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Exchanging Web Site Links

To add a web site link on your site, and have us add your link on our site, please do the following:
  1. Place one of the links below on your site.
  2. your site page containing our site link.
  3. Please provide us with:
    1. Your page URL you want us to link to
    2. The text message for us to show
    3. An image to use if you used our logo
  4. We will then add a link to the page URL you give us.

All of the link methods below launch a new browser with our site open, leaving your page open in the existing browser.

Method #1 Appearence karaoke cdg software Remove vocals from Karaoke CDG or Audio CD songs, Video Hoster for running professional KJ/DJ/VJ shows, create CDG songs, record singers, copy or custom arrange discs, key change, and cdg certified DVD burners.

For this link, copy and paste the code below into your site:

Method #2 Same Appearance

This method provides the same appearance, but stores our graphic logo image on your web site instead of linked to ours. karaoke cdg software Right click this image, click "Save Picture As" and store it in your Image directory.

Then copy and paste the code below into your site and replace "Add Image Here" text with the image tag.

Method #3 Link without Graphic

If you do not wish to use a graphic, add this text link: Remove vocals from Karaoke CDG or Audio CD songs, use Video Hoster for hosting KJ/DJ/VJ professional shows on Windows PC laptop computers, create CDG songs with highlighting lyrics, record singing with the music, copy discs exactly or custom arrange songs, key change music for each singer and write files, and cdg certified DVD burners and duplicators.

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