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  • What to do When Your Computer is Bad?
    When a problem happens that is not how a program is supposed to work, it is most likely NOT the fault of the program. Programs are digital bits that are loaded into a computers memory to run. The same bit pattern always loads each time that program runs. The same operation will happen each time,...
  • Computer Restarts Without Any Warning or Error Message.
    Computer Restarts Without Any Warning or Error Message.There are several reasons our users report that can cause your computer to do a Restart while Hoster or any other application program is running. The computer fans: Make sure the fan(s) is/are not blocked. Laptop fans draw air from BELOW the...
  • Plextor drives that don't support hardware decoding of the CD+G format.
    These drives may work for Karaoke under software that is specially designed to use Software Decoding for CD+G. If the software is designed to use Hardware Decoding, then these drives will not work. These are known Plextor drives that DO NOT support hardware decoding of the CD+G format. ...
  • Error: The procedure entry point WMCreatereader could not be located in dynamic link library WMVcore .dll
    This is stating that your computer does not have the latest version of DirectX or Windows Media Player. To fix this problem you must connect your computer to the Internet, then go to the Start Menu > All Programs > Windows Updates and run this or click on this Link:...
  • My drive locks up with the newest version of your software?
    This is a problem with the older drives not supporting the new technology. You can upgrade the Firmware for the drives listed below by clicking on the drive name. It will then open a dialog box asking you if you wish to Save the File to disk or Run it. You can choose either if you have High...
  • How do I play Video files in Hoster?
    You need to install Video Codecs on your computer to beable to play different types of Video files under Hoster. Download the Video Codec Pack from:   HERE Make sure that you click on where it states: Download [K-Lite Codec Pack X.xx FULL] where X.xx is the version number. Save this file to your...
  • What is the difference between Software and Hardware decoding for CD+G?
    Hardware decoding means that the drive itself has a chip inside of it that can error correct the CD+G data. In 2006, only Plextor drives have hardware decode, and not all of their drives have it. This list have hardware decoding: http://www.mtu.com/kb/index.php?action=kb&article=16 This lIst of...
  • How to Update Windows
    Do the Following for Windows XP: Updates are found at http://update.microsoft.com.IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST use Windows Internet Explorer to gather your updates. You CANNOT use any other Browser (Netscape, Firefox, Opera, etc.). 1. When the page above appears, click on the Custom button. Your...
  • How do I copy the lame_enc.dll file to my computer?
    Go to this Webpage to download the Lame Dll http://www.mtu.com/support/mp3-redirect.htm Open the file that you have just downloaded under Windows XP, Vista, Winzip or some other unzipping program. You can right click on the Lame_enc.dll file, now select Copy. Now go to My Computer click on the...
  • Disabling Vista Sidebar due to audio dropouts
    On your Windows Desktop, Right click on the sidebar or go to the “Windows Sidebar” icon on your tray (beside the clock at the bottom right). Left Click “Properties”, once this dialog opens uncheck the start Sidebar when Windows starts” checkbox. For this to take...
  • Microstudio 4.06 will not open under Vista
    This problem will only occur under Vista. 1) Right click on the Microstudio Icon, Left click Properties 2) Left click the Compatibility Tab 3) Uncheck where it states “Run this Program in Compatibility Mode for:” if this is checked. 4) Make sure that there is...
  • Sound/Sync Issues under Vista or Windows 7
    We have found that if you have not made the changes listed in this Page that you can have problems with your Audio being distorted or the graphics being out of sync. Please make sure that you have made all the changes listed here. Specifically the one about Turning off Visual...
  • Fix for playing some Video Files
    1) Download and run GSPOT 2.70a (this is software that allows for tweaking FFDSHOW). 2) After the Software is installed and running, go to menu click on SYSTEM then click on LIST CODECS AND OTHER FILTERS. 3)In the window that pops up look under the Type Column, then look for DSH. 4) Scroll down...
  • Error: "Unhandled Exception OX80040702, Description failed to load DLL:_IsMtu"
    If you get this error message under Windows 7 64 bit it is because you are missing a file from your computer.  You need to download and install this file on your computer, then it will install without any issue.   Click here to Download
  • Software will not install due to missing .NET 2.0 Framework
    If you get an error message that you need to install the .net 2.0 framework on your computer, then you can download it from these Links: Windows Xp 32 Bit http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=16614 Windows Vista 32/64...