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How To Install the Latest Version
  1. Version Changes (ex: 1.33) jumps to a section below with all the changes in that version. Note: Installing bug fix versions released following a Major Version is FREE IF you can install the Major Version.
  2. Release Date shows when each Version was physically available.
  3. downloads that Songverter version installation file.
    • Save the file on your computer hard drive.
    • Find the file and double click it to run it.
    • The Install Date for the version you are trying to install is compared to your the Upgrade Expire Date from your Account:

      • If the Install Date is EARLIER it will install normally.
      • If the Install Date is LATER, your browser will display an instruction page to allow you to order an upgrade. As soon as your credit card is approved (usually a few seconds), it will install normally. Your Upgrade Expire Date is extended by 12 months to allow installing future releases within that period.
  4. Windows Versions below shows what Windows version that version will run under.
  5. User Move - Follow these instructions to remove the installed version so you can install it on another computer (or before upgrading your computer) without needing MTU to free up your RegCode.
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Sept 29, 2013 Sept 27, 2013 10.1, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (32/64bit) YES

Version 1.33.01 Released September 29, 2013

  1. Fixed - Installation Program - Customers using 64-bit Windows PCs reported errors when installing. We have fixed this issue which would cause you to see an error message such as <winsys>
  2. Fixed - Zip to Bin Conversion - Converting from zip's to bin files would not work.

Version 131.09 - Released August 15, 2011

Version 131.07 - Released July 16, 2011

  1. 131.08 UPGRADE Includes New Win7 64-bit Redistributable - The installation program automatically detects if you are installing on a Windows 7 64-bit system and installs Microsoft updates for you. This is required to use MP3, MP3G and ZIP (with MP3 inside) files on this computer.
  2. 131.08 UPGRADE New Manual - This describes the differences.
  3. 131.08 FIXED Locked Up Converting MP3 Files to Other Formats on Win7 64-bits - This was fixed so all forms of MP3 songs can now be converted to or from other file formats.
  4. 131.07 FIXED Upgrade or Uninstall & Move To Another Computer - Due to changes in Windows 7 (64-bit), version 1.30 could prevent upgrading, or un-installing while on-line and re-installing on another computer. Version 1.31 works correctly with Windows 7.

Version 1.30 - Released August 26, 2010

  1. NEW - Automatic Check for Updates - When Songverter first runs and the computer is on-line, it automatically checks to see if 7 days have passed since the last access to the MTU web site. If under 7 days, it won't check now. If more than 7 days, it checks for a new release. This does not delay the program running. The message box that appears has a "Hide this message for version NNN" checkbox where NNN is the new version number. If clicked, the message for the version being reported does not appear again. When a new version is released later than this one, the message appears with text explaining this new version's features. Three messages can appear.
  2. CHANGED - Help Menu Check for Updates - This is the same as Automatic Check for Updates above, but manually triggered at any time. Clicking this with the computer on-line immediately checks to see if a new version is released. A progress meter shows the steps advancing to the final message.

Version 1.23 - Released February 25, 2010

  1. FIXED Converting Audio Files Showed Converting CDG - When converting audio files, the "Converting CDG File" dialog no longer appears as it is not used for audio.

Version 1.22 - Released February 17, 2010

  1. FIXED Crash On Converting KMA to MP3+G Files Around 500 Conversions - A problem was found when running on Windows 7 and Vista.

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Version 1.21 - Released June 24, 2009

  1. NEW Converts More Source .WAV Formats - More varieties of .WAV files now convert, including 8-bit and multi-track (4 tracks can convert to stereo WMA).
  2. UPGRADED Screen Features Disabled While Converting - During conversion, all buttons, list boxes, etc. will not function until conversion ends.
  3. UPGRADED Delete Original Button - In Version 1.20 and prior, when the Delete Original button was active, the original files were not deleted unless every selected source file converted correctly. Now when enabled, each original file is deleted as soon as its new converted file is created and saved in the Destination Folder.
  4. UPGRADED No Longer Crashes On Different Bit Rates - More error checking has been added to only process known good files at any bit rates. All files that do not fit our converters are now logged as bad and don't crash Songverter.
  5. UPGRADED Removes Audio Glitches In Converted MP3 Files - In prior versions, some files would create a loud audio glitch at the file start or end when converted to MP3 format. We isolated the type of files causing this and now handle them so there are no glitches.

Version 1.20 - Released February 6, 2009

  1. NEW Use Sub-Folders Checkbox - This allows selecting to process files in sub-folders (recursive) below the selected Source Folder.
  2. NEW Create Sub-Folders Checkbox - This enables creating the same sub-folder structure found under the selected Source Folder if Use Sub-Folders is enabled. Clicking this off stores the new converted files in the selected Destination Folder.
  3. NEW Save Written Files To A Log File - As files are converted to the new Target Format, their path/filenames are saved in a ConvertedFileLog.txt file you can open with Notepad and read or print.
  4. UPGRADED Screen Layout - The new layout with steps to follow is easier to use.
  5. UPGRADED One Conversion Error Message - When Batch converting many files, if a bad file is encountered its path/filename is appended to the BadFileLog.txt file, and processing continues. When the last file is converted, an error message appears if there were errors. You can open the BadFileLog.txt file to see what files did not convert.
  6. UPGRADED More Error Checking - Some .wav format files today use compression instead of pure PCM uncompressed audio. Songverter cannot convert these to other formats so it now logs these files to the BadFileLog.txt file and continues processing. Some free sound effect files are compressed and have a .wav extension.

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Version 1.10 - Released November 3, 2008

  1. NEW Remove & Move To New Computer - The Installation program now allows you to remove Songverter while on-line, and re-install it on another computer without help from MTU. Click here for more details.
  2. NEW Clear Registry Keys - Windows or other programs can damage Registry Keys of any program, causing unexplainable errors. A new check box was added in the Installation Program on the User Name page to remove Songverter's Windows Registry Keys. This is the same as using RegEdit to do this, but it is safe for anyone to use. The Keys are rebuilt the next time Songverter runs.
  3. NEW Requires Restarting Windows - When installing Songverter from scratch, or by updating, we now recommend you restart Windows to clear pre-existing computer problems to insure Songverter can run correctly.
  4. UPGRADED Batch Conversion Continues After Bad File - In prior versions, if a bad file was found, the batch processing stopped. Now, bad files are logged into the /Songverter/BadFileLog.txt log file and conversion continues. You can open the log to see the bad files after conversion finishes.
  5. UPGRADED Installation is More Vista Compatible - Songverter now has the most recent improvements to be more compatible with Vista.
  6. UPGRADED Manual - The manual now includes a left column quick index for popular references. The full Table of Contents is also provided.
  7. UPGRADED Changed Version Number - We removed one of the zeros in our Version number system so this is 1.10.
  8. FIXED Batch Conversions Halting - Some users found that when converting large numbers of files in a single conversion, Songverter would stop after 300 to 800 files. This is fixed.

Version 1.003 - Released February 8, 2008

  1. NEW UNZIP Code - The Unzip code in Songverter 1.002 and prior would not unzip files with any type of error. We upgraded the Unzip code to be more tolerant.
  2. NEW Windows Compliant - When installing on Windows 2000, XP and Vista, Songverter now creates all working files in C:\Documents and Settings\ path. If updating an existing install, these files are now moved from C:\Program Files\ path to the new path. Microsoft Vista now ENFORCES this by disallowing any changes to be made to files in the C:\Program Files\ path.
  3. UPGRADED ZIP Files Conversion - Songverter is now UPPER/lower case insensitive to the zipped MP3 and CDG filenames.
  4. UPGRADED Processing Now Continues After a Bad File - When a bad file is found and logged, in version 1.002 processing stopped. Processing now continues as expected.
  5. FIXED CD/DVD Drives Disappearing - This happened when installing version 1.002. We found and fixed the cause.
  6. FIXED Problem Unzipping With "Delete Original" Checked - When trying to unzip files in a folder with the "Delete original" checked, not all files would process. All files now process correctly.

Version 1.002 - Released November 6, 2007

  1. UPGRADED Bad KMA ZIP File Handling - Now if a KMA file containing a bad ZIP file is found it is logged in the bad files .txt file and conversion continues.

Version 1.001 - Released October 8, 2007

  1. NEW Tools Menu "Rename CDG Files to BIN" Command - This now shows only .CDG files that are in the older MTU format containing audio + lyrics. It allows selecting all or some to rename with .BIN extension that Songverter can convert to any other format.
  2. NEW "Use Full KMA File Names" Option - When converting KMA files to other formats, when enabled, the created file name format is: Artist - Title - When disabled, the filename format is:
  3. NEW "Delete Original" Button - This enables removing the original files after they are converted to files in the new format.
  4. NEW "Select All" Check Box - This selects all files in the Source Files to Convert window for conversion.
  5. NEW Auto-Convert Illegal Filename Characters - When converting, if an original filename contains symbols that Windows does not allow, they are changed to similar valid symbols.
  6. UPGRADED Convert All Files - All files in the selected folder are converted when the Convert Now button is clicked.
  7. Installation Changes:

    1. UPGRADED Registration On-Line - Installing now requires connection to via the Internet to transmit the registration data. This allows repairing any computer changes so the program is more likely to run without problems when future changes are made to the computer.
    2. UPGRADED All Prior Versions - Installing now upgrades an existing installation, no matter what version it is.
    3. UPGRADED Remove Now Notifies MTU - When you REMOVE Songverter from your computer, now is notified and the registration record for this computer is changed to REMOVED.
    4. NEW Requires Computer Name - When you install, you now are asked to assign a name to your computer (if not already named). This allows us to identify which computer record to modify if you ever need to move to a new computer after the one Songverter is installed on fails. Your Computer Name automatically appears for each MTU program you install.
    5. UPGRADED Security Transparent - We have hidden the security checking so honest users never see or interact with it.
    6. REMOVED USB Memory Stick Installation - Since you must update your Windows, your computer needs to be on-line anyway so all MTU software now requires the computer to be on-line.

Version 1.000 - Released August 14, 2007

  1. Created Product
  2. NEW Source File Formats Supported - KMA (all versions), BIN, ZIP, MP3+G, WMA+G, WAV+G, MP3, WMA, and WAV
  3. NEW Target File Formats Supported - KMA (all versions), BIN, ZIP, MP3+G, WMA+G, WAV+G, MP3, WMA, and WAV
  4. NEW ZIP Max Compression to Standard - Convert Max compressed ZIP files to Standard compression so more programs can use these files.
  5. NEW MP3 Conversions Require Lame_enc.dll be Installed - For those who want to convert TO MP3, MP3+G or ZIP format files, the Lame_enc.dll encoder must be installed in your computer's Windows/system32 folder.

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