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Karaoke software adds extra fun to your social and family life. Whether you are a single looking to meet others, a mom needing to entertain your children, families singing karaoke together, karaoke is your business, or you are a professional singer needing backing tracks, discover the best karaoke software and how to get some free. All MTU Software supports Windows 10.

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"Simplicity is the polish of Masters", and with 41 years experience, MTU's Karaoke Software is the easiest to use no matter how old or young you are!

click for larger image Video Hoster® 5.40.03 RELEASED September 30, 2015
This Karaoke Software is designed to run your show and will help make your karaoke shows the most exciting around! Our Karaoke Software make's it so you will have more singers perform each hour, while you relax, free to encourage your singers and talk with your audience. Includes: Karaoke Software Player (karaoke, audio, video) with Singer Rotation, SongbookDB Integration with Cell Phone App, Songbook Creator, Import your Karaoke Discs directly in MP3+G, Zip or MTU Kma Files, Picture Slideshows, Index MP3G/ZIP/WMAG/WAVG/BIN downloaded files, Tempo, fast Search, Remove Silence, Crossfade, Audio filler "dual deck" player, and much more (see details).
download latest version    free video hoster show demo software   
hoster touchscreen karaoke ultrabook's Karaoke Touchscreen Ultrabook's
These fully integrated Touchscreen Ultrabook's are extremely powerful in a thin package! All of our systems are setup with our Karaoke Hosting software, Video Hoster® installed and ready to go from MTU! These ultra-portable systems come with Video Hoster installed and the latest Windows 8.1 operating system. All systems are ready to take your karaoke shows into the digital world out of the box (once you add your music) while saving your knees and back.

USB external drive MTU Karaoke Certified Drives™ - We test many drives on the market to find the best one at the lowest price that we are confident will do CDG importing, including the lyrics not just the music as many drives and salespersons claim. Our drives import (with Hoster and Microstudio) and backup (Microstudio only) even very scratched Karaoke discs with pristine quality lyrics.
Important Note: Discs with scratches that cross the tracks from the hub to the outer edge import very clean. Scratches that go around a track may damage so much data that the track will show errors.

Microstudio screen image Microstudio® 4.30 - Backup Karaoke (CD+G) Discs; restore scratched discs better than new; read individual tracks as BIN, MP3+G or ZIP files; make your computer a Karaoke Player for all Karaoke formats; record and mix singing to music; record mic-in only; live key change and remove vocals; Create CD/CDG discs with any mix of; KMA, BIN, MP3+G, WMA+G, WAV+G, ZIP, MP3, WMA, WAV tracks.

download latest version   free microstudio karaoke cdg player demo software    Details $89.99
on CDROM $109.99
Karaoke Suites™ - Save money with these Professional Karaoke Software package deals. Includes Microstudio karaoke software player/reader/writer, Vogone to Remove/Reduce Vocals, KHPro to create new Professional Quality Karaoke Songs, and Keyrite cdg/audio key changer; delivered on CDROM.
Details $240 $189.99 One FREE MTU karaoke software
+Hoster $470 $389.99 Two FREE MTU karaoke softwares
Vogone® Version 3.51
Hear Examples 

Easily remove vocals from your Audio CDs or MP3 music, even songs with the vocal mixed off center-stage. Your vocal removed songs will sound more like the original than you ever heard when removing vocals! Export as karaoke, multiplexed karaoke, or true stereo songs. Vogone... for professional quality music backing tracks from your music!

download latest version   free voval remover demo software   Details $59.99
on CDROM $79.99
Vogone® Easy 3.41 - Make your own karaoke songs by removing vocals from center panned songs. Identical to other software to remove vocals except it is the easiest to use, the lowest price, and you can upgrade to Vogone for only the price difference.
download latest version   Details $24.99
on CDROM $44.99
KHPro (Karaoke Home Producer)5.01 - Create Your Own CD+G karaoke solo and duet songs from music with lyrics highlighting in perfect sync, with/without vocals, even clean up any our-of-sync songs you have.

download latest version   free demo software to make your own karaoke songs   Details $69.99
Keyrite2.24 - Key change CDG files for your voice, holding the lyrics in sync with the pitch changed music.

download latest version   free audio key change demo software   Details $49.99
Songverter® 1.31 - File format converter that changes any of these audio or karaoke file formats into any of the same formats; KMA, BIN, ZIP, MP3+G, MP3, WMA+G, WMA, WAV+G, or WAV. Audio files converted to CD+G formats have blank lyrics.

download latest version   free audio karaoke file format converter demo software   Details $89.99
100 media pack Blank CDR Discs - MTU Karaoke CDG Certified

100 Qty: $49.00 cdr media for karaoke cdg certified burner/recorder
300 Qty: $127.00 cdr media for karaoke cdg certified burner/recorder

Mix Magazine, Audio Industry 20 Years, September 1997 - "Micro Technology Unlimited (MTU.com) was the first to ship a Digital Audio Workstation on a microcomputer... in 1979."

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