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About Micro Technology Unlimited - MTU

Micro Technology Unlimited (MTU) was founded in 1977 by David Cox to make quality digital audio workstations (DAW) and digital audio editing software. MTU is Mr. Cox´s second company. Technology Unlimited Inc. was the first, formed in 1971 and sold in 1976. Today, our Karaoke CDG software products lead worldwide for ease of use and reliability. MTU is a privately owned and operated corporation, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

We have developed computers and digital audio products since 1968, including past contracts with Sony and ODME Media Morphics Div., the world leader in CD manufacturing equipment at that industry's peak market.

Our roots in digital audio date from 1968, and include many products that were first in the world. From 1989 to 2005, we shipped Microsound, our 5th generation Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). It was proven world-wide to boost creativity, productivity and quality as no other system; proof of our creativity to develop products that people in many countries enjoy using.

1996 started our product developments for the Karaoke market. In 1998, Stellar Records (Top Hits Monthly) asked us to design the software to merge song lyrics and graphic images with music to create Karaoke CD+G songs. We developed our Karaoke Pro Workstation (and subsequent Karaoke Home Producer) that replaced the $30,000 CDG workstation that was used since the early 1990´s. Our business focus is now fully on the Karaoke CD+G market.

Armin Steiner, Music Master, Inc., LaQuinta, CA
When I decided to leave 20th Century Fox as their Chief Scoring Mixer and Director of Recording Services last year, I wanted to develop new clientele by offering turnkey services, including direct-to-disk recording, editing and mastering. Although there are many workstations available, MTU had the answers to my greatest concerns: track limitations, high-tech system headaches, and compromises in quality. Microsound is the only one that actually allows you to place up to 256 stereo segments at any one point, retain their individual edit flexibility, and have them all play simultaneously!
I've always believed that if you let the music be your guide, the song will come out great. Microsound never gets in the way. The user-interface performs exactly how I compose, record and edit music ... giving me much more creative freedom than I ever could have imagined! Best of all, MTU's Microsound is one of the best sounding musical devices that I've had the privilege to hear ... and that's what it's all about anyway! Note: MTU is truly honored to have Armin Steiner comment on Microsound. He was a child prodigy virtuoso Violinist. His ears are classed "Diamond" by others with "Golden" ears. The great Hollywood conductor, John Williams frequently asks Armin to do his mixes, and Dolly Parton is one of his admirers.
Mike Pyne: LRAM, ARCM, LGSM, LTCL, A.Mus.A, Director of Music, Australia
I have been a professional musician for 36 years and have developed a keen interest in karaoke. I recently added MTU´s Karaoke Home Producer to my many audio programs. It is truly unique in that it enables me to produce my own karaoke cdg tracks that I then burn to a Karaoke CDG disc with MTU´s Microstudio program. Your brief instructions are clear and simple; a pleasant change from telephone book size instruction manuals. I prepared 10 new cdg tracks in the first hours of use and the synchronization of words and audio is excellent. Thank you for all your past and continued developmental work in Karaoke software.
Todd Chatman, CCM Communications, Nashville, TN
The second day I used Microsound, I created the 3 hour production I have done weekly for 4 years on a multi-track. I was home for supper for the first time in 4 years! And ... I was stress free. My family and I laughed about it. The truly amazing thing, for the first time in my career, I produced that elusive "perfect mix." I was so amazed! I thought Microsound would only increase my productivity. I have never enjoyed producing more than I do now. The non-destructive nature of editing on Microsound has encouraged me to be more creative than ever, but with no pressure or fear of damaging something. Microsound has given me the tools necessary to make our programs all that my "mind´s ear" has wanted them to be. Plus, I don't have the pressure of "blowing the mix" ... a much welcome change in the way I work! My stress level has dropped significantly in the last few weeks!
Garry Leslie, UK, MTU.Community Forum
I decided to upgrade to Vogone 3.004. Well I had my socks blown off! I re-did a lot of stuff where I had the vocal almost gone, most are now gone completely, and have done some new stuff that had been a failure in the past. We all know that there are tunes impossible to remove the vocals [and reverb], but if anybody has a product that is better than Vogone, they haven't put it on the market. I do a lot of obscure stuff which has never been available on karaoke discs, well it is now. Keep up the good work!
Charles Lawson, Senior Recording Engineer: WETA Public Radio, Washington, DC
There is NOTHING else in Microeditors´ class! Your products truly lighten the burdens of my life and make me happy to go to work! For me, Microsound has become as essential as microwave ovens and indoor plumbing. I don't know that I could come up with any higher praise for what you do.
Jeff Apthorp, Bible Broadcasting Network, Charlotte, NC
My first hour with BBN's Microsound Audio Workstation saved me 32 HOURS of work! And that was as a total novice! The screen layout, true non-linear concept, and manual are so easy to understand that our entire staff of announcers (even the 60+ year old ones) was productive with the units in just a few days. Now, both of our units are in use literally 24 hours a day and have operated flawlessly.
Steven Fultz, MTU Support Ticket
My Hoster is up and running with many many happy friends and gigs. Can't thank you and MTU enough for getting me out of a tight spot. I will always be a loyal member to MTU and Staff. And Mr. Cox my many thanks goes out to you as well. There has never ever been a better Company to do business with. MTU really stands behind their products and Customers. Service is Superior!!!!
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