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I don't hear any sound from my programs under Windows Vista


Vista has a new setting under the Audio Mixer, that allows you to control the program volume seperately from the Master Volume.  Please check this is you have no audio.  Open the program that you are not getting any sound in, and then do the following.

NOTE: The program must be open before doing the following, or it will not show for you to change this.

You get to this by left clicking on the Speaker Icon, to the left of the clock on the bottom right corner of your desktop. Now click on Mixer. You should now have a window that shows Master Volume and then the Program that you are running.

It should look like this:

Vista Volume Control

You must move the slider for the application, not just the one for Speakers.  In this image the Microstudio Application, will not have any  audio, as it is all the way at the bottom.  You must move this up to hear any sound from Microstudio.  This would go for any other product that plays audio in Windows Vista.