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Steps you must take to upgrade to version 3.320 under Windows Vista


Before you upgrade under Windows Vista, you must do the following.

If you need help on moving files under Windows, then you can follow these steps located here

1) Open Windows Explorer or My computer.  Find the following folder, C:\Program Files\Micro Technology Unlimited\Hoster

2) Select the Songs Directory and you manually have to move this folder to this location  C:\Users\Public\Public Music\MTU\

3) Select the Playlists Directory and manually move this folder as you did above in Step 2.  You must move this folder to the following location Any other folders you must move to this location C:\Users\Public\Public Music\MTU\\Playlists

4) Once you have moved the Playlists folder,  then delete your Playlists folder from this directory C:\Program Files\Micro Technology Unlimited\Hoster\Playlists

5) You then must  move any other folders under this Hoster Directory.  The only two Items that must be left here are Databases and Manual.  Any other folders you must move to this location C:\Users\Public\Public Music\MTU\

6) Once you have moved these files, you must run the hoster3320setup.exe file.  Remove the prior version that you have installed on your computer.

7) Once Hoster is Removed, run the hoster3320setup.exe file again to install Hoster 3.320.  You can only do this once you have moved your directories as stated above.

8) Now that Hoster is installed, you must build your Songs Database.

9) Here are the steps to build your Songs Database.  Open Hoster.  Go to the Tools Menu\Build Songs Database. Click the Select button at the very top, to set your new Hoster Songs Folder, which by default is: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Music\MTU\Songs. If you have put your .kma files on any other drive then you would have to set this here.  We have no way to tell  where your songs are, you will have to find them and put the directory in this dialog box.  Once you have done this, you can click the Build Songs Database at the very bottom.  This will now rebuild your Songs database with the correct folder for Windows Vista so that you can use the songs correctly.

10) Once you have finished the above steps, your songs should now be located in the correct directory to be Vista compatible.