End Sweep time of the former is too close to the Start Sweep time of the latter, previous versions of the software had a hard time erasing the last line and drawing the first line of the next Page at the same time. In this unique situation, we backup the End Sweep time of the last line on the first Page by up to 3 seconds, maximum. This gives plenty of time to clear that line completely and write the next line before the Singer has to sing it.
6.00.01 Release October 25, 2016

Note: Several of the NEW features in version 6.00.01 are for KProStudio Only, as noted by "*".

  1. * NEW Duet Labels When you click the Duet button in the Lyrics tab of the Settings, a new window will pop up, prompting you for a description of Singer 1 voice, Singer 2 voice, and Both voices. These descriptions will appear for a second after the Title Page (if enabled) and before the first page of Lyrics. All three fields are optional. You can leave any of them blank, if you wish.
  2. * NEW Sweep Entire Word Instead of slowly sweeping a word, you can now set KProStudio to sweep the entire word quickly. This is set in the Settings dialog on the Lyrics Tab in the Sweep Highlight Choices box.
  3. * NEW Erase Sooner Instead of waiting until the second-to-last line has been swept, you can now set KProStudio to erase the swept lines sooner. Look for this also in the Lyrics Tab in the Sweep Highlight Choices box.
  4. * NEW Line-By-Line Settings In the Title Tab and the Credits Tab, you can now set each line on the screen with its own Font Face, Font Size, Color, Style, and Horisontal Alignment. This will allow you to create extremely creative and unique Title and Credit pages for your Karaoke songs. You can select a line to change its settings by using the Lines: drop-down tool below the Text box, or by clicking on a line within the Text box.
    Note: Line-By-Line settings are not available if you select a Graphic Image for your Title and/or Credits Page.
  5. * NEW Play Audio in Edit Lyrics Once the Audio file has been set, you can now Play the Song while entering your Lyrics. You can pause at any time if you need your typing to catch up.
  6. * NEW Postion Sliders In the Edit Lyrics and the Play Final screens, you can adjust the position of the song by using a slider control located on the screen.
  7. * NEW Slow Playback in Place Lyrics If you have songs that have a very fast tempo, you can now slow them down to as little as 50% (half) of their normal playback speed. Just select the Tempo that you want, and click the Start/Restart button.
  8. NEW Preview Window We added a Preview Window to the Edit Lyrics screen. This new window will be the same width as the Edit Lyrics window, and it will maintain an aspect ratio of 4:3. Once you have more than one page of Lyrics entered, the Page Up and Page Down buttons can be used to inspect each page of Lyrics.
  9. NEW Open LRC, KAR, and MIDI files for Lyrics You can now import Lyrics from these new file types. If you have files of these types, you can now extract the Lyrics from them. You can also find these files on various web sites, used to hold Karaoke Lyrics.
    • LRC is a file extension for a lyrics file format used by music, game emulators and media players. LRC files contain both the text for lyrics and timing tags to synchronize lyrics with a music file. LRC files come in both a Simple and Enhanced (the default) format. KHPro & KProStudio do not import the synchronization information.
    • KAR is a file extension for a text and Midi file format used in Karaoke. KAR was designed by Tune 1000. The KAR file format is now one of the main formats for karaoke in the freeware market. KAR files contain added text for lyrics, synchronized with the Midi music. KHPro & KProStudio do not import the Midi music.
    • MIDI just like KAR, these files may contain Karaoke Lyrics. If they do, the Lyrics will appear in the Edit Lyrics screen. If not, the input field will remain blank.
  10. NEW "All File Types" for Lyrics We added a new selection to the File Types in the Import Lyrics dialog. Now, you can see all *.txt, *.lrc, *.kar, and *.midi files at once.
  11. NEW Auto Save This setting is under File in the main menu. Checking this option will automatically save your KProStudio project each time you switch views (Edit Lyrics, Place Lyrics, Adjust Lyrics, Play Final) or change and save your project's Settings…
  12. NEW Export Song Dialog We have developed a new dialog that will allow you to choose the output format (BIN, WMA+G, MP3+G), whether to Zip the files together, as well as Compression Ratio, Create LRC File, Artist Name, & Song Title.
  13. NEW Settings Edit Drop-down Menu When working with the Title and Credits pages, you now have the ability to quickly & easily:


    By using your mouse and right-clicking on the text entry window.
  14. CHANGED Settings Window Resizable Since all other sample Preview windows are resizable, it made sense that these be resizable as well. The windows were rearranged to place the Graphic Preview display in the lower-right corner. Also, the size and position of the Settings window will be persistent each time you open the window.
  15. CHANGED More Lines You can now define up to nine (9) lines of text in both the Title Pages and the Credits Pages. Depending on your Vertical Alignment, lines will scroll off the top or bottom of the screen or both as you add new lines. Watch the Preview screen to see what happens.
  16. CHANGED File Selection Dialog Windows We made them all look alike, with the latest user interface, including the "Search" tool in the upper-right corner.
  17. CHANGED Music File Path We changed this to display the full file path of the Music file, instead of just the file name. This will provide you with more information when looking for the Music file you selected.
  18. FIXED Alignment When "&" Used - If you include an ampersand ("&") in your text (either on the Title/Credit Page or in the Lyrics), you will notice that it will disappear and the character immediately following it will be underlined. This is how Microsoft defines things like "Hot Keys". You often see these in the menus for your applications. The character that is underlined actually has an ampersand in front of it in the string that defines it. KProStudio and KHPro handle the ampersand in much the same way. If you want to have an ampersand in your lyrics, you need to place two of them in succession ("&&"). But when calculating the rectangle necessary for the string on the screen, the "invisible" ampersand was included in the calculation. This has been resolved.
    Note: This is only noticeable when you have your Horizontal Alignment set to Center.
  19. FIXED Flicker on Lyrics Screen - In previous versions of KHPro, when changing to the Lyrics screen from any other, you may have noticed that the screen would flicker to its default size and then back to the actual size of the window. This has been fixed.
  20. FIXED Default Font to "Arial" - If a KProStudio or KHPro project is moved to a PC that does not have the selected Font installed that was used in the project, the Font will be set to Arial.

Version 5.01.08 Released September 27, 2013

  1. Fixed - Installation Program - Customers using 64-bit Windows PCs reported errors when installing. We have fixed this issue which would cause you to see an error message such as <winsys>

5.01 Released June 7, 2011

  1. NEW - Now Exports MP3+G Format - One you install the Lame_enc.dll you can open .MP3 files, add a Title Page and/or Credits Page, which extends the original audio file length, allows you to add the lyrics in sync, then use the File menu "Export as MP3+G" command to create your new finished Karaoke CDG file.
  2. NEW - Now Exports WMA+G Format - You can open .WMA files, add a Title Page and/or Credits Page, which extends the original audio file length, allows you to add the lyrics in sync, then use the File menu "Export as WMA+G" command to create your new finished Karaoke CDG file.
  3. NEW - Added Warning Message - When entering Edit Lyrics with Lyrics already placed, a message appears showing "The lyrics have already been placed. Simple edits can be made without placing the lyrics again." Clicking the More>> button lists the types of edits that can be safely made."
  4. FIXED - Songs Save Lyrics Out of Sync to Music - The created file plays fine in KHPro, but in Microstudio the lyrics can be one or more lines slow. The cause was found and fixed.
  5. FIXED - Random Crash in Adjust Lyrics Page - With no word underlined (by clicking outside the words), pressing the Spacebar to play could crash or play as expected. This is fixed.
  6. FIXED - Editing Last Word In Song - In the Adjust Lyrics screen you can now edit the last word in the song. For example, splitting a single word into 3 phrases with "*", such as changing "Submarine" to "Sub*ma*rine". This is fixed.
  7. FIXED - KHPro Demo Crashes - The full version didn't crash, but the Demo could. This is fixed.

5.00 Released August 19, 2010

  1. NEW - Runs on Windows 7 - This version runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7, Vista and XP.
  2. NEW - Open More Audio File Formats - You can now open MP3, WMA, and WAV format files.
  3. NEW - Output More File Formats - The opened music file type sets the output file type, which can be BIN, or MP3+G, WMA+G, WAV+G (XXX+G do not allow using Title or Credits pages).
  4. NEW - Open LRC Lyrics Files - The .LRC files contain lyrics on lines in ASCII with a "time-stamp" at the start of each line. Hoster strips the timing data and uses the lyrics only. When a [chorus lyrics] is found with multiple timing data such as: [01:02:003] [02:03:003] [03:23:100], the chorus lyric line is copied and inserted into the song at each timing setting, before the timing data is discarded.
  5. NEW - ZIP Output File - In the Files menu is a ZIP files together command. When checked, the created files (.MP3+.CDG or .WMA+.CDG) are zipped.
  6. NEW - Create Duet Songs - You can now create duets where only one singer is singing at a time, or Both sing the same lyrics, or both sing different lyrics at the same time.

    1. Text Lyrics screen - The Singer 1, 2 and Both buttons background colors can be set in the Settings... dialog Lyrics Tab when Duet is selected. You can assign lines to the Singer colors at any time in any order. Adding "&" at the start of a Singer2 line enables its highlighting to overlap the Singer1 line above, both sweeping together at different rates.
    2. Place Lyrics screen - All lyrics are tapped in sequentially in one pass. Lines starting with "&" are automatically set to the same Start-End timing in the song as the Singer1 line above.
    3. Adjust Lyrics screen - After placing the lyrics you can adjust any word that is out of sync, or adjust words on Singer2 lines so they highlight in sync.
  7. NEW - Set Singer 1, 2 and Both Colors - In the Adjust Lyrics dialog, the Singer 1, 2, and Both buttons show the colors selected in the Settings... Lyrics Tab. Clicking one of these buttons instantly assigns the line that contains the underlined word to that Singer and its color.
  8. NEW - Vogone Command on Menu Bar - When used to launch Vogone, the default folder in KHPro is set for Vogone so you can easily find and save files into this same folder. Using Vogone you can remove/reduce the vocals in your song, and create a Multiplex song.
  9. NEW - Create Multiplex Songs - You can place lyrics with music containing vocals, then, when done you can import another music file without the vocals. If that file is a Multiplex file (created by Vogone), then you create a Multiplex CDG song with lyrics.
  10. CHANGED - Settings Dialog:

    1. Lyrics Tab - Changes were made that simplify and automate prior functions, and added Solo-Duet buttons and color pickers for Singer2 and Both when Duet is selected. If you select a graphic image the screen automatically divides in half with the graphic on the top and the lyrics on the bottom. Lines: values change to 1,2 and 3 if you select a graphic image, or up to 6 without an image.
    2. Title + Credits Tabs - Changes were made that simplify prior functions. If the open music file is an MP3 or WMA compressed file, if you enable either of these pages you can only export the produced CDG song as a BIN file.
  11. NEW - Automatic Check for Updates - When KHPro first runs and the computer is on-line, it automatically checks to see if 7 days have passed since the last access to the MTU web site. If under 7 days, it won't check now. If more than 7 days, it checks for a new release. This does not delay the program running. The message box that appears has a "Hide this message for version NNN.N" checkbox where NNN.N is the new version number. If clicked, the message for the version being reported does not appear again. When a new version is released later than this one, the message appears with text explaining this new version's features. Three messages can appear.
  12. CHANGED - Help Menu Check for Updates - Clicking this with the computer on-line immediately checks to see if a new version is released. A progress meter shows the steps advancing to the final message.
  13. REMOVED - "Screen" from Buttons at the Bottom - "Screen" didn't aid in understanding and made the buttons confusing. They are now: Edit Lyrics, Place Lyrics, Adjust Lyrics, Play Final.
  14. REMOVED - View Menu - The 4 Screen buttons are now available at the bottom, with one-button click to display that screen. It was not instantly clear which screen you were in. Now, the current Screen's button shows a green background.
  15. New - KPR Project File Format - Opening a pre-existing KPR project automatically imports and converts it into the new format. A new area was added to the end of the existing project to allow for; Solo/Duet mode, Singer2 color, Both color, Version# of this KPR format, and room for future changes.
  16. UPGRADED - Migrate Projects from the Previous Version - Older (4.xx) projects can be opened and will migrate to the new 5.00 level. Some options will be set to their default values. Any project older than 4.xx will be rejected.
  17. FIXED - Audition Play - In version 4.11, Audition only played the "Defined Area" and stopped. It now plays through the song from the start or from any word you click to start playing from. When you see a word highlighting too early or late, press the Spacebar to stop play and select that word (shows underlined).
  18. FIXED - "Adjust Play" - In v4.11, Adjust Play didn't change the underlined word(s) timing when < or > were tapped. You can now again adjust the highlight start or end.

4.11 Released September 29, 2008

  1. NEW - Allow Moving KHPro To Another Computer - With the computer running KHPro on-line to the Internet, run the installation program, select REMOVE, and continue to the "Finish" button. This will remove KHPro from this computer, and free it up at the MTU Registration database to install on a different computer.
  2. CHANGED - Added Improved View Registration Code Command - This command now shows the CPU Name of this computer so you can tell MTU Support if you need help so we can identify the computer.

4.107 Released August 29, 2007

  1. NEW - Progress Bars on Export File - You can now see the progress as the file is being created on the hard drive.
  2. NEW - Menu Bar Manual Command - We are making this change in all MTU programs to insure everyone can find and use the Manual. The Read Manual command was removed from under the Help menu.
  3. FIXED - Running KHPro From Microstudio 4.001 - KHPro would run from the Desktop Icon, but not from the KHPro menu item in Microstudio 4.001. This is fixed.

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4.106 Released March 7, 2007

  1. CHANGED - Runs with Windows Vista and New Laptop Computers - We needed to upgrade the Installation program to run with Vista. All is reported working fine.

4.105 Released August 3, 2006

  1. NEW - Export to KMA... command - This new command allows exporting KMA format flies to use in Hoster, Hoster Lite, and Microstudio 3.000. These files take about one-tenth the size of .BIN files due to using WMA 128Kb compression on the audio in the file, which sounds great even with 3,000 watt speakers. The lyrics and graphics are embedded with the audio in the single KMA file. A dialog allows adding the Title and Artist names. An Advanced dialog also allows adding Brand, DiscID, Track, BookID Root, Language and Genre, using the dropdown lists provided from our Hoster Import Database for these items. Track and BookID Root automatically increment always. You can enter any BookID and Track number you want, up to 3 digits and 2 digits for Track, and the next exported KMA song will increment these (BookID Root only increments when Track is 99 and rolls back to 1).
  2. CHANGED - Export to BIN... Command - This was earlier titled Export to CDG. The MTU CDG file format has been discontinued because of conflicts with MP3+G with its .mp3 + .cdg files. We now fully support the standard BIN format, which is identical to the MTU CDG file format, but known and useable by other programs, including Microstudio.
  3. CHANGED - Adjust Loop Play - Loop play is now always enabled because it makes it easier to adjust the lyric highlighting. Its check box is gone.
  4. CHANGED - Adjust Lyrics Screen - We made this feature easier to understand and use. The Advanced button is now called Define Area to Play, and has more instructions and graphics.
  5. CHANGED - Check For Updates - We changed the command name and the URL to to be compatible with improvements we are making at our web site for downloading.
  6. NEW - Auto-Fillin Registration Data - All MTU products now remember your Registration Code and Email, and share the common registration data so you only have to enter it once for all programs.
  7. CHANGED - Install Error Messages - Various error messages now can appear from our web scripts to guide you if something is wrong while registering. Also, in 4.103 and prior, if you entered the wrong Registration email address, it would show "Your Internet connection...", which was the wrong message. The correct message now appears. This has greatly simplified installation for everyone, reducing the need to contact MTU or our Forums for help.
  8. CHANGED - Security Registration - Our latest security now allows more flexibility to upgrade your computer and have KHPro still run within registering again.
  9. CHANGED - Runs Only on Windows 2000 or XP - Due to the newer features added that require the newest Windows direct-x versions, 4.105 and higher only run on Windows 2000 or XP Home/Pro because Microsoft did not make these new features available in ME or 98SE.
  10. CHANGED - Removes Prior Versions - The new installation program now removes all prior KHP and KHPro versions from 1.000 to 4.103, then installs the new 4.105 version.
  11. CHANGED - Version is now 4.105.

4.103 Released December 17, 2003

  1. Note - With version 4.103, Karaoke Pro series has been renamed back to Karaoke Home Producer for MTU reasons.
  2. CHANGED - Installation Program with Registration Code - We have upgraded our installation program to be easier to install with our new Web based registration. It requires the installing computer either be connected to the Internet, or have a floppy drive. if the computer is not Internet connected, the installation automatically allows you to create a floppy disc (removed in later versions) to complete the registration on a second computer connected to the Internet. You then install the registered floppy disc back to the first computer to complete installing KHP on it.
  3. CHANGED - Does Not Use Ethernet Card for Security - We replaced the 4.008 serial number with our new Registration Code security that makes installation and running easier and more flexible. This greatly simplifies the installation. Those who are using a USB Network card to run 4.008 on multiple computers, one at a time, will no longer be able to do this. However, KHP 4.103 can install on two computers that you own.

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4.008 Released February 14, 2003

  1. NOTE: With version 4.008, Karaoke Home Producer was renamed to Karaoke Pro.
  2. NEW - Adjust Lyrics Screen - This new screen allows you to adjust the synchronization placement of each lyric word to the music so it is perfect to your eyes. This screen is accessed by the Adjust Lyrics button.
  3. NEW - Edit Lyrics Screen - This screen allows you to edit the lyrics after you have placed the words to the music so they highlight in sync. This is a MAJOR upgrade added in 4.008.
  4. NEW - Unicode 2-byte TrueType Font Support - KPro 4.0 allows any 1-byte (normal) or 2-byte Unicode (Japanese, Taiwan, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, etc.) font.
  5. NEW - Menu commands - We have added a Menu bar at the top of the screen. Each Menu holds executable commands or selectable options. Some of these were separate buttons in version 3.100 and earlier.
  6. NEW - Create, Save, Restore, Edit Projects - Everything for a song stores in a .kpr project file. This includes settings, the edited Lyrics, and the synchronization placement to the music. Saved projects can be opened to adjust and edit at any time, then create a new version of the CDG song.
  7. Ease of Use - MTU is known for our easy to use software. KHP 4.008 is even easier to use than KHP 3.100 was, yet has more editing and other new features. We are the leader in Karaoke software and have 34 years proven experience in listening to our users, making our products easy to understand and use, developing over 130 products, and making the software work correctly. We have been working on KPro for years now and the next upgrade will be unequalled and keep the competition out in the cold... where they have been in relation to our superior products.

3.100 Released June 26, 2002

  1. NEW - Translate Graphic Image Colors - The colors in an imported graphic image are changed to the closest CDG Karaoke Player colors so they will appear correctly in your CDG Karaoke songs.
  2. NEW - Color Dithering of Graphic Images - When a graphic image has more than 10 colors, it can now be dithered down to 10 in a way that makes the image still look very much like the original, which it did not in 3.010.
  3. NEW - Import BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG Image Files - More graphic formats have been added that you can import into the Title, Lyrics or Credits areas.
  4. NEW - Totally Rewritten Player Code - The play routines from Microstudio, Karaoke Pro, and Karaoke Home Producer have been totally overhauled and all known problems removed.
  5. NEW - Checking in Place Lyrics Button - In 3.010 if you had placed the lyrics and accidentally clicked the Place Lyrics button again, you would instantly undo the entire song. Now, if one ormore words have been placed to the music, a message box appears when you click the Place Lyrics button, with instructions to cancel or continue and redo the song from the start.
  6. UPGRADED - Manual - Some of the text discussions were rewritten to make them clearer. If one user has a problem, we rewrite that area based on the question that was asked, or to add the new information that we know but was missing from the manual.

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3.010 Released May 6, 2002

  1. STANDARD IN ALL KHP VERSIONS - Professional, variable speed sweep highlighting will continue to give the same appearence that Karaoke Home Producer 2.009 and Karaoke Pro deliver. The speed of highlighting through each word (even syllables within words can vary), changes and pauses to guide the singer when they are to sing or pause.
  2. NEW - You can now add a Title Page and/or a Credit Page with a graphic image and multiple lines of text. It does not get any easier than this. No more needing to use third party programs to struggle to add Title and Credit Pages to your CDG songs.
  3. NEW - You can add multiple text lines in the Title and Credits Pages with or without an image present. You can select the font, colors and bold/italic/shadow attributes, different from the lyric text area. Text vertical alignment can be Top, Center or Bottom, and horizontal alignment can be Left, Center or Right. The text over-writes a graphic if present.
  4. NEW - When a Title Page is used, the music and lyrics automatically delay so the graphics, draw transition in/out selections, and Display for: setting have time to merge perfectly, so the lyrics appear before they need to sweep or sing.
  5. NEW - You can now add a graphic image in the lyrics area. The area of the screen can be selected to show only lyrics, or a graphics image at the top half with up to 3 lyric lines sweeping below it.
  6. NEW - Insert "clear screen" commands using the "^" character to end the current page, and make the lyrics below appear on the next page, instead of continuously being replaced.
  7. NEW - If a graphic image is too big, it auto-scales to fit the CDG format.
  8. NEW - Graphic images automatically reduce to 10 colors to allow selecting separate colors for the lyrics, shadow, highlighting, border, background, etc.
  9. NEW - You can now change all Setting controls after placing the lyric words. This includes the number of lines, font, point size, colors and graphics. The changes appear the next time you play or export the CDG file.
  10. NEW - When you import the Lyrics .txt file, the font it appears in the Text Edit Window is now what is selected in the Change Settings button Lyrics Tab Font: field. This makes working with special fonts much easier.
  11. NEW - Vastly improved the Play Window drawing speed. This should remove any lagging that was seen in this window in all earlier versions.
  12. NEW - A new Display for: field in the Title and Credit Pages allows setting how long the graphic image will display after it is fully drawn.
  13. NEW - The manual now appears in your default Internet Browser, no longer using the Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
  14. NEW - You can now enter part of the lyrics and play to see what they look like. You still must enter the lyrics in one pass as there is no editing. This makes it much easier to learn and create songs.
  15. NEW - When placing lyrics, the word to be placed is underlined. When a word is placed it turns to the sweep color and the next word is underlined.
  16. NEW - A default time of two seconds was added to the last word in case the Ctrl button is not pressed to end the highlighting.
  17. NEW - The graphics and audio default directory is persistent (appears the next time).
  18. NEW - The sweep highlighting changes all the character dots in TrueType fonts. Before some dots were not changed.
  19. NEW - Some Karaoke Players appear to not like a rare color combination, and do not display the lyrics when it exists. This is now prevented without users being aware of the change, without any restrictions.
  20. NEW - The vertical alignment is selectable for the Title and Credits Page graphic images to be the Top, Center or Bottom of the display.
  21. NEW - The Settings are both session and power up persistent (they remain what you set them to until you change them).
  22. NEW - The Minimize Icon at the upper right corner of the KHP screen.
  23. CHANGED - New Serial Numbers are required as the Serial Number used for Karaoke Home Producer 2.009 will not install 3.000. We debated about doing this, but with the Internet theft that occurs every day, we chose to be wise and not foolish. Our primary goal is to always remain in business so we can support our valued clients. If you disagree with this policy, we are sorry, but please do not contact us. This is our policy.
  24. UPGRADED - two extra lines at the end of a song are no longer required for the last lines to sweep correctly.
  25. UPGRADED - When a monaural wave file was opened the music played double speed. It now checks the file to open and if it is monaural it is not allowed to be opened.
  26. FIXED - While placing lyrics, pressing the Enter key twice would close the window with the song playing. The Enter key was disabled and the Home key was added as the Start button hot key.
  27. FIXED - Blank lines are automatically placed, no longer requiring you to tap the spacebar to place them.
  28. FIXED - The first line at the top of a page could end up showing black characters (not the selected font color) until the sweep comes. There was a bug in the drawing logic used to determine when to erase old lines and draw new ones.
  29. FIXED - The Preview window in the Change Settings Title Page and Credits Page dialog boxes now repaints properly under all conditions.
  30. FIXED - The first character on the first line sometimes not drawing fully is fixed.
  31. FIXED - The Title page graphics were drawing too fast in the exported CDG file.
  32. FIXED - The Title page border was not drawing automatically in the Settings command Preview box.
  33. FIXED - The Settings command Title page graphics Preview button draws the graphics correctly now.
  34. UPGRADED - The Advance Sweep command now makes the lyrics draw earlier from where they were entered with the Spacebar key.
  35. UPGRADED - The Check MTU Site button now launches your default Internet Browser and accesses the upgrades page.
  36. UPDATED - Only in Windows 98SE, when a graphic image is selected in the Title Page, you can only select colors that are found in the graphic image for the Text, Shadow, Border and Background.
  37. REMOVED - We removed the "Transparency" option in the Change Settings dialog box for Title Page and Credits Page, in the Border and Background color picker.
  38. REMOVED - We removed the "Sweep immediately" option from the Change Settings Lyrics Tab dialog.
  39. REMOVED - Regretfully had to revert to prior code that still only runs in 16-bit mode. Next release will run in 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit video modes. However, some video cards will not support 24-bit mode running fast enough to use. Thus, it is recommended you run in 16-bit or 32-bit video mode.

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2.009 Released 10/06/01

  1. FIXED - The font, point size, colors, etc. settings could be changed, but they did not modify the lyrics. This was fixed.

2.008 Released 08/01/01

  1. Bugs - The release failed due to bugs. We will test again and release when we can. In the mean time, Karaoke Home Producer V1.115 is available.
  2. Added Read Manual Button - The manual has been written and is now installed with the program. It is in Adobe Acrobat format. Clicking this button opens the manual so you can read it. When you have both KH Producer and Acrobat Read with the manual open, you can press and hold the Alt key and press the Tab key to toggle between which is currently displayed.

Changes in 2.007 From 2.006

Beta Released 07/26/01

  1. FIXED - Crashing - Version 2.006 exhibited problems that should now be fixed.
  2. CHANGED - Settings Dialog Box Preview Window - The preview window now shows the text font, color, sweep color, number of lines, left-center-right alignment, text shadow color, etc. when they are changed.
  3. NEW - Sweep Text or Background - YOu can now select to have the sweep highlight the text letters or the background behind the letters.
  4. NEW - Sweep Offset - This is set to 0.20 seconds (can be changed) to automatically have the lyrics start sweep highlighting earlier than a user tapped the spacebar for each word. This removes the user's response time which is always slightly behind the music, plus it make the sweeping happen early so the singer has time to respond in sync.
  5. CHANGED - Instructions Window Removed - The earlier instructions window that showed the steps to create a song has been removed. There is now a manual with more details and graphic images showing what to do for each step.
  6. CHANGED - Main Windows Expanded - The main window is now the full area. It shows; the Lyrics while entering and editing, the Lyrics Placement while syncing to the music, and the Preview while playing your song. The Place Lyrics buttons appear when needed in a window that floats above the image.

Changes in 2.006 From 2.001

Beta Released 07/17/01

  1. FIXED - Settings file on hard drive failed to update. This file is modified by the Change Settings command. We fixed the command in 2.001, but the file was not replaced, thus the corruption was still at work. This is now fixed.
  2. CHANGED - Installation Program - The install program was not creating the uninstall program to remove all components. This has been upgraded. Uninstalling this version (and future ones) should remove all installed components.
  3. CHANGED - Change Settings... Dialog Box was completely redone to allow for future upgrades.

Changes in 2.001 From 2.000

Beta Released 07/07/01

  1. FIXED - Change Settings... Dialog Box Failed. This command created a corrupt settings file. This has been fixed.
  2. CHANGED - Settings Now Read With Place Lyrics Button to allow the new setting changes to take effect.
  3. CHANGED - Desktop Icon is now created, but the graphic image needs to be upgraded.
  4. CHANGED - Change Settings... Dialog Box was made easier to understand and use.

Changes in 2.000 From 1.115

Beta Released 06/25/01

  1. NEW - Change Settings... Command to allow users to change the following parameters:
    • NEW - Colors - Lyrics, Cursor (shows which word to place next while placing lyrics), background, border
    • NEW - Fonts - TrueType font, point size, bold, italic, outline
    • NEW - Text Style - Regular, bold, italic, bold-italic, outline, bold-outline, italic-outline, bold-italic-outline
    • NEW - Number of Lines - display 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 lines per page
    • NEW - Text Alignment - left aligned, centered, right aligned
    • NEW - Offset - this allows you to make all your text lines and the sweeping bar appear sooner than you tapped it in sync to the music. You can enter up to 9.999 seconds, but a typical setting that works is between 0.020 and 0.100 seconds.
    • NEW - Save Presets allows you to create, save and call up at any time as many different presets as you wish, or use the defaults provided.

Changes in 1.115 from 1.015

Beta Released 01/29/01

Uses Microstudio 2.0 or higher, and runs under Windows 98.

Changes in 1.015 from 1.000

Beta Released 01/11/01

Uses Microstudio 2.0 or higher, and runs under Windows 98.

Version 1.000

Initial Release 08/31/00

Uses Microstudio 2.0 or higher, and runs under Windows 98. This was converted from our Professional Karaoke Pro Workstation code.

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