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Using Hoster and Hoster Lite Software


  • Audio is out of sync with graphics or repeats the same audio - XP ONLY
    NOTE: Microsoft Removed this ability from Windows Vista.  If you are having Sync issues with Vista, then you Must get the latest drivers for your Audio and Video cards.  This is the only way to fix this under Vista. This is how to slow down the Hardware acceleration of your sound card.  This...
  • Disable Windows Autorun for all CD/DVD/ROM Drives
    NOTE: This can be done under Xp, Vista or Windows 7. The Windows Autorun is always enabled for a drive until you disable it. When you insert an Audio CD or Karaoke CDG disc, Windows will try to "do something" with it for you. When using Microstudio or Hoster, this will cause long delays. Also, add...
  • Error: The ordinal 11 could not be located in the dynamic link library DSOUND.dll.
    You are Missing the correct version of DirectX. You need the free upgrade from Microsoft. You will also need to run the Windows Updates as stated here.
  • How to change a USB drive letter in Windows XP, 2000 or Vista
    These are the steps on how to change a drive letter for a drive (hard drive or CD-R) under XP or 2000. Sometimes when using USB drives, they can randomly change the letter when you plug the drive in. This can allow you to change the letter of the drive back to what your Hoster Database was...
  • Error: An error has occurred while running the setup.
    Error: "An error (-5004:OX80029c4a) has occurred while running the setup". Open My Computer or Windows Explorer. Left click Local Disk C:\, click the + beside Program Files, click the + beside Common Files, select the InstallShield folder and press the Delete key. Once you have done this,...
  • Problems with M-Audio Card Audio and Graphics
    Sometimes the graphics or audio from CDG Karaoke discs, or tracks imported as CDG files on the hard drive will play a combination of: No audio or graphics Only graphics Only audio This is caused by the M-Audio card default Codec sampling rate. If it is at 22,050, you need...
  • When I open the Creative Programs my Audio stops playing
    NOTE: This comes directly from the Tech Support at Creative."If it is your intention to run any third party software through the EAX system, you must carry out the following procedure (for one time only)." Open the EAX panel Open the Speaker selection panel Select any preset...
  • How do I enable Dual Display on my computer?
    Windows Vista and 7(Windows XP below) Press the Windows Key, bottom left of the spacebar (Windows Flag) and the P key at the same time. You will then see 4 boxes pop up that you can click with your mouse.  Left click on Extend, this should now turn on your extended monitor. Windows Xp...
  • Plextor drives that don't support hardware decoding of the CD+G format.
    These drives may work for Karaoke under software that is specially designed to use Software Decoding for CD+G. If the software is designed to use Hardware Decoding, then these drives will not work. These are known Plextor drives that DO NOT support hardware decoding of the CD+G format. ...
  • My drive will not show all the Tracks on the CD
    This is normally fixed by updating the firmware for your drive. You can find the Updates to Plextor drives at: http://www.plextor.com/english/support/support_downloads.html#firm Here is a website that has links for different models of drives: http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Firmware/Home.aspx
  • My new drive does not show up in your software
    1. Make sure you have the latest Microstudio version by running it, and click the Help menu About (MTU PROGRAM NAME) to see what version you are running. If you don't have the latest version, read these instructions. If your download link is older than 12 months or the latest version is not...
  • What Plextor drives work for CD+G?
    Here is a List of Plextor drives that will currently work with the CD+G format: Plextor PX-760 Click here to see MTU CDG Certified drives (USB external mount drive) Plextor PX-716UF Click here to see MTU CDG Certified drives (USB external mount drive) Plextor PX-716A Click here...
  • How to install when your computer doesn't have Internet access.
    NOTE: This is not longer supported in the current versions. This was stopped in the middle of 2007. All Current versions MUST have the computer connected to the internet, there is NO other way. If you cannot connect your computer directly to the Internet long enough to Install the software,...
  • Error: Serial Number does not match Registration Information.
    Make sure ALL Windows Updates from Microsoft are installed on your computer. You must turn the computer off for some of them to complete installation. Be sure you are installing the latest version of the software you have purchased. Click here to read how to get into to your Store Account....
  • Error: Error Creating KMA file
    This error appears when your Save To Folder is set to a CD-Rom or CD-Recorder drive, instead of a Hard Disc Drive that can be written to. Open Hoster. Left click on the Import Tracks tab. Left click the Save To Folder button. Change the Look In directory to something on...
  • Error: Too Few Parameters. Expected 1 (3061) Would you like see help?
    You must Rebuild Your Songs Database, to fix this error. Open Hoster. Click the Tools Menu\Build Songs Database. Set your Source folder to the location of your .kma files, if it is not correct. Click the Build Songs Database Button. It will now start to rebuild the database...
  • Error: The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. Try inserting or pasting less data. (3163). Would you like to see help?
    You are trying to add a name that is to long for the Field. Shorten the Filename, Artist name or Title name of the songs. You must find out which field it is that you are trying to use that is to long.
  • Error: Unrecognized database format 'C:\Program Files\Micro Technology Unlimited\Hoster\Databases\songs.mdb'. (3343)
    You must delete the Songs.mdb file from your computer. Then Rebuild Your Songs Database, to fix this error. Go to My computer. Double (Left) click on Local Disk C:\ Double (Left) click on Program Files Double (Left) click on Micro Technology Unlimited Double (Left)...
  • Error: The File can't be deleted.
    This message appears in the Hoster Tools menu Edit Songs dialog box when trying to delete a selected file. The song is in the Playlist Delete it from the Playlist and close Hoster. Reopen Hoster and delete the file again. You may need to reboot the computer so Windows will...
  • Error: Track File is Missing
    This can be caused by moving your .kma files to a new location without rebuilding your Songs.mdb. The only other thing that can cause this to happen is your Sound Card in your computer is missing drivers or damaged. 1) Rebuild the Songs Database as stated here. 2) Make sure that you have deleted...