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Error: Already installed on 2 computers.


This message appears when your MTU programs are already installed on 2 computers and you are trying to install on a third. This may happen when you need to reinstall Windows, or replace a failed hard drive and reinstall WIndows. Please do not be upset. We will do our best to solve this type of problem as fast as we can.

Please do not install your existing software on a new computer just before you need to use it. If there is a problem, you have little time for us to help you, and we cannot always react immediately. Plan ahead.

Please fill out a support ticket with the error message in the Subject. Enter your First and Last name and Email addresss in the text body so we can identify your database registration records. We can and will fix this so you can reinstall the software on your new computer.

If you receive this error on a weekend or a night when we are not available, and you must have the software to run a show, consider purchasing another copy.