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  • Where do I find download links for MTU software or free upgrades.
    Log into your MTU Store Account (click here to learn how to go to your account). Click View My Order History in the right column. When you orders appear, find the one where you purchased the software you want to download. You can click the VIEW button by each order and see what it...
  • How do I redownload the software?
    The link in your MTU Store account shows a download link for 10 days, then it disappears. First, you should always write the downloaded installation file for all MTU products to a CDROM after downloading. This insures you have it in the future when you will need to reinstall that product. MTU does...
  • Error: Page not displayed or the download file dialog never appears.
    If you have a Firewall installed on your computer, you must disable it, it is blocking your computer from Recieving the file from our website. Most of the major firewalls give you an option to disable it for a short time frame, such as 15 minutes. Disable it, so that you can download the file...
  • How long should it take to receive my Download Link?
    If you pay by credit card, our store receives approval within seconds. Your order is then approved and your Registration Code, Registration Email and download link for each program you ordered is immediately available in your Account. An email with instructions how to go to your Account is also...
  • Where do I find my Registration Codes?
    Your RegCodes are always located in your Store account. To get to them, do the following:1) Go to https://www.mtu.com/catalog/login.php2) Login to your account using your Email address and your password. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here...