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FAQ Category: Installation Questions

Error: An error has occurred while running the setup.
How to install when your computer doesn't have Internet access.
Error: Serial Number does not match Registration Information.
Error: The Registration Code you entered is for a different product.
Error: Failed to load dll_isuser or dll_ismtu" when installing Microstudio 2.604 or prior
Where do I find download links for MTU software or free upgrades.
Error: Incorrect Registration email address
Error: 7 appears when installing.
How do I redownload the software?
Error: Page not displayed or the download file dialog never appears.
Error: Already installed on 2 computers.
Error: Invalid Win32 Application
Error: .NET framework is not installed
How long should it take to receive my Download Link?
Error: Failed to find DLL function: _ismtu.setProduct
Where do I type my RegCode into your Demo Products?
When installing I see a message to insert a blank diskette but my computer is connected to the Internet. How do I fix this?
Upgrading from older versions to the latest version.
Error: DLL Function-ismtu.AddServiceUpdRegistry.
The program shows on the taskbar, but will not open.
Error: The program you are installing does not match the product registered on this removable storage.
Windows Vista and MTU Products
Error: 0x80040707 DLL function call crashed: _ismtu.AddServiceUpRegistry
How to Update Windows
Error: 7A
Where do I find my Registration Codes?
Error: 0x80040703 Can not find _ismtu.SetProduct
Where do I get my Registration Code?
Beep in Windows Vista when using search in Hoster
Is there anything I need to do to my computer before installing the MTU software I purchased?
How to uninstall MTU Programs
How can I make my computer faster?