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Computer Restarts Without Any Warning or Error Message.


Computer Restarts Without Any Warning or Error Message.
There are several reasons our users report that can cause your computer to do a Restart while Hoster or any other application program is running.
  1. The computer fans:

    • Make sure the fan(s) is/are not blocked. Laptop fans draw air from BELOW the Laptop.
    • Buy a cooling unit to set your laptop on.
    • Open the unit up and clean any dust and dirt inside it, especially any cooling air intakes and exhaust holes.
  2. The computer power supply:

    • The power supply can be failing over several months, randomly restarting the computer, until it finally dies and the computer will not start up at all.
    • The 4-pin power plug on the power supply. To test this, open the case, turn the PC on and watch the CPU fan. If the fan starts to spin then quits, power the computer off, unplug the 4-pin fan connector and plug it back in. Turn the power back on. The fan will likely spin up and may continue to run, or it may fail again. Either way, the fan power plug is likely bend or at least one of the 4 pins are bad.
  3. The Computer RAM:

    • If you have any diagnostics to test your computer's system RAM (usually 256MB, 512MB 1GB or 2GB), do so. If it fails, replace the RAM. If you do not have RAM test software, if you can swap the RAM or take it to some who knows how to test or swap the RAM, try this and see if the crashing stops. You must check in your computer manual for what type of RAM modules your computer requires and ONLY use what it requires. Using the wrong RAM can damage it and your computer.