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FAQ Category: Using Microstudio Software

Audio is out of sync with graphics or repeats the same audio.
Disable Windows Autorun for all CD/DVD/ROM Drives
Error: The ordinal 11 could not be located in the dynamic link library DSOUND.dll.
How to change a USB drive letter in Windows XP, 2000 or Vista
Error: An error has occurred while running the setup.
Problems with M-Audio Card Audio and Graphics
When I open the Creative Programs my Audio stops playing
How do I enable Dual Display on my computer?
Plextor drives that don't support hardware decoding of the CD+G format.
My drive will not show all the Tracks on the CD
My new drive does not show up in your software
Microstudio Won't Import Discs
What Plextor drives work for CD+G?
How to install when your computer doesn't have Internet access.
Error: Serial Number does not match Registration Information.
Error: The Registration Code you entered is for a different product.
Error: Finish DAO Recording, Command Failed on Device 0:0:0. Unit Attention
Error: 'Load Disc' Command Failed on Device 0:0:0. Unrecoverable Hardware Error (04H 00H 02H 04H 09H 01H)
Error: Unable to read AUDIO sectors 0 to 25 on device 0:0:0 'Illegal command request' (04h 00h 02h 05h 24h 00h)
Error: Unable to copy CDs with more than one session!
Error: 'Start DAO Recording' command failed on device 3:0:0 Disc type is not supported.
Error messages dealing with ASPI
Error: The microstudio.exe file is linked to missing export DDRAW.DLL:Direct DrawCreate.exe.
Error: Failed to load dll_isuser or dll_ismtu" when installing Microstudio 2.604 or prior
Error: Write command failed on device 1:1:0 read/write error or bad medium detected (04h 00h 02h 03h 73h 03h)
Error: Please select a reading device (CD ROM).
Error: Unexpected failure writing file { disc full }.
Error: Invalid CUE SHEET command at line xx. Previous file is not a multiple of the specified block size.
Error: Unexpected ASPI error: (04h 00h 00h) "Error 'Write command failed on device X:X:X"
I don't hear any sound from my programs under Windows Vista
Where do I find download links for MTU software or free upgrades.
When trying to import in Microstudio I get a 0 byte file. How do I fix this?
Error: Incorrect Registration email address
When using Rename in Microstudio, the file will disappear.
How do I redownload the software?
Error: Page not displayed or the download file dialog never appears.
Error: Unable to read audio sectors xxx to xxx when importing a CD.
Error: Invalid Win32 Application
How long should it take to receive my Download Link?
I am unable to put the Microstudio Play Window on the Second Monitor.
How do I get Kma files into Microstudio?
When importing a song in Microstudio or Hoster I get no sound or graphics
Error: Failed to find DLL function: _ismtu.setProduct
How to reset Micrsotudio settings to default.
Where do I type my RegCode into your Demo Products?
Plextor PX-750A drive is NOT compatible for CD+G in Microstudio 2.610 or prior, or Hoster 3.303 or prior
Error: The procedure entry point WMCreatereader could not be located in dynamic link library WMVcore .dll
Upgrading from older versions to the latest version.
The program shows on the taskbar, but will not open.
CD/DVD drive locks up when reading files into the computer or writing a new blank CD.
What is the difference between Software and Hardware decoding for CD+G?
Graphics and audio won't play, all I get is a black screen with Plextor drive.
Error: The program you are installing does not match the product registered on this removable storage.
When I go to install the latest update, it tells me I have to remove the old version. Will this remove all my music too?
How to Update Windows
Where do I find my Registration Codes?
Where do I get my Registration Code?
Disabling Vista Sidebar due to audio dropouts
Microstudio 4.06 will not open under Vista
Lyrics are Black or do not sweep - NVIDIA Only
How to uninstall MTU Programs
How can I make my computer faster?