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Graphics and audio won't play, all I get is a black screen with Plextor drive.


I just received Microstudio 3.00 software and Plextor 760A external CDG burner and have successfully imported several of my karaoke songs into Microstudio. When I move a song from "My Songs" to "Play List" and click on "play," I get a black square for my karaoke screen, the time indicator counts down and I get no audio. I also tried writing some of these songs to a new disc in the Plextor 760A and that failed. I read your answer to a similar question in the online support section, but didn't understand what I should do to fix the problem. Up to that point, everything seemed to work smoothly and logically, but now I am stumped.

When using the Plextor drive make sure that you go to the Tools Menu\Default Drives.  Select the Plextor drive at the bottom and click the HW Error Correct button.  This turns on Hardware error correction for the Plextor drives, as they are the only ones that currently support this. Now try importing the songs again and it should work.