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  • Adding Songs Into Hoster
                                                                                                  Open Hoster. You will see this dialog box:   Click Ok, to add new songs.  If you do not want to be asked this again the next time, select the box...
    0.00 - 12/07/2012
  • Audio is out of sync with graphics or repeats the same audio - XP ONLY
    NOTE: Microsoft Removed this ability from Windows Vista.  If you are having Sync issues with Vista, then you Must get the latest drivers for your Audio and Video cards.  This is the only way to fix this under Vista. This is how to slow down the Hardware acceleration of your sound card.  This...
    2.00 - 07/12/2011
  • Disable Windows Autorun for all CD/DVD/ROM Drives
    NOTE: This can be done under Xp, Vista or Windows 7. The Windows Autorun is always enabled for a drive until you disable it. When you insert an Audio CD or Karaoke CDG disc, Windows will try to "do something" with it for you. When using Microstudio or Hoster, this will cause long delays. Also, add...
    0.00 - 07/12/2011
  • Error: "Unhandled Exception OX80040702, Description failed to load DLL:_IsMtu"
    If you get this error message under Windows 7 64 bit it is because you are missing a file from your computer.  You need to download and install this file on your computer, then it will install without any issue.   Click here to Download
    0.00 - 04/30/2014
  • Error: 7 appears when installing.
    This error happens if you changed the Email address on your MTU Store Account. This email now does not match the Registration email and causes this error message to appear. Only MTU can edit your email to fix this errort. Submit a Support Ticket in the Support Center with your email that we can...
    0.00 - 07/27/2009
  • Error: 7A
    When you get this error message, it means that your Registration code is not matching the one in our database. This means that it has been typed in incorrectly. Please go back and make sure to double check the registration code and that you have typed it in exactly as it appears in your Store...
    0.00 - 07/27/2009
  • Error: Already installed on 2 computers.
    This message appears when your MTU programs are already installed on 2 computers and you are trying to install on a third. This may happen when you need to reinstall Windows, or replace a failed hard drive and reinstall WIndows. Please do not be upset. We will do our best to solve this type of...
    3.60 - 07/27/2009
  • Error: The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. Try inserting or pasting less data. (3163). Would you like to see help?
    You are trying to add a name that is to long for the Field. Shorten the Filename, Artist name or Title name of the songs. You must find out which field it is that you are trying to use that is to long.
    0.00 - 12/05/2007
  • Error: The ordinal 11 could not be located in the dynamic link library DSOUND.dll.
    You are Missing the correct version of DirectX. You need the free upgrade from Microsoft. You will also need to run the Windows Updates as stated here.
    0.00 - 12/05/2007
  • Error: The Registration Code you entered is for a different product.
    When you get this error message, you are typing in the wrong code or wrong version of code for the product you are trying to install. You will get this if you try to use a Hoster3300 Registration code for Hoster 4.0. You MUST purchase the upgrade to version 4.0 not to get this error. There is no...
    0.00 - 08/06/2008
  • How can I make my computer faster?
    If something is slowing your computer down, it can cause all sorts of issues. You could have lyrics out of sync, audio drops and a number of other items. If at one time it was working fine and now it is not, you can try using these tools to clean your system up. These two FREE programs will...
    0.00 - 03/23/2011
  • How do I copy the lame_enc.dll file to my computer?
    Go to this Page and donwload the file http://www.mtu.com/support/mp3-redirect.htm Open the file that you have just downloaded under Windows XP, Vista, Winzip or some other unzipping program. You can right click on the Lame_enc.dll file, now select Copy. Now go to My Computer click on the C:\...
    0.00 - 09/06/2007
  • How do I enable Dual Display on my computer?
    Windows Vista and 7(Windows XP below) Press the Windows Key, bottom left of the spacebar (Windows Flag) and the P key at the same time. You will then see 4 boxes pop up that you can click with your mouse.  Left click on Extend, this should now turn on your extended monitor. Windows Xp...
    0.00 - 03/15/2012
  • How do I log into my Store Account?
    Go to MTU.com Click the My Store Account link in the navigation box at the left, or click here. If this is your first access to your account, click Password Forgotten? Click Here. Type in your email used to purchase at MTU.com, and click the Continue button. Your password will be...
    0.00 - 11/01/2006
  • How to change a USB drive letter in Windows XP, 2000 or Vista
    These are the steps on how to change a drive letter for a drive (hard drive or CD-R) under XP or 2000. Sometimes when using USB drives, they can randomly change the letter when you plug the drive in. This can allow you to change the letter of the drive back to what your Hoster Database was...
    4.00 - 11/20/2007
  • How to uninstall MTU Programs
    Make sure your computer is online and you do not have any firewall blocking the uninstall procedures. 1) Left click the Start menu 2) Left click Control Panel 3) Now find Add/Remove Programs, double left click to open it. 4) Find each of the MTU programs (Microstudio, Keyrite, Vogone,...
    0.00 - 01/21/2011
  • How to Upgrade a Prior version of Hoster to Hoster 4.0x
    If you purchased your software from MTU or an MTU Dealer and now want to to the latest version: 1. Go to: http://download.mtu.com/download.htm and find your product 2. Click the Download button: Save the installation file on your computer hard drive. 3. Use Windows Explorer to find...
    0.00 - 04/21/2011
  • I don't hear any sound from my programs under Windows Vista
    Vista has a new setting under the Audio Mixer, that allows you to control the program volume seperately from the Master Volume. Please check this is you have no audio. Open the program that you are not getting any sound in, and then do the following. NOTE: The program must be open before doing...
    0.00 - 10/03/2007
  • Is there anything I need to do to my computer before installing the MTU software I purchased?
    Yes, you should: 1) Update your Windows (instructions below) 2) Update any CD/DVD Drive firmware to the latest version Once you have done both of these, you can then download and install the software to your computer. To download and install the software follow these instructions: ...
    0.00 - 10/20/2008
  • Moving Hoster installation to a different computer without MTU
    New Feature! Move Your Installation Without MTU! Up and running in minutes on a new computer! Hoster 4.0 has a new MTU feature that allows you to remove it from one computer and install it on a new computer; immediately or later. For example... if your show computer crashes at 5:15PM before your...
    0.00 - 09/03/2008
  • Plextor PX-750A drive is NOT compatible for CD+G in Microstudio 2.610 or prior, or Hoster 3.303 or prior
    No. This drive is not one that supports CD+G. The PX-755 and PX-760 models will work.
    0.00 - 11/01/2006
  • Software will not install due to missing .NET 2.0 Framework
    If you get an error message that you need to install the .net 2.0 framework on your computer, then you can download it from these Links: Windows Xp 32 Bit http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=16614 Windows Vista 32/64...
    0.00 - 09/19/2012
  • Steps you must take to upgrade to version 3.320 under Windows Vista
    Before you upgrade under Windows Vista, you must do the following. If you need help on moving files under Windows, then you can follow these steps located here http://windows.about.com/od/dealingwithfiles/ht/movefiles.htm. 1) Open Windows Explorer or My computer. Find the following folder,...
    0.00 - 02/28/2008
  • What Plextor drives work for CD+G?
    Here is a List of Plextor drives that will currently work with the CD+G format: Plextor PX-760 Click here to see MTU CDG Certified drives (USB external mount drive) Plextor PX-716UF Click here to see MTU CDG Certified drives (USB external mount drive) Plextor PX-716A Click here...
    4.00 - 11/01/2006
  • When importing a song in Microstudio or Hoster I get no sound or graphics
    I downloaded the newest version of Microstudio (or Hoster) and imported a song. I tried to play the song and all i got was a black screen with no audio. This can occur under Hoster 3.310 and later and Microstudio 3.000 and later only as they are using the newer MMC commands to support using...
    0.00 - 11/20/2007
  • When installing I see a message to insert a blank diskette but my computer is connected to the Internet. How do I fix this?
    You have a Firewall installed on your computer that is blocking our Installation program from accessing our website. You must allow our program to go through your firewall. Most firewalls you can disable for a few minutes, so that you can run our installation to install your new software. Some...
    0.00 - 11/01/2006
  • When using Rename in Microstudio, the file will disappear.
    When using the Rename feature in Microstudio 4.004, it will remove the extension of your file, and the file will no longer show in Microstudio. To fix this, you must find the files that you have renamed, as for example mtu-karaokesong.zip would be renamed to mtu-karaokesong without the extension. ...
    0.00 - 12/04/2007
  • Where do I get my Registration Code?
    Your Registration Code is located in your Store account. To get to your Registration code Login to your Store account Log into your MTU Store Account (click here to learn how to go to your account). Click View My Order History in the right column. When you orders appear, find...
    0.00 - 09/06/2007
  • Windows Vista and MTU Products
    There are many Version of Windows Vista. We have tested all of our products under Windows Vista Home Basic, since this is the main version shipping with computers. Hoster 3.314- Will Not install or Run Under Vista, Version 3.315 will fix this and allow Hoster to work correctly. Hoster Lite 3.314-...
    0.00 - 01/02/2008


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