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Is there anything I need to do to my computer before installing the MTU software I purchased?



Yes,  you should:

    1)  Update your Windows  (instructions below)
    2)  Update any CD/DVD Drive firmware to the latest version

Once you have done both of these, you can then download and install the software to your computer.

To download and install the software follow these instructions:
    1. Log into your MTU Store Account (click here to learn how to go to your account). 
    2. Click View My Order History in the right column.
    3. When you orders appear, find the one where you purchased the software you want to download.
    4. You can click the VIEW button by each order and see what it contained, and to see your Download link, Registration Email, and Registration Code.   (It’s a good idea to print this and keep it in a safe place.)
    5. While viewing an order, scroll to the page bottom to find your Download Links.
    6. To download the latest version you are entitled to for a product you purchased, click the Download button under that product.

Download links are valid for 30 days then disappear. After that, run the program with the computer on-line. Click the Help menu, and the Check for Updates command. In the web page that appears, find and click the DOWNLOAD button. This will deliver the latest release version of that program. If you have not purchased a Registration Code for that main release version (a 3.0 RegCode will not install a 4.0 version), you can do so from that page.
Be sure you make note of where you are saving your download to.  Once Downloaded go to that location and double click on the .exe file.  (Be sure you’re connected to the internet.)  Double click the .exe file to enable the software on your computer.  You may be asked for your registration code and registration email, so be sure you have it available.

Once the software has installed, it will tell you that the software has been successfully installed.

How To Correctly Upgrade Your Windows
1. Updates are found at
IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST use Windows Internet Explorer to gather your updates. You CANNOT use any other Browser (Netscape, Firefox, Opera, etc.).
2. When the page above appears, click on the Custom button. Your computer will be scanned for what updates are not installed.
3. In the left column, select (click) all items under Optional Software.
4. Click Install to start the installation.
5. Once the updates are installed, if you see a message to restart the computer, you must do this before continuing.
6. Repeat these steps again until you see 0 items to be installed.
7. If you had problems installing your MTU software, try again and it should now work.