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You want to impress your friends by singing songs with the vocals removed that they can't find. Anyone can instantly use Vogone Easy. It doesn't require other programs. Just 3 simple steps; open your song, vocal remove it, save it. It's the fastest to use at any price!

This best vocal remover delivers quality equal to expensive hardware vocal eliminators; removing vocals that are the same loudness in your left and right speakers. We guarantee that Vogone Easy can vocal remove the same songs any other product can. Vogone Easy won't remove off-center vocals, but its big brother Vogone™ can do that plus give you quality music with more instruments. Best of all, if you buy Vogone Easy you can upgrade to Vogone at a discount.

Other instruments at the same center stage are also removed, which is great to remove a "lead instrument" in some songs for you to become the lead Singer. Some songs have reverberation echoes added to the vocal. These sometimes remain, usually so soft it's great as a guide that you easily sing over.

Vogone™ Easy Models
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You Can Use This Incredibly Powerful Yet Easy Program!


Vogone Easy is simple to use. Our designers for over 41 years have evolved vocal remover technology to do everything for you! Even children love Vogone Easy.

  1. Click Browse... to find and open your MP3, WMA or WAV audio file you imported from a CD or downloaded over the Internet.
  2. Click the Play Vogone button to play with the vocals removed, or the Play Original to hear your original with the vocals.
  3. Click the Save As... button to save your vocal removed file and you have your new song.

Features Overview

  1. Easy To Use - Vogone Easy is based on MTU's perfected Vogone technology, but is less expensive and easier to use.
  2. Vocal Remove MP3, WMA, WAV - Open any of these formats and remove the vocals.
  3. Live Performance - Since it can play live, you and your friends can use it as an audio player while singing, cutting the vocals in if the singer gets out of sync, then removing vocals when the singer is in-sync again.
  4. Removes Center-Panned Vocals - Removes vocals from the same songs any other vocal remover can, which is most songs you can buy. It won't remove off-center vocals, but Vogone™ can.
  5. Stand Alone Program - It doesn't require other programs.
  6. High Quality Results - It delivers quality equal to the $2,500 hardware vocal eliminators.
  7. Play Anywhere - You can click and drag the Location slider to play anywhere in the song.
  8. Play Original - Play Vocal Removed - You can click between playing the original and with the vocals removed, instantly on the fly while playing.
  9. Live Adjust Volume - You can adjust the loudness because removing vocals will lower it. The final setting is used when writing the vocal removed file back to a hard drive or USB flash drive.
  10. Beautiful Loudness VU Meter - This allows seeing the overall loudness including a red "clip" indicator section to prevent distortion. This functions the same as Recording Studio grade meters.

Specs & Requirements

  • Language: English
  • Computer Requirements: PC or Apple with Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista or XP
  • Other requirements: None
  • Installations: on one computer, but can move when needed

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