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How do I log into my Store Account?

  1. Go to MTU.com
  2. Click the My Store Account link in the navigation box at the left, or click here.
  3. If this is your first access to your account, click Password Forgotten? Click Here.
  4. Type in your email used to purchase at MTU.com, and click the Continue button. Your password will be emailed to the address you entered. If you enter an incorrect email address, it will not match up to your Account record, and no email will be sent out. Once you log in to your Account you can change your password.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a new email address, log in with your old email, then click the Edit My Account Information link in the right column. If you no longer have access to your old email account, contact MTU with your old and new email and we will change it for you.
  5. Once you receive your password email, return to the link in Step 2. Log in by entering your Email and Password. NOTE: Both fields are UPPER/lower case sensitive, so you MUST type the Password and Email address exactly as they appeared in the email.
  6. Once you are logged in, in the right column, click on Edit My Account Information to make any changes to update your record, then click Continue. Click Change my Account Password to set your password to something that you will remember, but... do write it down!