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Installation Questions


  • Error: An error has occurred while running the setup.
    Error: "An error (-5004:OX80029c4a) has occurred while running the setup". Open My Computer or Windows Explorer. Left click Local Disk C:\, click the + beside Program Files, click the + beside Common Files, select the InstallShield folder and press the Delete key. Once you have done this,...
  • How to install when your computer doesn't have Internet access.
    NOTE: This is not longer supported in the current versions. This was stopped in the middle of 2007. All Current versions MUST have the computer connected to the internet, there is NO other way. If you cannot connect your computer directly to the Internet long enough to Install the software,...
  • Error: Serial Number does not match Registration Information.
    Make sure ALL Windows Updates from Microsoft are installed on your computer. You must turn the computer off for some of them to complete installation. Be sure you are installing the latest version of the software you have purchased. Click here to read how to get into to your Store Account....
  • Error: Failed to load dll_isuser or dll_ismtu" when installing Microstudio 2.604 or prior
    This was a problem before Microstudio 2.605.Upgrade to Version 2.605 or later by clicking on your Personal Download Link in your MTU Store Account. If your download link is no longer visible, purchase the product upgrade from www.mtu.com.
  • Error: Incorrect Registration email address
    When I purchased the software I had a different email, I no longer have access to this email account. Please submit a Support Ticket in this Support center with your new email and the old one so we can upgrade your Store Account record to your new email address
  • Error: 7 appears when installing.
    This error happens if you changed the Email address on your MTU Store Account. This email now does not match the Registration email and causes this error message to appear. Only MTU can edit your email to fix this errort. Submit a Support Ticket in the Support Center with your email that we can...
  • Error: Already installed on 2 computers.
    This message appears when your MTU programs are already installed on 2 computers and you are trying to install on a third. This may happen when you need to reinstall Windows, or replace a failed hard drive and reinstall WIndows. Please do not be upset. We will do our best to solve this type of...
  • Error: Invalid Win32 Application
    This error is due to the file not downloading to your computer correctly. This is normally caused by clicking RUN instead of SAVE when downloading the installation file to your computer. Click on SAVE and save the file to your local hard drive, then burn it to CDROM or install. If you still have...
  • Where do I type my RegCode into your Demo Products?
    You can't enter the RegCode into the Demo Software. You must go to your Store account and download the Full version. They are 2 totally seperate products.
  • When installing I see a message to insert a blank diskette but my computer is connected to the Internet. How do I fix this?
    You have a Firewall installed on your computer that is blocking our Installation program from accessing our website. You must allow our program to go through your firewall. Most firewalls you can disable for a few minutes, so that you can run our installation to install your new software. Some...
  • Upgrading from older versions to the latest version.
    You need to purchase the product upgrades. This will give you new RegCodes and the current software. You don't need the older versions installed, as MTU programs are full installs.
  • Error: The program you are installing does not match the product registered on this removable storage.
    Error: The program you are installing does not match the product registered on this removable storage. Clilck "Ok" or "Cancel" to terminate the install. Then insert the correct removable storage and run the installation again. Delete the files on the Memory Stick or Remove it from the computer. ...
  • Windows Vista and MTU Products
    There are many Version of Windows Vista. We have tested all of our products under Windows Vista Home Basic, since this is the main version shipping with computers. Hoster 3.314- Will Not install or Run Under Vista, Version 3.315 will fix this and allow Hoster to work correctly. Hoster Lite 3.314-...
  • Error: Failed to find DLL function: _ismtu.setProduct
    Error Number:0x80040703Description: Failed to find DLL function: _ismtu.setProductSetup will now terminate.To fix this, follow these steps. STEP 1 You get to the Windows Update site from this link: http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com.IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST use Windows Internet Explorer to gather...
  • Error: 7A
    When you get this error message, it means that your Registration code is not matching the one in our database. This means that it has been typed in incorrectly. Please go back and make sure to double check the registration code and that you have typed it in exactly as it appears in your Store...
  • Is there anything I need to do to my computer before installing the MTU software I purchased?
    Yes, you should: 1) Update your Windows (instructions below) 2) Update any CD/DVD Drive firmware to the latest version Once you have done both of these, you can then download and install the software to your computer. To download and install the software follow these instructions: ...
  • Error: "Unhandled Exception OX80040702, Description failed to load DLL:_IsMtu"
    If you get this error message under Windows 7 64 bit it is because you are missing a file from your computer.  You need to download and install this file on your computer, then it will install without any issue.   Click here to Download
  • Software will not install due to missing .NET 2.0 Framework
    If you get an error message that you need to install the .net 2.0 framework on your computer, then you can download it from these Links: Windows Xp 32 Bit http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=16614 Windows Vista 32/64...
  • Feature Transfer Error on Installation
    Some users may experience problems with saving data. This problem can manifest itself as a "Feature Transfer Error" during install, or as difficulty in saving profiles and performance settings. This issue may also prevent levels from loading. This is due to complications with the installer and some...