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Sound/Sync Issues under Vista or Windows 7


We have found that if you have not made the changes listed in this Page that you can have problems with your Audio being distorted or the graphics being out of sync.

Please make sure that you have made all the changes listed here.

Specifically the one about Turning off Visual Effects

If you are still having problems after doing the Changes listed above. You can try making these changes to your system that can speed it up even more. You must Read the Page, do not Download anything! Click here to read it.

Also do this to clear the cache, temp files that Windows uses.

1) Go to the Start Menu\All Programs\ Accessories\System Tools\Disk Cleanup\
2) Click on C and select Ok.
3) Select all the items in the list once it has searched your system.
4) Click Ok to start cleaning the files from the system.
5) Click Delete Files.
6) Once its done it will close.

You can also adjust the Sync of the Songs, in version 4.06 and above, by going to the Tools Menu>\Options under Hoster. Click on the 0.00 and change it to something such as -0.25 to see if that will take care of your Sync issues. You can change this to whatever you wish, but this should help with the sync on most computers.