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After installing a new version of Hoster, none of my Songs show up


You must delete the Songs.mdb file from your computer. Then Rebuild Your Songs Database, to fix this error.

  1. Go to My computer.
  2. Double (Left) click on Local Disk C:\
  3. Double (Left) click on Program Files
  4. Double (Left) click on Micro Technology Unlimited
  5. Double (Left) click on Hoster
  6. Double (Left) click on Databases
  7. Now find the file named songs or songs.mdb and select the file so that it is highlighted.
  8. Now press the Delete key on your Keyboard. Answer Yes to the question asking if you want to delete this file.
  9. Open Hoster.
  10. Hoster will now rebuild your Songs database as soon as it opens.
  11. Once this has finished, you should no longer get this error.